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• 2017-10-30 •

Criterium St. - Polska AKF wins double

On Sunday the Criterium St. (cat. A) for 3 year old and older Arabian horses over 2400 m was held at the Służewiec track in Warsaw. Victorious was the only 3 year old in this group, FAZZA AL KHALEDIAH (FR), owned by Polska AKF, with Natalia Hendzel in the irons, trained by Michał Borkowski, who outdid the rest of the competition by 17 lengths. The second horse to cross the wire, BURKAN AL KHALEDIAH (SA), is also owned by Polska AKF.

Criterium St. (cat. A) for 3 year old and older Arabian horses, 2400 m

1. Fazza Al Khalediah(FR) 3 yo (Jalnar Al Khalediah – Assma Al Khalediah/Amer or.ar.)
2. Burkan Al Khalediah (SA) 8yo (Khalid El Biwaibiya – Rayyan/Bengali d’Albret)
3. Bandolero 4 yo (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik)
4. Shahad Athbah (GB) 5yo (Amer or.ar. – Kolver/Vert Olive)
4. Shannon Queen 4yo (Ainhoa St. Faust – Sasanka Fata/Sam Tiki)

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• 2017-10-29 •

European Championships - Verona 2017

During the European Championships taking place in Verona this weekend Polish-bred horses were awarded with three medals: FUERTE - silver junior stallion, PUSTYNIA KAHILA - silver senior mare, EKSPULSJA - bronze senior mare, and the highest scored mares of the show were PUSTYNIA KAHILA and EKSPULSJA (467 pts, ex aequo). Furthermore Polish strongly marked their presence during the finals: PSYCHE OFELIA - 6th (yearling mare championship), BAMBINA - 4th, EMANOLLA - 5th (junior mare championship), PEPITA - 4th (senior mare championship), KABSZTAD - 5th, PSYCHE KERET - 6th (senior stallion championship).


The class top fives included:

Yearling fillies A:

2nd WADELIA (FR) (Pogrom - Wróżka/Ganges) B/O: Lutetia Arabians

5th FRAZZA (Vitorio TO - Foggia/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Michałów


Yearling fillies B:

3rd PSYCHE OFELIA (Echo Adonis - Psyche Kreuza/Ekstern) B/O: SK Chrcynno-Pałac

4th EMDRONA (Medalion - Elgora/Poganin) B/O: SK Michałów


Two year old fillies:

2nd EMANOLLA (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Michałów

5th PAMINA (Pogrom - Pianissima/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Two year old colts:

4th EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify) B/O: J. Pietrzak


Three year old fillies:

2nd BAMBINA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Bellisa/Poganin) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Three year old colts:

2nd FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka/Ekstern) B: J.Dobrzyński/O: Sami Ben Saad


4-6 year old mares:

1st PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pustynna Malwa/Ekstern) B/O: SK Michałów

3rd EMANDORISSA (Abha Qatar - Emanda/Ecaho) B/O: SK Michałów


7-9 year old mares:

1st PILAROSA (Al Adeed Al Shaqab - Pilar/Fawor) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Mares 10 years old and above:

1st EKSPULSJA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Elandra/Monogramm) B: SK Michałów/O: Halsdon Stud

2nd PEPITA (Ekstern - Pepesza/Eukaliptus) B: SK Janów Podlaski/O: Ali Fali Stud

3rd ALTAMIRA (Ekstern - Altona/Eukaliptus) B: SK Janów Podlaski/O: Halsdon Stud


4-6 year old stallions:

3rd PSYCHE KERET (Khidar - Psyche Victoria/Ekstern) B/O: SK Chrcynno Pałac

5th MORION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina/Ekstern) B/O: SK Michałów


Stallions 10 years old and above::

1st KABSZTAD (Poganin - Kwestura/Monogramm) B/O: SK Michałów

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• 2017-10-23 •

Autumn Sale Janów Podlaski - 04.11.2017

Janów Podlaski Stud invites all for the Autumn Sale scheduled for teh 4th of November, 2017. The list of sale horses can be viewed here.

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• 2017-10-17 •

Nasr Marei has passed away

On October 17th, 2017 Nasr Marei has passed away. Breeder, judge and expert on the Arabian horse. A Life Member of WAHO and Executive Committee member of ECAHO. Breeder of many successful horses from his Al Badeia Stud, including Gelgelah Albadeia, 2003 World Champion Mare, the first Egyptian horse to win this title. Nasr Marei was a frequent judge at the Polish Nationals, the last time in 2008.

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• 2017-10-15 •

PAHBA Extraordinary General Meeting

The PAHBA Extraordinary General Meeting was held at the Zamek Biskupi Hotel in Janów Podlaski on October 14th, 2017. The most important matters were as follows:


1. Election of board members. Chosen as President was Krzysztof Poszepczyński (44 votes for, 5 withheld). Elected members of the board are: Marek Błaszkiewicz and Józef Pietrzak (37 votes each), Janusz Ryżkowski (30 votes) and Longin Błachut (29 votes) - the latter also chosen as Vice President of the PAHBA.


2. Election of the Audit Committee: Alicja Najmowicz and Przemysław Sawicki were elected.


3. A committee for changes in the statute was established with the following members: Przemysław Sawicki, Henryk Ćwiertniak, Jacek Ciepluch.


4. It was determined that in the new statute the seat of the association will be Janów Podlaski as a historic place, however the correspondence address will be determined depending on the loctaion of the office and accounting of the PAHBA.


5. In order to execute statutory objectives it was determined that:

- the registration fee until the end of 2017 will be 750 PLN and starting from 01.01.2018 will equal the triple annual fee,

- the annual fee from 01.01.2018 will be 250 PLN

- the Board will be able to partially or wholly exempt from the annual fee in a given year.


6. It was determined that the Breeder of the Year Award will be awarded according to the hitherto rules for horses bred by PAHBA members in the hitherto categories (Shows, Racing, Sport/Endurance), however a given horse may be chosen for evaluation only once.


7. PAHBA will promote all Arabian horse shows organized in Poland.

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• 2017-10-04 •

Into the future: Futurity in Aachen

A day before the All Nations Cup in Aachen the show ring welcomed contestants of the Futurity Show, which showcases horses born out of breedings purchased at special stallion auctions. The mare ERALDA (Emerald J - Enezja/Marajj), bred by the Goździalski Family from Falborek Arabians, placed fourth in the championship and second in the public vote. A confirmation that Eralda is a living advertisement of her sire is the fact that her photo was published in Emerald J's profile in the stallion catalogue of Jadem Arabians.

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• 2017-10-04 •

Djedahes: highest price at Arqana Sale

On September 28th Arqana held a sale for Arabian race and endurance horses in St. Cloud (France). Out of the 112 horses offered 81 were sold. The highest sold horse turned out to be the 8 year old DJEDAHES (Dahess - Djesabelle/Dormane), owned by the Goździalski Family from Falborek Arabians. The mare was purchased by Emirates Blood Stock for 210 thousand Euro. The bidding of the second mare offered by the Goździalski Family, POURVOUS KOSSACK (Marwan I - Pengalia Kossack/Bengali d'Albret), also ended with a change of ownership.

Auction results


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• 2017-09-27 •

European Championships - Verona 2017

The entries for this year's European Championships (28-29th of October, Verona) are now open. Conditions and entry forms are available on the organzier's website. Entries are open until October 4th.

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• 2017-09-24 •

All Nations Cup 2017

The All Nations Cup finals in Aachen brought a senior mare bronze medal to the Michałów-bred EKSPULSJA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Elandra/Monogramm) and senior stallion bronze medal to Michałów's MORION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina/Ekstern). Other medals with Polish accents included a senior mare silver medal for BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH (by El Palacio VO, son of Michałów's El Dorada) and a senior stallion silver medal for EMERALD J (son of Michałów's Emandoria).

Top Five in their classes:

2yo fillies A:

5th POGANINKA (El Omari - Pentra/Poganin) B/O: Michałów


2yo colts

3rd EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify) B/O: M.& J. Pietrzak


3yo fillies:

5th BAMBINA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Bellisa/Poganin) B/O: Janów Podlaski


4-6 yo mares A:

1st GALERIDA (Shanghai E.A. - Galilea/Laheeb) B: Michałów/leased Al Baydaa Stud

5th ADYGA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Amiga/Piaff) B: Janów Podlaski/O: Halsdon Arabians


4-6 yo mares B:

1st PERFINKA (Esparto - Perfirka/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: Białka


7-10 yo mares:

2nd PRIMERA (Eden C - Preria/Ararat) B/O: Janów Podlaski

4th ZIGI ZANA (QR Marc - Zagrobla/Monogramm) B/O: Michałów

5th EL PIATZOLLA (WH Justice - Enya/Ekstern) B/O: ZPH Strusinianka


mares 11 yo and above:

1st. EKSPULSJA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Elandra/Monogramm) B: Michałów/O: Halsdon Arabians

2nd. CENOZA (Ekstern - Celna/Alegro) B: Janów Podlaski/O: Halsdon Arabians


4-6 yo stallions:

2nd MORION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina/Ekstern) B: Michałów/leased Al Thumama Stud


7-9 yo stallions:

3rd POGROM (QR Marc - Pętla/Visbaden) B/O: Janów Podlaski

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• 2017-09-11 •

Cracow Arabian Horse Show & Sale

The 2nd Cracow Arabian Horse Show was held on September 8-10th. Detailed results of the championships and classes can be found on the show's official website.

On Sunday the first Cracow Arabian Horse Sale was held. 29 horses were offered (27 mares and 2 stallions), out of which 8 found buyers:

- El Endila (Justify - Edelmira/Emigrant) B/O: Józef Pietrzak - 10 000 EUR, Poland
- Enerina (Ekstern - Energida/Werbum) B/O: Czeple Arabians - 11 000 EUR, Poland
- Gaja Rea (FA El Shawan - Ganga/Emigrant) B/O: Chrcynno Pałac - 8000 EUR
- Gaja Wenus (Om El Shahmaan - Gaja Iris/Poganin) B/O: Chrcynno Pałac - 12 000 EUR, Portugal
- Layza of Marwan (Marwan Al Shaqab - Liza Monelli/Monogramm) B/O: Wojciech Parczewski - 10 000 EUR, Poland
- Nasira (Al Maraam - Nana/Fawor) B/O: Alicja Najmowicz - 9000 EUR, Romania
- Pertesa (Emarc - Pertisa/WH Justice) B/O: Falborek Arabians -
8000 EUR
- Eurogrant OZ (IL) (Ajman Moniscione - Ekspiacja/Emigrant) B: Ofer Meiri/O: Ofer Meiri & Yitzhak Dror - 5000 EUR, Polska

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