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• 2020-12-31 •


" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." E.Roosevelt

On behalf of the PZHKA board, we wish all you, horse fans and breeders, that your most secret dreams will come true, great breeding successes as well as joy, health and love.

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• 2020-10-01 •


On the last weekend in September, the Polish Championships for Arabian Sport  Horses were held at the Michałów Stud.
There were 45 pairs at the starting line, which were judged by the composition of the judges: classic competitions: Anna Piasecka, Wacław Pruchniewicz and Józef Zagor; pleasure competitions: Alicja Poszepczyńska and Helen Hennekens-van Nes. Dressage and jumping competitions were divided into junior and senior categories, other classes combined. For young, inexperienced horses or competitors, the organizer proposed classes in the "open" system, which allowed horses less advanced in training to start.

Type & Conformation:
1. EMPIRE, bred and owned by Michałów Stud
2. EL OMARI, bred and owned by Michałów Stud
3. KORAB, bred by Michałów Stud, owned by M. Helak-Kulczyńska
Junior Dressage:
1. EMIS and Nikola Stankiewicz, KJ Equistro Wierzawice
2. CAMELOT and Alicja Skarżyńska, KJ Golden Horse
3. CZEKOLADA and Karolina Ostrowska, SJ For Pleasure
Senior Dressage:
1. INNER and Marta Matysik, Bpk
2. GATITO and Róża Skorupowska, Primastella Stable
3. ERUDITO and Jan Woźniewski, Bishop
Junior jumping:
1. ELGOR and Magdalena Łach, Wrzosy Horse Riding Club
2. CYRANO and Alicja Jasiak, KJ Amazonka Dama Dana Team
3. LEMON and Julia Małek, KJ Amazon Dama Dana Team
Senior Jumping:
1. WALOR and Daria Klimecka, KJ Agro-Handel Śrem
2. WEBISTA and Karolina Hernik-Jasiak, SK Hubertus
3. ERENIUSZ and Jan Balicki, SK Kochul
Classic Pleasure:
1. CAMELOT and Alicja Skarżyńska, KJ Golden Horse
2. KORAB and Marta Kulczyńska, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
3. WARIOGRAF and Maria Raniszewska, Harmony Farm
Traditional Arabian Riding (Native Costume):
1. CZEKOLADA and Karolina Ostrowska, SJ For Pleasure
2. EDINET and Ilona Ciara, Bishop
3. GATITO and Róża Skorupowska, Primastella Stable
Hunter Pleasure:
1. WARIOGRAF and Maria Raniszewska, Harmony Farm
2. KORAB and Marta Kulczyńska, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
3. MINDEN and Edyta Ciara, Bishop
Polish Historical Costume:
1. INNER and Marta Matysik, Bpk
2. EL SZARMANTI and Anna Majcherczyk, SJ For Pleasure
3. MINDEN and Edyta Ciara, Bishop
Classic All Around
1. KORAB and Marta Kulczyńska, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
2. GATITO and Róża Skorupowska, Primastella Stable
3. CZEKOLADA and Karolina Ostrowska, SJ For Pleasure
Competitions in the "open" category
1. WORONIN and Iwona Sternak, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
2. WOSTOK and Karina Prysak, Blue Arabians
Classic Pleasure
1. LAKONIA and Gabriela Tyrał, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
2. CAR and Helena Patrzałek, OJ Lacrima Arabians
3. ECHARUNA and Piotr Kupczewski
Hunter Pleasure
1. WORONIN and Iwona Sternak, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
2. WOSTOK and Karina Prysak, Blue Arabians
3. CAR and Helena Patrzałek, OJ Lacrima Arabians
Classic All Around - "open"
1. WORONIN and Iwona Sternak, KJ im. Of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifles in Michałów
2. WOSTOK and Karina Prysak, Blue Arabians

Congratulations to the organizers, competitors, trainers, grooms and, above all, horses and see you next year!
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• 2020-09-29 •


On September 10-12, the Polish National Championships for Seniors, Young Riders and Juniors as well as the Polish National Championships of Young Horses in Endurance were held at the Kliczków Castle.

The new Polish Senior Medalist was WOJCIECH HELJASZ (KJ Champion) riding the 8-year-old grey mare HASTY (Adwokat - Hrabina / Equin) bred by Bogdan Marek Tomaszewski and owned by Robert Sumiła. The Silver Medal was won by BARBARA RYGOŁ and the 9-year-old bay gelding EL MAHDI (Fedain - El Madżilis / Piaff) bred by Artur Nicpoń and owned by the rider. The Bronze Medal went to KATARZYNA ZDROJEWSKA and the 7-year-old grey mare TELMA (Tihawan D'Emmare - Matroza / Majpol), owned by Velina Ivanova and bred by Szumien.
In the Young Rider and Junior category, the Gold Medal went to ANGELIKA WOJNOWSKA and the 9-year-old grey gelding ENDER BS (Western - Ender / Grandorr) bred by Stanisław Bujarski and owned by Dorota Wojnowska. The silver was won by TOMASZ WICIEJOWSKI and 8-year-old HERBATNIK (small horse type). The third place on the podium was taken by NATALIA PALCZAK and the 7-year-old bay mare BORNA (Sanago - Bokara / Furiat) bred by Adam Grochowski and owned by Lechosław Palczak.
In the Polish National Championships for Young Horses held at the same time, the highest laurels were won by:
in the category of 4-year-old horses (distance 30 km)
  1. ANNA HAJKOWICZ and stallion KAREL (Shanghai E.A. – Korsyka / Etnodrons Psyche), bred by Paweł Redestowicz, owned by. Anna Hajkowicz
  2. TADEUSZ BARTAK-LISIKIEWICZ and gelding ZŁOTAN (Poganin – Złota Orcha / Ekstern), bred by SK Michałów, owned by Tadeusz Bartak-Lisikiewicz
in the category of 5-year-old horses (distance 50 km) 
  1. PIOTR MĄDEL and stallion DISTING (Stinger – Diagnoza / Borek), bred by Ryszard Szpar, owned by Andrzej Mądel
  2. ANNA RYBICKA-STANICZEK and mare HUSILA JR (Akbars – Hipoteza / Moshh), bred by and owned by Janusz Ryżkowski
  3. OLIWIA PIECHÓWKA and gelding WINT (Shanghai E.A. – Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab), bred by SK Michałów, owned by Tomasz Tura
in the category of 6-year-old horses (distance 80 km)
  1. ROBERT KAŹMIERSKI and gelding JUMBO (Forteynas Magic - Jouharat Al Khalidiah / Galba) bred by Polska AKF, owned by Fundacja Czarodziejska Góra
  2. MARTYNA KAMIŃSKA and gelding EMOTION STRATEGIA (Ontario HF – Eqvida / Wojsław) bred by and owned by Krzysztof Ciuhak GEO-EKSPERT
  3. RENATA SUMIŁA and stallion GRAND AMOUR (Amarant – Ghaza / Engar) bred by Łukasz Fabisiak, owned by Robert Sumiła
Congratulations to the breeders, owners and competitors of the awarded horses.
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• 2020-07-13 •

Salam Al Khalediah wins again, Derby odds lowering for Hamal

Ofir Stakes for 4+ years old ended like nearly everybody expected. From start to finisz the race was led by a favorite, 7 years old SALAM AL KHALEDIAH. Janów Stakes determined the new great pretender to this year’s Derby win.

Ridden by Szczepan Mazur SALAM AL KHALEDIAH (Nashwan Al Khalidiah – Quesche du Paon/Akbar) controlled the pace all along, winning very easily by 3.5 lengths. The winner belongs to AKF Poland and he is trained by Maciej Kacprzyk. The colt was followed by last year Derby winner DRAGON (Dahess – Djaima/Nonius), bred and owned by Mr. Zbigniew Górski. There was a struggle for a third place between the experienced Janów’s BANDOLERO (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik) and the only one 4-year-old in the field, Austrian-bred TABARAK’S ELVIRA (Tabarak – Elea/Dormane). The colt won by no more than a nose.

The second of Sunday’s big races, Janów Stakes, had more thrilling course and determined a new favorite for this year’s Derby. In the field of eleven, all eyes were turned to the recent Kabaret Stakes winner, WIELKI DAKRIS (Mared Al Sahra – Wielka Damira/Ontario HF). However, after lots of trouble in the distance, in the final straight he had overlarge margin to the leaders. Great finish was shown by HAMAL (Jaafer ASF – HN Mira/Marvin El Samawi), Martin Srnec in the saddle, who won easily. ALNNAJM (Mared Al Sahra – Arwima/Wachlarz) bred and owned  by Mr. Zbigniew Górski, Hamal’s stable mate AL NAIRA (Marvin El Samawi – Al Risha/Manganello), MUSAB (Asraa Min Albarq – Muna/Nougatin) and recovering Wielki Dakris competed for the second place. Alnnajm placed by a nose before Wielki Dakris, followed by Al Naira and Musab. Janów Stakes was a prove that the in the case of the best 4-year-olds anything is possible.

Congratulations to all involved in the success, with a special shoutout to our members – AKF Poland and Mr. Zbigniew Górski.

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• 2020-07-08 •

Polish highlights in Menton

Despite the pandemics, organizers succeeded to conduct one of the most popular shows of the year - Menton Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship. Polish exhibitors were absent in France, but many Polish-bred stars appeared in the ring. WILDONA after a spectacular win in the class was chosen Reserve Senior Champion Mare.

Michałów’s WILDONA (Shanghai EA – Wilda/Gazal Al Shaqab), currently on lease to Al Sheikh Stud has been showered with excellent scores, receiving a stunning number of 11 twenties, including unanymous „20” for type. In the championship she was surpassed by only 6 years old Mozn Albidayer, later chosen Best Female in Show.

In the class of 7 years and older mares we watched Janów-bred trio: owned by Nina Suskievicova  PILAROSA (Al Adeed Al Shaqab – Pilar/Fawor) and BINDUGA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Bigamia/Ekstern), placed second and fifth, followed by Irina Stigler’s ESPARTA (Poganin – Epoka/Pohaniec), placed sixth.
ATIUS O (Shahim Al Nakeeb – Atia oOne/Johann El Jamaal), brought to Europe by Mr. Czesław Gołaszewski and presented by Paweł Kozikowski, won the oldest stallions class, receiving – as usual – all five „20” for movement. He returns from the show with Senior Stallions Bronze Medal.

Congratulations to all involved – and see you next year.
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• 2020-06-22 •

Big surprise in Kabaret Stakes, no surprise in Bandos Stakes

Last weekend another two stakes were ran at Służewiec Racetrack: Kabaret Stakes for 4-year-olds and Bandos Stakes for 4+-year-olds. The first one brought rather unexpected results with a win of Wielki Dakris. In the latter one Shadwan Al Khalediah added yet another win to his impressive record of 11:10-1-0. 

In the numerous field of 12 of Kabaret Stakes (2200 m) three foreign-bred horses had the lowest odd, that is: Moscow Derby winner SEIFUL MULIUK (RU), the best 3-year-old of 2019 TABARAK'S ELVIRA (AT) and consistent GATSBY DE BOZOULS (FR). Unexpectedly bookmakers' favorites were surpassed by Polish-bred WIELKI DAKRIS (Mared Al Sahra - Wielka Damira/Ontario HF), who, ridden by champion jockey Szczepan Mazur, won by a 1/2 lenghts to Seiful Muliuk. The grey colt is bred and owned by Mr. Krzysztof Zakolski, and trained by Adam Wyrzyk. This success made him one of the great pretenders to this year's Derby.

Sunday's Bandos Stakes (2200 m) went completely according to bookmakers' odds. SHADWAN AL KHALEDIAH (Nashwan Al Khalidiah - Quesche du Paon/Akbar), again with Szczepanem Mazur in the saddle won very easily, leaving in the field last year's Derby winner DRAGON, stablemate ANOOD AL KHALEDIAH and Janów's BANDOLERO. AKF Poland's 8 years old stallion is trained by Maciej Kacprzyk. 

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• 2020-06-04 •


The Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association has prepared a strictly targeted concept for the Promotion of Polish Arabian Horses, both in Poland and abroad. One of the most important points of this Program is support for all Participants of the National Show in Janów Podlaski 2020, in the form of co-financing the Show Awards with the amount of PLN 998.000,0000 / ca. EUR 250.000,00 (In words: nine hundred ninety-eight thousand PLN 00/100), funded by the Ministry of Agriculture in to the person of Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski.
As part of cooperation with the Minister, we have also prepared Regulations on the distribution of this amount, which has been accepted. Full information of the board is here.

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• 2020-05-26 •

An article in The Times 'Polish purge leaves Janow Podlaski stud in crisis' – reply of PAHBA to author of the article and The Times editorial team

Your article titled “Polish purge leaves Janów Podlaski Stud in crisis” in the on-line edition of The Times of 18.05.2020 contains false information about the conditions of Arabian horse breeding in Poland and damages its image to the world.
The board of PAHBA requests its correction, the statement of PAHBA for The Times and it’s author are enclosed below. 

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• 2020-05-25 •

Comet Prize: continuing superiority of Salam Al Khalediah

Bookmakers' favorite, SALAM AL KHALEDIAH, noted an easy win in the first stakes of 2020, Comet Prize (26 250 PLN, 2000 m), confirming his name of the best older racing Arabian in Poland. 

In the interesting field of 8 (last year's derby winner DRAGON bred and owned by Z. Górski was withdrawn) the eyes of the spectators was turned to: 7-years-old SALAM AL KHALEDIAH, one of the AKF Poland Stables leading stars, strong and consistent BANDOLERO bred and owned by Janów Podlaski State Stud, and to the best 3-years-old of 2019, TABARAK’S ELVIRA bred and owned by E. Chat. Debuting on the turf, Moscow Derby winner SEIFUL MULUK bred and owned by R.O. Hahalev was a riddle for many.

Despite the highest weight in the field (63 kg, turf condition good) SALAM AL KHALEDIAH met the role of the favorite and under S. Mazur noted an easy win, leading from the start, with good finishing time of 2’20”4. He was followed by BANDOLERO, ridden by his trainer S. Vasyutov. SEIFUL MULUK won the third place, passing Salam's stable companion ANOOD AL KHALEDIAH by a neck.

The only 2020 Derby potential contender,  HAMAL, was 7, losing more than 20 lengths to the winner.

COMET PRIZE (4+ PA, 2000 m, 26 250 PLN)
  1. SALAM AL KHALEDIAH (FR) 63 s. 7y. (Nashwan Al Khalediah – Quesche du Paon/Akbar), r. S. Mazur, t. M. Kacprzyk, b. Khalid B.S.B. Abdul Aziz Al Saud, o. Polska AKF Sp. z o.o.
  2. BANDOLERO 63 s. 7 y. (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik), r.&t.. S. Vasyutov, b.&o. SK Janów Podlaski
  3. SEIFUL MULIUK (RU) 60 s. 4 y. (Karmel de Faust – Sjamara/Marwan I) r. D. Petryakov, t. N. Szelągowska, b.&o. R.O. Hahalev
  4. ANOOD AL KHALEDIAH (FR) 61 (Nayef Al Khalidiah – Shaza Al Khalediah/Khalid El Biwaibiya) r. S. Abayev, t. M. Kacprzyk, b. Al Khalediah Stables, o. Polska AKF Sp. z o.o.
  5. TABARAK’S ELVIRA (AT) (Tabarak – Elea/Dormane) r. A. Turgaev, t. P. Piątkowski, b.&o. E. & H. Chat – Gestüt Chat

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• 2020-04-09 •

In memory of Prof. Andrzej Strumiłło

With deep sadness we would like to inform you about the death of Prof. Andrzej Strumiłło, a long-time member of our association, who passed away early in the morning in the age of 93.

Prof. Strumiłło, a prominent and versatile art creator, dedicated to horses a huge part of his art work. In 2018 he published an album "Koń wschodni" ("The Eastern Horse"), dedicated to arabian horses and Polish breeding. His beloved house in Maćkowa Ruda was the place of many art meetings as well as the home of his beloved arabians.

We pass the condolences to the Family and Friends of The Professor and join them in honouring His memory.
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