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• 2017-04-06 •

The 6th Warsaw Arabian Horse Championships ARABIA POLSKA 2017

The organizers of the 6th Warsaw Arabian Horse Championships ARABIA POLSKA 2017, which will take place on the 23rd-24th of June, 2017 at the Buksza Polo & Riding Club in Góra Kalwaria, have provided information regarding the show's officials. Details can be found in the attached letter.

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• 2017-04-04 •

The 21st General Meeting of the PAHBA - a summary

A summary of events from the 21st General Meeting of the Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association, which took place on April 1st-2nd, 2017:

- the President of the PAHBA, Anna Stojanowska, resigned from her post. Jerzy Białobok also resigned from his post as a member of the Board. After 20 years of dedication and work for the Association since its inception in 1997 they made a decision in the interest of the PAHBA and its members. In the face of ostracism from the Authorities towards Anna Stojanowska and Jerzy Białobok their further presence on the Board could have a negative impact for the Association's development;

- also Tomasz Tarczyński resigned as a member of the Board;

- the General Meeting decided that until the end of the current term (for the next two years) the Board will function in a smaller, three person group. The remaining Board members: Krzysztof Poszepczyński and Piotr Podgórny, were joined b Przemysław Sawicki, who will act as President of the Association. Due to this Przemysław Sawicki resigned as a member of the Review Panel.

- during the course of the meeting Agnieszka Łępicka resigned as president of the Review Panel. During the meeting the Review Panel was joined by Witold Piotrowski.

- Marek Trela resigned as a member of the Review Panel on Monday, March 3rd, due to his permanent stay abroad and work.

- the PAHBA's accountant, Halina Panasiuk, also resigned from her post. All gathered thanked her for many years of hard work.

- the Board now faces many interesting challenges.

- dr Jan Samsel gave an interesting lecture on dentistry in horses.

- on Sunday, April 2nd, thanks to the kindness of the Janów Podlaski Stud Board, the Meeting's participants had the opportunity to view this year's crop and selected chief sires.

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• 2017-03-30 •

27th Junior Spring Show - Białka

The organizers of the 27th Junior Spring Show, held this year on the 3rd-4th of June at Białka Stud, have published the program of events and conditions for horse entries. Horses must be entered by the 5th of May, 2017 to the following email address: zgloszenia2017@o2.pl

The Organizers also encourage to take a look at their additional offer, which includes advertising packages and VIP seats.

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• 2017-03-27 •

Pride of Poland 2017 - program of events and sale list

The Pride of Poland, which includes the Polish National Show and Arabian Horse Sale, will take place this year on August 11-15th. The program of events and sale list of horses can be viewed here.

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• 2017-03-24 •

Cracow Arabian Horse Sale 2017 - entries

The organizers of the Cracow Arabian Horse Show and Arabian Horse Sale would like to invite owners and breeders to enter their horses to the Arabian Horse Sale, which will take place on September 10th, 2017 on the grounds of the "Szary" Equestrian Club in Michałowice near Cracow. The terms and conditions can be found on the following website: http://cracow-show.arabians.pl/news. The deadline for entries is April 15th, 2017.

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• 2017-03-18 •

Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship

The show season in the Middle East traditionally ends with the international show in Dubai. This championship, held on March 16-18th with Tomasz Tarczyński as one of the judges, is considered one of the most prestigious in that region. Therefore the successes of Polish bred horses or those of their produce bring even more joy. The gold medal in the junior stallions category was won by FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka/Ekstern) bred by Jan Dobrzyński. The senior silver mare medal went to Michałów's NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Nina/Monogramm). The judges awarded  the gold to FT SHAELLA, though in class she placed second behind the victorious Norma. Whereas the yearling colts silver medal was secured by Kwestura's grandson, AJ KAFU.

The class top five finalists:

2B (yearling fillies)

5th AJ TARIM (out of Michałów's Espinilla)


5 (4-6 year old mares)

4th CLARISSIMA (Esparto - Calineczka) bred by Marek Kondrasiuk


6 (7-9 year old mares)

1st LATONA (El Nabila B - Laranda) bred by SK Michałów

4th CAMILIA (Piaff - Calineczka) bred by SK Białka


7 (mares 10 years old and above)

1st NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Nina) bred by SK Michałów --> senior mare silver medal

4th PISTORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Palmira) bred by SK Michałów


10 (two year old colts)

3rd SQ AL NATO (out of Parysada PS bred by Przemysław Sawicki)


11 (three year old colts)

1st FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka) bred by Jan Dobrzyński --> junior stallion gold medal


14 (stallions 10 years old and above)

5th DRABANT (Gazal Al Shaqab - Demona)

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• 2017-03-13 •

Qatar International Show

During the International Qatar Show held on March 10-12th GIRLAN-BEY (Pesal - Gracja Bis/Monogramm) bred by Michał Bogajewicz won the senior stallions class. In the oldest mares class the third, fourth and fifth spots were taken respectively by: WASA (WH Justice - Waresa/Empres) bred by Falborek Arabians, WKRA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Wyborna/Monogramm) bred by Michałów Stud and GANGA (Emigrant - Granada/Monogramm) bred by Chrcynno-Pałac Stud. Third places in their classes were also secured by Janów Podlaski bred mares: EMPUZA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Eulerta/Ganges) in the 3 year old fillies class and AL JAZEERA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Alhasa/Ganges) in the 4-6 year old mares class.

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• 2017-03-07 •

International Arabian Horse Festival - Sharjah

Another show in the Middle East, this time in Sharjah, took place on the 2nd-4th of March. This international championship drew as many as 294 participants. The senior mares bronze medal went to the Michałów-bred EL SAGHIRA (Galba – Emira/Laheeb), who received five “20s” during her classs evaluation.

The class top five finalists also included the following:

1B (yearling fillies)

4th KARIMAH AL AALYA (by Ekstern, out of Michałów’s Karbala)


1C (yearling fillies)

3rd AJ TARIM (out of Michałów’s Espinilla)


2A (two year old fillies)

4th SEHER AL JAMAAL (by Psyche Keret, out of Gaja Valentina bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


5B (two year old colts)

1st SQ AL NATO (out of Parysada PS bred by Przemysław Sawicki)

2nd GHAYATH AL BIDAYER (out of Gloriana bred by Stanisław Redestowicz)


6A (three year old colts)

5th JA TOPAZ AL JAZEERA (out of Białka’s Camilia)


7B (4-6 year old mares)

2nd CLARISSIMA (Esparto – Calineczka) bred by Marek Kondrasiuk


8 (mares 7 years old and above)

1st EL SAGHIRA (Galba – Emira) bred by SK Michałów --> senior mare bronze champion

2nd PISTORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab – Palmira) bred by SK Michałów


9A (4-6 year old stallions)

3rd GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai EA – Gallia) bred by Stanisław Sławiński

4th GHAZI AL KHAZNA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Groteska) bred by Paweł Rutkowski

5th CETERUS (Salar – Cerelia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski

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• 2017-02-26 •

Anna Stojanowska still the Vice President of ECAHO

The 34th General Meeting of ECAHO was held in Rome during the 24-26th of February. The current Vice President of ECAHO, Anna Stojanowska (also the president of the PAHBA), was chosen almost unanimously for a third term - out of the 46 voters 45 were in favor of our candidate and one abstained. Congratulations!

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• 2017-02-18 •

... and the International Show in Bahrain

Another show to end on February 15th was the 1st International Arabian Horse Show in Bahrain. This two day event gathered 167 entries. The senior stallion silver medal went to ZOTHAR (Ekstern - Zingara) bred by Paweł Rutkowski. The senior mare bronze medal was awarded to KASHIRA (Magnum Psyche - Kahila IV) bred by Stanisław Redestowicz, who earlier won her class. Fifth places in the finals were also secured by: filly AL AFRAH (out of Białka's Al Aga, junior mare championship) and the stallion ETERNIS (Bint Matis - Eksterna, senior stallion championship) bred by Falborek Arabians.

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