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• 2017-01-14 •

Kuwait - 5th Arabian Horse Breeders Show

During the 12-14th of January Kuwait's official State Stud, Bait Al Arab, was home to the 5th edition of the Arabian Horse Breeders Show for horses bred locally. 215 horses were entered. Half of the six-person jury panel was made up of PAHBA members: Anna Stojanowska, Tomasz Tarczyński i Marek Trela.

Two gold medalists descended directly from Polish horses: JAWAHER LEMAR, Junior Champion Mare, is a daughter of Empire and the Michałów-bred Lanckorona. She received the show's highest score (92,1) and two "20s" for head and neck. The second champion, this time in the yearling colts category, was JAWAHER GHAZY out of Gizelda, bred by Stanisław Sławiński.

Others that placed in the top fives of their classes included:

Class 2A (two year old fillies)

3rd ZAINA AL WAWAN (out of Psyche Westa, bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


Class 2B (two year old fillies)

1st JAWAHER LEMAR (by Empire out of Michałów's Lanckorona) --> junior mares gold medal


Class 4A (yearling colts)

3rd BUNAYEF (by Espimar out of Etisa, bred by Falborek Arabians)

5th F FAISAL (out of Janów's Polihymnia)


Class 4B (yearling colts)

1st JAWAHER GHAZY (out of Gizelda, bred by Stanisław Sławiński) --> yearling colts gold medal

5th LAAB AL GHANIMAH (out of Michałów's Lanckorona)


Class 5B (two year old colts)

3rd EL TAYYAR AL SHAJER (out of Elkamelah (KW), daughter of Esparto and Białka's Emkira)


Class 10-11B (stallions 4 years old and above)

5th LAHMOOM (out of Estencja, bred by Agricola Farm)

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• 2017-01-09 •

Ajman Arabian Horse Show 2017

Another Middle Eastern championship, this time the Ajman Arabian Horse Show, took place on the 5-7th of January in the UAE, with 334 horses entered.

The silver medal of the junior colts was awarded to SQ AL NATO out of Parysada PS, bred by Przemysław Sawicki. The Senior Stallion Champion was granted to the grandson of Michałów's Eskalopka, the stallion REBAL. The dam of the gold medalist is Bidayer by Emigrant. And ELFERA, bred by Lech Błaszczyk, won the oldest mares' class. Furthermore Polish bred horses were among those who received top marks for movement.

Others to secure a place in the top fives of their classes included:

2A (two year old fillies)

4th SEHER AL JAMAL (by Psyche Keret out of Gaja Valentina, bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


3A (three year old fillies)

2nd BAIDAA AL MUAWD (out of Białka's Herlina)

4th GALLA YAS (by Equator out of Michałów's Wieża Snów)


3B (three year old fillies)

2nd AL ARYAM WAHIDA (out of Michałów's Wideta)


5 (5-6 year old mares)

2nd ZADORA (Ekstern - Zariba) bred by SK Janów Podlaski --> 2x20 for movement


6 (7-10 year old mares)

2nd AL ARYAM NE'AMA (out of Michałów's Wideta)

3rd PUSTYNNA FIESTA (Ekstern - Pustynna Róża) bred by SK Michałów -->3x20 for movement

4th GAJA VALENTINA (Emiliusz - Ganga) bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac --> 3x20 for movement


7 (mares 11 years old and above)

1st ELFERA (Psytadel - Elfera) bred by Lech Błaszczyk

5th EUDORA (Piaff - Euzetia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski --> 4x20 for movement


9B (two year old fillies)

3rd GHAYATH AL BIDAYER (out of Gloriana, bred by Stanisław Redestowicz)


9C (two year old fillies)

1st SQ AL NATO (out of Parysada PS, bred by Przemysław Sawicki) --> junior stallion silver medal


10A (three year old fillies)

2nd JA TOPAZ AL JAZEERA (out of Białka's Camilia)


10B (three year old fillies)

5th BADI (by Emarc out of Bint Moleta, bred by Falborek Arabians)


11 (4 year old stallions)

5th CETERUS (Salar - Cerelia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


12 (ogiery 5-6 letnie)

1st REBAL (out of Bidayer, daughter of Emigrant and Michałów's Eskalopka) --> senior stallion gold medal

3rd PATER (Ekstern - Papusza) bred by SK Janów Podlaski --> 1x20 for movement

4th FAIR (out of Fila) bred by PPH Parys


13 (stallions 7 year old and above)

3rd ESPIMAR (out of Espinezja) bred by Falborek Arabians

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• 2017-01-04 •

Information from PAHBA

Your banner can be published on the PAHBA website. The cost of publishing the ad for the first two months is 500 PLN. Each next month is at the cost of 500 PLN. The cost of creating the banner is 100 PLN.

The Board informs that the date of the PAHBA General Assembly has been set for April 1st-2nd, 2017. The assembly will take place at Janów Podlaski Stud.

We would also like to remind about the show dates in 2017 in Poland:

ECAHO affiliated:

- Junior Spring Show (B), Białka, 3-4.06.2017

- Warsaw Championships (B international), Buksza Polo Club, 22-24.06.2017

- Polish National Arabian Horse Show (National), 11-13.08.2017

- Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival (B international), 18-19.08.2017

- Cracow Arabian Horse Show (C), Cracow, 8-10.09.2017



- All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship, Radom, 8-9.07.2017 (correction of date!)


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• 2017-01-01 •

Emirates Arabian Horse Breeders Championship

The show season is in full swing in the Middle East. During the 28-30th of December, 2016 the Emirates Arabian Breeders Championship was held in Abu Dhabi for horses bred by UAE registered breeders. The show enjoys great interest - 340 horses were entered and the yearling classes were divided into as many as 12 series (7 for the fillies and 5 for the colts).

Among the medalists as many as three can boast connections to Polish breeding. The gold medal of the yearling colts went to AJ KAFU out of AJ Kahayla, daughter of Michałów's multi-champion KWESTURA. Earlier the colt won his class with a score of 92,17 pts. The bronze medal in the senior mares category was awarded to AL ARYAM HANNA sired by Michałów's EMILIUSZ. The mare placed second in class and received a "20" for type. Another bronze, this time among the yearling fillies, was secured by MARIA ALYAH, whose dam ENTIA is bred by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska.

The following placed in the top fives of their classes:

1A (yearling fillies)

1 st MARIA ALYAH (out of Entia, bred by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska) --> yearling fillies bronze medal

3 rd ZARA BHM (out of Janów's Zadora)


1B (yearling fillies)

3rd MIZNA ALYAH (out of Elfera, bred by Lech Błaszczyk)

5th R.A. GHALYA (by Gotico out of Egalia, bred by Piotr Podgórny)


1C (yearling fillies)

4th WEDYAN BABEL (out of Michałów's Wyborna)


1D (yearling fillies)

4th ALNAIFAH GULFA (out of Michałów's Dragonia)


1E (yearling fillies)

2nd KARIMAH AL ALYA (by Ekstern, out of Michałów's Karbala)


4B (mares 4 years old and above)

2nd AL ARYAM HANNA (by Michałów's Emiliusz) --> senior mares bronze medal


5A (yearling colts)

2nd JA MOLHEB ALJAZEERA (out of Emlahaba, bred by Falborek Arabians)

3rd JA CARRAR AL JAZEERA (out of Białka's Camilia)


5E (yearling colts)

1st AJ KAFU (out of AJ Kahayla, daughter of Michałów's Kwestura) --> yearling colts gold medal


6B (two year old colts)

2nd SAFEER AL MAHRAH (out of Niebianka, bred by Alicja Najmowicz)


8 (4 year old stallions)

5th ZAHER AL HUMIDIYA (out of Janów's Barykada)


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