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2023 Season offer

Price: 5000 EUR
(22451PLN*) (Prices marked are approximate and automatically converted according to the NBP tables: 108/A/NBP/2023 - 2023-06-06)
Fresh semen:
Frozen semen:
50% discount for PASB mares

Semen Administrator: Michałów State Stud
Stadnina Koni Michałów
28-411 Michałów
+48 41-356-54-05
+48 41-356-54-06


(Kahil Al Shaqab (US) x Mesalina)
Stallion, bay, 2013

Breeder: Stadnina Koni Michałów
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)
Dam line: Gazella or.ar. ~1840, hod. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)

Kahil Al Shaqab (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)
Little Liza Fame (US)
OWF Mishaahl (US) Mishaah (US)
OFW Balarina (US)
Mesalina Ekstern Monogramm (US)
Mata Hari Werbum
MORION represents the Saklavi I sire line through the branch of GAZAL AL SHAQAB and is a direct descendant of three male World Champions: KAHIL-MARWAN-GAZAL AL SHAQAB. At just 4 years of age, Morion has acquired more titles than many in a lifetime. He is the Junior Spring Show Yearling Champion, Polish National Junior Champion, All Nations Cup Yearling Silver Champion, European Yearling Silver Champion, World Yearling Silver Champion, Junior Spring Show Gold Champion, All Nations Cup Junior Gold Champion, World Junior Gold Champion, Qatar International Arabian Horse Show Junior Gold Champion, All Nations Cup Senior Bronze Champion Stallion & World Senior Top Ten Stallion.


2014: Junior Spring Show Yearling Champion Stallion & Best in Show - Białka (PL) 2014: Polish National Junior Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski (PL) 2014: Al Khalediah European Horse Festival Junior Champion Stallion & Best in Show - Nowe Wrońska (PL) 2014: All Nations Cup Silver Yearling Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE) 2014: European Silver Yearling Champion Stallion - Lier (BE) 2014: World Silver Yearling Champion Stallion - Paris (FR) 2015: Junior Spring Show Champion Stallion & Best in Show - Białka (PL) 2015: All Nations Cup Junior Spring Show Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE) 2015: European Top Five Junior Stallion - Verona (IT) 2015: World Junior Champion Stallion - Paris (FR) 2016: Qatar International Arabian Horse Show Junior Champion Stallion - Doha (QA) 2018: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion - Warsaw (PL)