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2015 Season offer

Price: 3000 EUR
(13470.6PLN*) (Prices marked are approximate and automatically converted according to the NBP tables: 108/A/NBP/2023 - 2023-06-06)
Fresh semen:
Frozen semen:
Limited breedings. Fee without the discount for PASB registered mares

Semen Administrator: Michałów State Stud
Stadnina Koni Michałów
28-411 Michałów
+48 41-356-54-05
+48 41-356-54-06


(QR Marc (US) x Ekliptyka (PL))
Stallion, bay, 2010

Breeder: SK Michałów (PL)
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)
Dam line: Milordka ~1810, hod. Sławuta (PL)

Equator - fot. Wiesław Pawłowski (2013)
Equator - fot. Wiesław Pawłowski (2013)
QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)
Little Liza Fame (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA)
Kouream de Ment (US)
Ekliptyka (PL) Ekstern (PL) Monogramm (US)
Ernestyna (PL)
Ekspozycja (PL) Eukaliptus (PL)
Esperanca (PL)
EQUATOR represents the Saklavi I sire line and is a direct descendant of three male World Champions: QR MARC-MARWAN AL SHAQAB-GAZAL AL SHAQAB. Equator is following in his ancestors footsteps, as he has already been named World Reserve Champion Stallion twice - most recently just two weeks ago. Equator's enormous collection of honors also include Junior Spring Show Champion, Polish National Junior & Senior Champion Stallion, European Junior & Senior Champion and an almost US Triple Crown as Scottsdale Senior Gold Champion, Las Vegas Arabian Breeders Cup Senior Gold Champion & US National Senior Reserve Champion Stallion. His first get were born in 2014 and among them are: DONG (2017 Polish National Junior Champion), PONTIA (Junior Spring Show Yearling Silver Champion, Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival Yearling Bronze Champion) & DASTAN (Junior Spring Show Yearling Gold Champion, Junior Spring Show Bronze Champion & Polish National Junior Bronze Champion).


  • 2011: Junior Spring Show Silver Champion Stallion - Białka (PL)
  • 2011: Polish National Bronze Junior Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski (PL)
  • 2012: Junior Spring Show Champion Stallion - Białka (PL)
  • 2012: Polish National Junior Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski (PL)
  • 2012: All Nations Cup Bronze Junior Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE)
  • 2012: European Junior Champion Stallion - Moorsele (BE)
  • 2012: World Junior Silver Champion Stallion - Paris, (FR)
  • 2014: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski (PL)
  • 2014: Al Khalediah European Horse Festival Senior Champion Stallion - Nowe Wrońska (PL)
  • 2014: All Nations Cup Bronze Senior Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE)
  • 2014: European Senior Champion Stallion - Lier (BE)
  • 2014: World Bronze Senior Champion Stallion - Paris (FR)
  • 2015: All Nations Cup Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE)
  • 2015: European Senior Champion Stallion - Verona (IT)
  • 2015: World Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Paris (FR)
  • 2016: International Arabian Breeders Classic Senior Champion Stallion - Scottsdale (USA)
  • 2016: Arabian Breeders World Cup Senior Champion Stallion - Las Vegas (USA)
  • 2016: US National Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Tulsa (USA)
  • 2017: World Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Paris (FR)
  • 2018: Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Dubai (UEA)
  • 2018: International Senior Gold Champion Stallion - Sharjah (UEA)
  • 2018: All Nations Cup Senior Silver Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE)
  • 2018: European Senior Gold Champion Stallion - Lier (BE)
  • 2018: World Senior Gold Champion Stallion - Paris (FR)