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• 2017-07-24 •

International B-Show Vichy 2017

The past weekend also held the international show in Vichy, with one of the judges being Marek Trela. The podium included horses with Polish pedigrees: PERSEUS KA (grandson of Michałów’s Emocja on the spear side and Janów’s Polenta on the distaff side) won the junior stallion gold medal and title of Best Foreign Horse. The mare PERVINKASETTIMOCIELO (daughter of Michałów’s Elgiria) received the senior mare silver medal and Best Movement award, as she was recognized with 4x20 for this trait. The senior stallion bronze medal went to FREE GANGES (son of Janów’s Basma). Furthermore 3rd in the two year old colts class was GALL OF MARWTEYN (ZT Marwteyn - Gallia/Galba) bred by Stanisław Sławiński, behind him placed BELLOREN (Ekstern - Bellanda/Pilot) bred by Lutetia Arabians. Whereas 2nd in the senior stallions class was FREE EUKALIPTUS (son of Michałów’s Elicja).

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• 2017-07-24 •

Scandinavian Open Championships 2017

The Scandinavian Open Championships, which took place this past weekend at the Bollerup Castle in Sweden, brought our horses two bronze medals: in the yearling fillies category for SAMANDRA (Shanghai EA - Safari/Makiur Lip) bred and owned by Waldemar Bąk and in the junior stallion category for EL VALENTINO (Excalibur EA - Etiffani/Justify) bred by Wojciech Parczewski. It is worth noting that the junior mare gold medal went to H EMALEE H (US), granddaughter of the Michałów-bred Emandoria.

Notable class Top Fives:

Yearling colts
2nd EL VALENTINO (Excalibur EA - Etiffani/Justify) bred and owned by Wojciech Parczewski

Yearling fillies
3rd SAMANDRA (Shanghai EA - Safari/Makiur Lip) bred and owned by Waldemar Bąk
4th EL-SALIMA (Shanghai EA - Ewilena/Ekstern) bred and owned by Waldemar Bąk 

Two year old fillies
1st H EMALEE H (granddaughter of Michałów’s Emandoria)
3rd MIRJJANA AL KANZ (Kanza Albidayer - Marjjana VA) bred and owned by Alicja Napióra
5th ECLISS (Don Luciano - Aisa B/Emiratus B) owned by Tomasz Tarczyński 

Three year old fillies
2nd EL PRINCESSA (Om El Shahmaan - Europesa/Psytadel) bred and owned by Wojciech Parczewski
3rd REMARQABLE MELODY (Profender KA - MJ Catrouchka/JK Catalyst) owned by Dawid Borowiec
4th AGMAL JAHIDDAH (out of Michałów’s Erabea)

Two year old colts
1st WILLIAN (out of Michałów’s Wilga)

Three year old colts
3rd KRESZ (Empire - Kraśnica) 

Mares 4-6 years old
3rd ELIKSJA (Esparto - Ekspulsja) bred by Michałów 

1st SA EUNIK (out of Michałów’s Eunora)

Liberty class
1st ELYSION (Premier - Emancypacja)

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• 2017-07-19 •

Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival 2017 – last day for entries is Friday, July 21st

Friday, July 21st is the last day for entries for the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska, Poland (August 18th-19th). You will find the information about terms of the entries and the entry form here.

The judges that have kindly accepted the organizers’ invitation for the 4th edition of the Festival are: Irina Stigler (Russia), Tamas Rombauer (Hungary), Gideon Reisel (Holland), Fausto Scanzi (Italy) i Ahmed Hamza (Egypt).

The show catalogue cover is ready. The horse on this year’s cover is Razi Al Khalediah (Marquis CAHR – Halah/Maydan-Madheen).

The total prize pool this year is about 170 thousand euro. You can read about the changes in the prize system here.

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• 2017-07-18 •

All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships - Radom 2017

Behind us is the second edition of the All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships, held on the 15-16th of July in Radom. One of the most satisfied participants of the show was definitely Marek Kondrasiuk, whose two stallions won both gold medals (CALATORIO - junior stallions; CALATEON - senior stallions). What's interesting is that the winners are full brothers - by Vitorio TO and out of Calatea by Ekstern. Reasons for joy were also with Białka Stud, who thanks to PERFINKA (Esparto - Perfirka/Gazal Al Shaqab) took home the senior mare gold medal and the silver junior stallion medal for MILIAN (Lawrence El Gazal - Mila/Ararat). Whereas the largest number of medals was awarded to Michałów Stud: a junior bronze for WORONIN (Vitorio TO - Wilda/Gazal Al Shaqab), a senior silver for KABSZTAD (Poganin - Kwestura/Monogramm), a senior bronze for LARANDO (QR Marc - Laranda/Ekstern) and a junior gold for EMANOLLA (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab), who was also chosen as Best in Show.


Junior mare championships

1. EMANOLLA - bred by Michałów

2. PSYCHE OFELIA - bred by Chrcynno-Palace

3. PLATYNA NA - bred by Alicja Najmowicz


Junior stallion championships

1. CALATORIO - bred by Marek Kondrasiuk

2. MILIAN - bred by Białka

3. WORONIN - bred by Michałów


Senior mare championships

1. PERFINKA - bred by Białka

2. ALTAMIRA - bred by Janów Podlaski

3. EL OMARISSA - bred by Michałów/owned by Andrzej Wójtowicz


Senior stallion championships

1. CALATEON - bred by Marek Kondrasiuk

2. KABSZTAD - bred by Michałów

3. LARANDO - bred by Michałów

Detailed results

Emanolla - Best in Show

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• 2017-07-17 •

Golden Pepita - Elran Cup 2017

The Janów-bred PEPITA (EKstern - Pepesza/Eukaliptus), who in 2015 set the Pride of Poland Sale record at 1.4 milion Euro, was unanimously chosen on Sunday Senior Champion Mare at the Elran Cup in Belgium. Pepita received the show's highest score (43,17 pts), which consisted of a full set of top marks for type and six "9,5s" for head and neck and movement.

Another one to to show off his moves was EMIRZO (Enzo - Emira/Laheeb), who won the geldings class (2x10 for movement) and the Liberty class (3x10 for movement).

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• 2017-07-12 •

Successes in Babolna

The weekend of July 1st-2nd marked not only successes for Galerida and Fuerte in Menton, but also titles for Polish bred horses in Babolna, where a C international show was held, affiliated by ECAHO.

The senior mares gold medal went to PSYCHE DIANA (Fa El Shawan - Pomona/Ekstern) bred and owned by Chrcynno-Palace Stud and right behind her with the silver placed EL OMARISSA (El Omari - Ernissa/Ekstern) bred by Michałów and owned by Andrzej Wójtowicz. The senior stallion bronze medal fell into the laps of PERSEUSZ (Laheeb - Pepesza/Eukaliptus) bred by Janów Podlaski.

Among the youngsters the silver junior mare medal was awarded to ILENA (Vitorio TO - Ilionora MAF/Abha Mahdi) bred by Idris Hassan and the bronze - by ERCTIQA (Redwood Lodge Artique - Entia/Psytadel) bred by Zalia Arabians.

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• 2017-07-10 •

Arabian Horse Days - Ströhen

This past weekend (July 8-9th) the Ismer Family held their traditional Arabian Horse Days at their stud in Ströhen, which encompassed two shows: C-European and B-Internationals.

During the C-European show, judged by PAHBA member Tomasz Tarczyński, the podium was taken by: the Janów-bred BERENIKA (Eden C - Belgica/Gazal Al Shaqab), who took the senior mare bronze medal and the Michalów-bred LISSAR (Gazal Al Shaqab - Larissa/Eukaliptus), who won the senior stallion silver. Both horses previously won their classes. EQUALION (Equator - Evolett/Ajman Moniscione) bred and owned by Zalia Arabians finished the finals at fourth place, just missing the bronze due to lower points in class.

Also in the top five of their classes were:

- HS ESPOIR (GB) – daughter of Janów’s ENTIMA, 1st place in the yearlings fillies class

- ZLOTA ODESSA (FR) – daughter of Michałów’s ZŁOTA ORCHIDEA, 5th place in the 4-6 year old mares class

- FLANTI (Shanghai EA - Flotylka/Emigrant) bred and owned by Stanisław Redestowicz, 4th place in the 4-6 year old mares class

- PAGANA (Eol - Panonia/Eukaliptus) bred by Janów Podlaski, 4th place in the 7-9 year old mares class, who received 3x20 for movement

- POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo - Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab) bred by Janów Podlaski, winner in the geldings category.

The international B-show revealed two Polish medalists: EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify) bred and owned by the Pietrzak Family, junior stallion silver and the Michałów-bred EKSPULSJA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Elandra/Monogramm), senior mare gold. Furthermore Ekspulsja received the show’s highest score 93,67 pts, including a full set of 20s for type and movement.

The following placed in the top fives of their classes:

- WADELIA (FR) (Pogrom - Wróżka/Ganges) – 1st in the yearling fillies

- MARKIZA OF JUSTICE (WH Justice - Markiza of Marwan/Marwan Al Shaqab) bred by the Pietrzak Family, 4th place in the yearling fillies

- TREFE AL SHAQAB (QA) – out of Michałów’s Padova, 5th in the yearling fillies

- ELIHANDRA SW (EKS Alihandro - Ebora/Ekstern) bred and owned by Nina Suskevicova, 2nd in the two year old fillies

- LILI PS (Ekstern - Lenka/Piaff) bred by Przemysław Sawicki and owned by Klikowa, 4th in the 3 year old fillies class

- ADYGA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Amiga/Piaff) bred by Janów Podlaski, 1st in the 4-6 year old mares class, 93,08 pts including a full set of 20s for movement

- EL PIATZOLLA (WH Justice - Enya/Ekstern) bred and owned by ZPH Strusinianka,2nd in the 7-9 year old mares class

- PREFERANS (HS Etiquette - Preria/Ararat) bred by Janów Podlaski, 1st in the stallions 10 years old and above class

- POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo - Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab) bred by Janów Podlaski, our regular winner in the geldings category.

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• 2017-07-05 •

Program of the 39th Polish National Arabian Horse Show

The organizers of te 39th Polish National Arabian Horse Show have announced the updated program of events for the August championships and celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Janów Podlaski State Stud.


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• 2017-07-04 •

Cracow Arabian Horse Show - conditions of entry

The organizers of the Cracow Arabian Horse Show, which will take place during September 8-10th, 2017, have announced the conditions of entry. They are available together with the entry forms on the show's official website. Deadline for entries is July 31st.

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• 2017-07-02 •

Menton - two medals for Poland

Today during the finals of the Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship in Menton two Polish-bred horses took to the podium: the Michałów-bred GALERIDA (Shanghai EA - Galilea/Laheeb) claimed the bronze medal of the senior mares, while FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka/Ekstern), bred by Jan Dobrzyński, once again in his career reached for the gold in the junior stallion category. Among the invited judges was PAHBA member Tomasz Tarczyński.

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