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• 2021-03-28 •


The AL DHAFRAN ARABIAN HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP show taking place in Abu Dhabi is another one this year in which we can support a large group of horses with Polish pedigrees.
A.L.R. FAJR was fourth in the yearling fillies class (1A)., great-granddaughter of Michałów's ESKLAWA, through her mother ROZA AL ZOBAIR,
The winner of class 1B was BANAFSAJ ALYAH, daughter of the stallion AJ MARZAN and mare ENTIA (Psytadel - Enona / Fawor) bred by Katarzyna Dolińska - Witkowska, fourth place went to BIDAYER ALBADR by AJ MARZAN out of GAJA LUNA (Psyche Keret / Gaja Iris / Poganin) bred by Chrcynno Palace Stud,
The fourth place in the next yearling fillies class (1C) was taken by SUNDUS AL DAR (Saad Al Aalya - Celina / Ajman Moniscione), whose mother is a daughter of CIARKA by Borek born in Białka,
Also the fourth place (1D) was taken by the annual JAMEELAT ALBADR (FA EL Rasheem - Gaja Lilit / Echo Adonis), whose mother was bred at Chrcynno Palace Stud,
SHAMOUKH ALBATEEN, who took fourth place in the two-year-old fillies class (2A), is the daughter of the stallion PERNAL (Esparto - Perfirka / Gazal Al Shaqab) born in Białka and the mare ZOSTERIA (QR Marc - Zeksterna / Ekstern) bred by Czeple Arabians,
The fourth place in class 2B was taken by ALYA H, daughter of the stallion MARAJJ and the mare PIADINA, whose mother is PRIMA by WOJSŁAW, born in Michałów,
HIND S.S. was ranked second in class 2C, she is by D MSHARY out of PLATINA S.S., out of ETINA by PALAS, born in Kurozwęki,
In the 2D class, S.L. SABHA by D MSHARY from the mare MATAHNA born in Michałów (WH Kaneko MS - Mata Hari / Werbum),
The winner of the 3-year-old mares class was ZEMOUREDA BABEL by the Polish stallion FUERTE (Shanghai E.A. - Frymuszka / Ekstern) and by ZINA K.A. (QR Marc - Zafina D'Elzenwalle / Galba, out of Michałów's ZBROJOWNIA), in second place was GHALA ALSADEEM, also after the Polish-born stallion GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai E.A. - Gallia by Galba),
The second place in the 4-6 year old mares class was won by Janów's ESTONIA (Palatino - Esparta / Poganin), fourth in this class was KARIMAH AL AALYA by EKSTERN out of KARBAL by EMIGRANT, exported in the womb,
In the 7-year-old and above mares class (5A), ZAKHER AJ, the daughter of ESPARTO (Ekstern - Ekspresja / Eukaliptus) and ZANELLA VAN RYAD, came second, followed by Michałów's EXPRESSJA TV (El Omari - El Medina / Gazal Al Shaqab), in class 5B, the third was FLAMINGA MS, daughter of the parents born in Michałów: ESPARTO and the FORMINGA (Laheeb - Figlarka / Monogramm),
The winner of the yearling colts class (6B) was A.L.R. TAHADY by BARJASS AL ZOBAIR and out of the mare PSYCHE KYBELE (Khidar - Pomona / Ekstern) born in Chrcynno, the second was MUNEER KH by FA EL Rasheem and out of the mare PIALENA, the granddaughter of Michałów PREMIERA, the third was LAMAR BHM by AJMAN MONISCIONE, out of  PA LIVIA, daughter of LARISSA from Michałów, and the fifth was JA MURTAJEZ ALJAZEERA after FA EL Rasheem from the aforementioned EXPRESSJA TV,
In the two-year-old colts class (7C), the fourth place was taken by SPLENDIDO MS by ABHA UBANGUI and out of the mare EGEMA (Esparto - Egira / Emigrant), born in Białka,
Among the 3-year-old colts (8B), the third was FREYSON (E.S. Harir - Future / Kahil Al Shaqab) bred by Andrzej Wójtowicz,
The 4-6 year old stallions class was won by BAHI JUMERAH by E.S. Sarab and from the aforementioned granddaughter of Michałów's ZBROJOWNIA - ZINA K.A.,
PERSEUS K.A., son of ESPRESSIVO (QR Marc - Emocja / Monogramm) and PHIROUETTES (QR Marc - Polenta / Ecaho) was second in the 7-year-old and above stallions class (10A),
Another 7-year-old and above stallion class (10B) was won by GALL OF SHANGHAI, bred in Czeple Arabians, son of Shanghai E.A. and Michałów's GALLIA (Galba - Galilea / Laheeb), the fifth was born in Janów CETERUS (Salar - Cerelia / Emigrant),
In the third class of stallions 7 years old and above (10C), Michałów's LARANDO (QR Marc - Laranda / Ekstern) was ranked second, and ELIOS D'AMOUR, son of QR Marc and E'BALLERINA (QR Marc - Eozyna / Emigrant) was ranked fifth.
Although 13 horses with Polish pedigrees took part in the championships, only three of them won the titles - in the yearling colts championship, the gold medal was won by MUNEER KH by FA EL Rasheem out of PIALENA (Marajj - Precious / Gazal Al Shaqab), and silver by A.L.R. TAHADY by Barjass Al Zobair out of PSYCHE KYBELE (Khidar - Pomona / Ekstern). In the senior stallions championship, the silver medal was won by BAHI JUMERAH by E.S. Sarab out of ZINA K.A. (QR Marc - Zafina D'Elzenwalle / Galba).
Judging panel: Abdelouahed Maagoul, Ahmed Abdelraziq, Alaa Hammad, Elyas Ebrahim Faraj, Medhat Gaber, Mohammed Oussidhoum, Rashid Al Ali, Sufian Taha.
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/al-dhafrah-arabian-horse-championship-2021/304/
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• 2021-03-26 •


The Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship show, taking place on March 18-30, brought us joy from the successes of Polish horses again.
The 4-6 year old mares class was won by bay AJ TARIM - the daughter of the stallion EMERALD J and the mare ESPINILLA (Al Maraam - Espadrilla / Monogramm) bred in Michałów. She won 93.20 points, including 5x20 for type and 6x20 for head and neck.
The 7-9 year old mares class was won by the grey WILDONA (Shanghai E.A. - Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab) representing her home stud. She gained 93.70 points, including 20 points for type from all judges (7) and 4x20 points for movement. Right behind her was BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH (after El Palacio VO, son of EL DORADA), who scored the same number of points (including 6x20 for type, 6x20 for head and neck), but a lower note for movement.
PERFINKA bred in Białka, representing its new owner - Alrajhiat Stud, triumphed in the 10-year-old and above mares class, scoring 92.70 points (including 5x20 for type and 2x20 for head and neck). The third place went to FARAH DARINA (Poganin - Farah Cegranta / Emigrant) bred by Andrzej Ou. The fifth in this class was PUSTYNNA FIESTA bred in Michałów (Ekstern - Pustynna Róża / Emigrant).
On the second day of the show, stallion classes were played, in which we could also support several representatives of Polish breeding.
- in the yearling colts class (9A), the great-grandson of Michałów's PREMIERA - MUNEER KH (FA EL Rasheem - Pialena / Marajj) was fifth;
- AJ AJBAN by AJ KAFU (grandson of Michałów's KWESTURA) took third place;
- in the 3-year-old stallions class, J GERGESHAN, son of the Polish bred (J. Dobrzyński) stallion FUERTE (Shanghai E.A. - Frymuszka / Ekstern) was ranked fifth;
- in the 4-6 year old stallions class, the fifth place was taken by BASHIR ALBASHIR by GALLARDO J (Emerald J - Gomera J / Ekstern);
- the 7-9 year old stallions class was won by MOHARIB AL KHAZNA by AB JAMIL LA PIANA, who for several years was an active chief sire in Poland, fifth place went to GENTELMEN (Madras Kossack - Greka / Major) bred by Agnieszka Wójtowicz.
The announced performance of Equator, not seen at the shows for a long time, which was to represent his home stud (in cooperation with Al Jawaher Stud), unfortunately did not come to fruition. The 10-year-old and above stallion class was won by E.S. HARIR with the show's highest score - 94.60 points. The show in Dubai did not bring any medals to mares born in Poland (Wildona won 3 votes - 1 for gold, 2 for bronze; Perfinka 2 votes - 1 for silver and 1 for bronze). However, among the medalists of the senior mares championship was the daughter of the stallion EMERALD J and ESPINILLA born in Michałów - AJ TARIM (bronze).
Judges: Abdel Raouf Abbas, Gianmarco Aragno, Eric Gear, Terry Holmes, Murillo Kammer, Christian Moschini, Gideon Riesel, Michaela Weidner, Tomasz Tarczyński
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/dubai-international-arabian-horse-championship-2021/315/
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• 2021-03-11 •


In the list of horses awarded the High Point Horse of the Year title, published on the ECAHO website, as every year, we can find a few Polish accents. What is most pleasing, among the awarded horses, there are also pairs who made their debut last year in the competition dedicated to pure Arabian horses.
The following triumphed in the ADVANCE category:
- in the CLASSIC PLEASUE competition: Alicja Skarżyńska and CAMELOT (Vatican - Cezura / Pamir) bred by Magdalena Gromala
- in the TRADITIONAL ARABIAN RIDING competition: Karolina Ostrowska and CZEKOLADA (Silvano - Cytra / Elpacino) bred by Danuta Konończuk
- in the DRESSAGE competition: Nikola Stankiewicz and EMIS (Haytham Albadeia - Emrida / Ararat) bred by SK Białka
The following triumphed in the MASTER category:
- in the LADIES SIDE SADDLE CLASSIC competition: Alicja Jasiak and CYRANO (Ekier - Cytra / Elpacino) bred by Danuta Konończuk
- in the LADIES SIDE SADDLE WESTERN competition: Susanne Schuh and LOGGIA (Alert - Laranda / Ekstern) bred by SK Michałów
- in the TRAIL competition: Susanne Schuh and LOGGIA (Alert - Laranda / Ekstern) bred by SK Michałów.
Detailed results: https://www.ecaho.org/hphy2020

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• 2021-03-07 •


During the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival on March 3-6, we were able to cheer on horses of Polish origin:
- the winner of the yearling fillies class (1B) was AJ TALLAH by AJ Marzan out of AJ Tarim, whose dam is ESPINILLA by Al Maraam, bred in Michałów; on the fifth palce was JAMEELAT ALBADR, a daughter of GAJA LILIT (Echo Adonis - Ganga / Emigrant) bred by Chrcynno-Palace,
- in the 2-year-old fillies class (2A), the second place was SHAMOUKH ALBATEEN, a daughter of the Białka-bred stallion PERNAL (Esparto - Perfirka / Gazal Al Shaqab) and the mare ZOSTERIA (QR Marc - Zeksterna / Ekstern) of Czeple Arabians,
- in the 2-year-old mares class (2B), the daughters of AJ KAFU (Shanghai E.A. - AJ Kahayla / QR Marc), the grandson of Michałów's KWESTURA (Monogramm - Kwesta / Pesennik), took fourth and fifth place,
- in the 4-6 year old mares class, the daughter of Gallardo J (Emerald J - Gomera J / Ekstern) - FOLA AL REMAS was ranked first,
- the winner of the 7-9 year old mares class was the daughter of the stallion EL PALACIO VO (Al Lahab - El Dorada / Sanadik El Shaklan) - BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH, the second in this class was the representative of her home stud WILDONA (Shanghai EA - Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab), and third place was taken by AJ EMANA, daughter of AJ Mardan and EMANDORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Emanda / Ecaho),
- fourth place in the mare 10 years and over class went to EJRENE bred in Michałów (Gazal Al Shaqab - Emocja / Monogramm),
- in the yearling colts class (7A), ALR TAHADY, whose dam is PSYCHE KYBELE (Khidar - Pomona / Ekstern) bred in Chrcynno-Palace, was ranked fifth,
- AJ KAFU's son (Kwestura's grandson) - AJ AJBAN was fourth in the class among the 2-year-old colts,
- in the 3-year-old colts class, the third was the son of FUERTE (Shanaghai E.A. - Frymuszka / Ekstern), grey J GERGESHAN, and the fifth full brother of the titled AJ Kafu - ES TAJ (Shanghai E.A. - AJ Kahayla / QR Marc), another grandson of Michałów's KWESTURA,
- in the 4-6 year old stallions class (10A), fourth place was taken by EMAR AVI bred by Czesław Gołaszewski (Empire - El Medisa / Shanghai E.A.),
- in the 4-6 year old stallions class (10B), the fourth place was taken by SQ AL NATO, out of the mare PARYSADA PS (Marwan Al Shaqab - Prokanista / Karnaval) bred by Przemysław Sawicki,
- D AMEER, son of Michałów's PRALINA (Ecaho - Premiera / Piechur) was fifth in the 10 years and over stallions class.
It is worth noting that among the winners of the top places in their classes were the progeny of AJ AZZAM, which this year will be chief sire in Michałów Stud - AJ SAROJ - 3rd place in the yearling fillies class, D JUDI - 1st place in the 3-year-old fillies, which was chosen also the Silver Medalist of the Junior Mare Championship.
The Senior Mare Championships ended with the award of the phenomenal grey WILDONA representing the Michałów Stud. Congratulations !!!
Judges: Adel Ahmed Abdelrazak, Jerzy Białobok, Pilar Cavero Pino, Koenraad Detailleur, Eric Gear, Tamas Rombauer, Fausto Scanzi.
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/sharjah-international-arabian-horse-festival-2021/322/

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• 2021-02-08 •


The international show in Qatar, organized on a grand scale on 3-6 February, gathered 188 horses judged by 11 judges. Among the presented horses we could meet many representatives of Polish breeding:
- in the two-year-old fillies class (2B), ROSE KAS (Zeus E.A. - Remarqable Melody / Profender K.A.) bred by Daid Borowiec, and owned by Al Reeh Stud, was ranked third;
- the three-year-old fillies class (3A) with a score of 92.42 (5x20, including 1x20 for type, 4x20 for movement) was won by EMARELLA bred in Michałów (Sahm El Arab - Emandorella / Eden C), the third in this class was EQUATOR's daughter - MONA LISA ALJASSIMYA (out of Minwah / Kahil Al Shaqab);
- in the three-year-old fillies class (3B), the third was the daughter of the stallion EMERALD J - ADWAA AL ARAB, and the fifth one was bred in Janów Podlaski AMIRATA (EKS Alihandro - Alhasa / Ganges);
- MURANAS NADER by EQUATOR out of Muranas Nabila OX, who later became the Junior Gold Medal winner, won in the two-year-old colts class (5A);
- among the three-year-old stallions the best in his class (6) was another descendant of EQUATOR born in Al Jassimya Farm - MOMAYZ ALJASSIMYA, the second in this class was RADHEE AL SHAQAB (by WH Justice), who through his dam OFW EMMALEE is a descendant of Janów's ETRURIA;
- with a score of 92.75 points (7x20, including 2x20 for type and 5x20 for head and neck) the 7-10 year old mares class (8A) was won by GALERIDA (Shanghai E.A. - Galilea / Laheeb) bred in Michałów;
- in the second class of 7-10 year old mares, bred in Janów Podlaski AL JAZEERA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Alhasa / Ganges) was in fourth place, scoring as many as 7 “20s” for movement;
- in the oldest mares class, the second was born in Michałów PIACENZA (QR Marc - Primawera / Emigrant), followed by WASA (WH justice - Waresa / Empres) in third place (Falborek Arabians)
- class winner stallions 4-6 years old (10A) - gray KASHEF AL SHAQAB (Marwan Al Shaqab - Psyrella / Sharahm), on the dam side he is also a descendant of ETRURIA;
- in the 4-6 year old stallions class, fourth place was another descendant of EMERALD J - grey D JALEEL (out of D Myasah by Javier El Jamaal).
Judging panel: Francesco Santoro, Gianmarco Aragno, Klaus G. Beste, Steve Lieblang, Jerzy Białobok, Ann Norden, Anna Stojanowska, Ahmed Hamza, Michaela Weidner, Gideon Reisel, Tomasz Tarczyński.
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/katara-international-arabian-horse-festival/309/
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• 2021-01-28 •


The National Arabian Horse Show in Qatar, held on January 22-26, 2021, brought two medals to horses bred in Poland. The three-year-old EMARELLA (Sahm El Arab - Emandorella / Eden C) finished the show with the gold medal of the Junior Filly Championship, previously winning her class with a score of 92.75 points (including 2x20 for type and 1x20 for movement). The bronze medal in the Senior Mare Championship went to the grey 12-year-old mare PIACENZA (QR Marc - Primawera / Emigrant).
Among the 445 horses entered to the show, there were a few with Polish accents in their pedigrees:
- in the 3B yearling fillies class, the fourth place was taken by the daughter of SEFORA bred in Janów Podlaski - AL ALIYA AL SRAIYA by Wadee Al Shaqab with a score of 91.33 points.
- in the 3C yearling fillies class, second was the daughter of the stallion ZEUS EA out of REMARQABLE MELODY by PROFENDER K.A. (out of Palanga) - ROSE KAS bred by Dawid Borowiec. The fifth in this class was LAMAR FT by Wadee Al Shaqab out of TF Star of Pretoria, whose father is EVG PETROS son of Michałów's PALESTINA (by Monogramm).
- AMIRATA (EKS Alihandro - Alhasa / Ganges) took second place in the two-year-old fillies class (4B).
- in the 11-year-old class and above, the first place went to WASA (WH Justice - Waresa / Empres) with a score of 92.63, the second in this class was the rementioned PIACENZA.
Judging panel: Gideon Reisel, Klaus G. Beste, Carmelo Zaragoza Gimenez, Soud Al Thani, Tomasz Tarczyński.
Detailed results:
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• 2021-01-23 •


The Emirates Arabian Horse Breeders' Championship (C Nat.) Show in Abu Dhabi, held on January 19-22, offers some interesting Polish accents.
In the numerous classes of yearling fillies, and there were 6 of them, the first five of the classes included:
- in class 1A first place went to BANAFSAJ ALYAH, bay daughter of AJ Marzan and ENTIA by Psytadel bred by Katarzyna Dolińska. In the same class, the bay great-granddaughter of Michałów's ESKLAWA - A.L.R. FAJR by Mandela Al Hawajer by Roza Al Zobair was fourth.
- in class 1B, the fifth place went to the chestnut BIDAYER ALBADR by AJ Marzan out of GAJA LUNA by PSYCHE KERET, bred at the Chrcynno Pałac Stud.
- in class 1C, the first place went to the great-granddaughter of Michałów GRETA - FAM JUSTICERA by WH Justice out of Gazira K.A. by Espressivo.
- in class 1D the second was daughter of AJ Kafu - AJ KAYYA, who is the son of AJ Kahayla by QR Marc out of KWESTURA.
- in class 1E the grey AJWAN AL ZOBAIR by Suhail Al Zobair and from Michałów's PISTORIA by Gazal Al Shaqab was ranked second.
In the group of 4-6-year-old mares, the second place in class 4B was taken by ESKLAWA's granddaughter - JAREEN AL ZOBAIR by SMA Magic One out of Salwa Al Zobair, and fifth in this class was SUHAILA ALYAH by Moharib Al Khazna out of Michałów's bred ELLUA by Al Maraam . The daughters of EMERALD J, son of QR Marc and EMANDORIA - were third and fourth in the group of 4A two-year-old mares - E.S.  BASMA and GHALA BHM.
Among the yearling colts in class 6B there was the son of the rementioned AJ KAFU - HATAAN AL HUFAN out of Rezenh Al Hawajer. In the 6C class, the bay MUNEER KH was third, the great-grandson of Michałów's PREMIERA (by FA EL Rasheem out of Pialena by Marajj), and the grey A.L.R. TAHADY by Barjass Al Zobair out of Psyche Kybele by Khidar bred in Chrcynno Pałac Stud. The son of AJ KAFU - AJ SABRAN out of AJA Caprice was also the winner of the class 7B of the 2-year-old colts.
In the 3-year-old stallions class, the third place was won by EMERALD J's son - AL ARYAM MUNDHER out of Al Aryam Ballora, and the fourth place was won by PERNAL's son from Białka - FAKHR ALBATEEN (out of Evitah by Plakat). In the 4-6-year-old stallions class, another grandson of Michałów’s PREMIERA - AASEF AL HAITHAM (by SMA Magic One out of Piadin by Marajj) was fifth, and among the 7-9-year-old stallions, the grandson of Michałów's ZENOBIA - ZIDAN AL HAWAJER (Shanghai EA - Zarina EA after Khidar).
Detailed results:
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• 2021-01-20 •


As in previous years, we encourage breeders to send to the e-mail address of our office: office.pzhka@office.org.pl stallions, which will be available in the upcoming season in your studs.
The offer should include: stallion data, breeding price, information about the availability of fresh or frozen semen, show, racing and sport records, photo.
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