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• 2016-06-23 •

Arabia-Polska Warsaw Arabian Show 2016 - program

The organizers of the 5th Arabia-Polska Warsaw Arabian Show have published the times of the beginning of each class and championship. The program can be found here.

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• 2016-06-22 •

Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival - entries open!

Entries are now open for the 3rd edition of the international B-ranked ECAHO show in Nowe Wrońska - the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival (19-20th of August). The entry form can be found here.

The deadline for entries is the 19th of July. This year the main prizes are Ford cars (2x Ford Ranger, 2x Ford Kuga, 2x Ford B-Max). Similarly to the previous years the first five spots in class receive prize money (a total of 90,000 USD). The list of show officials can be found here.

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• 2016-06-19 •

Bruges Arabian Horse Event 18-19th of June

The Bruges Arabian Horse Event, encompassing both the national and international show, took place this weekend on the 18-19th of June.

In the national event first place in class (and later the junior stallion silver medal) went to the yearling YAMIN ATHBAH (BE) out of Michałów's ELLISSARA, bred by Athbah Stud. A class victory (stallions aged 4 years and above) was also scored by DAVOS K.A. (BE), son of Michałów's DAJANA, bred by Knocke Arabians, who took the senior stallion gold medal in the finals.

Whereas the international competition gave second place to the yearling filly DUJA ATHBAH (BE) out of Janów's ANDALUZJA, bred by Athbah Stud. In another series of the yearling fillies third place went to TARFAH ATHBAH (BE) out of ERMINA, bred by SAMKO P.U.H. Whereas in the 4-6 year old mares class SAN HASSA (Hassan Ashiraf - Sosenka), bred by Andrzej Piwowarski and owned by Chloe Glover, placed sixth.

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• 2016-06-18 •

West Coast Cup without an ECAHO affiliation

On June 14th, the official ECAHO website announced the disaffiliation of the West Coast Cup show. The show was initially scheduled to take place on August 6-7th, however the organizer asked to change the date to July 23rd-24th. The Show Commission did not approve of this change, because it clashed with other shows taking place during the same weekend, whereas the organizer did not accept any other dates.

In regard to the above ECAHO announced that any ECAHO official (judge, DC member, ringmaster) officiating at this show will be suspended from the respective list.

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• 2016-06-16 •

Janów Podlaski Stud has a new president

Sławomir Pietrzak has been announced as the new president of Janów Podlaski Stud during a press conference on June 15th at the Warsaw offices of the Agricultural Property Agency. He will take over duties from the current Janów Podlaski Stud President, Marek Skomorowski, starting June 20th. Sławomir Pietrzak is an associate professor at the Department of Horse Breeding and Use of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, an equestrian judge and a member of the Horse breeding council to the Minister of Agriculture.

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• 2016-06-13 •

Saturday at the races - Bandos Stakes & Errlis Prize

During the Bandos St. (B cat), a race for 4 year old Arabian colts and fillies over 2,400 m, Polish breeding had yield to foreign-bred horses. The first to cross the wire was the French TEFKIR (Njewman – Djourella/Kerbella), owned by Z. Górski, behind him was the Swedish GAZELLO (Nougatin – Gordaia/Damask) and third - the Russian PROPOVEDNIK SIVER (Duglas – Prepona/Prikaz). Polish-bred horses - ESTARION (Ontario HF – Esteria/Pamir) and SERGIO (Sabat – Salara/Borek) - took fourth and fifth place, respectively.

That same the Errlis Prize for 3 year old Arabian horses of the 1st group over 1,600 m was won by the Polish0bred SHANNON QUEEN - by the French Ainhoa St Faust, but out of Sasanka Fata, a mare descending from the famous racing "S" damline of Janów Podlaski. She bested two French colts: JASER (Akim de Ducor – Membola/Barkas) and ZAHAAB (Mahabb – Madone de Piboul/Dormane).

More Saturday racing results on www.torsluzewiec.pl

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• 2016-06-10 •

Sports Championships, Judges Course and a new show

1. The PAHBA would like to inform that the Polish National Arabian Sport Championships, planned to be held on the 18-19th of June at Michałów Stud and recently cancelled due to an insufficient number of entries, will take place at a later time, which will probably be in September. We will inform you as soon as the new date is set.

2. The PAHBA plans on organizing a Judges Course (of a national level). Many years have passed since the last course and the time has come, supported by many voices from our community, to prepare another group of young judges. The course will take place in September of this year, on the premises of the Cracow Horse Racetrack. We will inform you immediately when the date will be known.

3. An Arabian Horse Festival is planned for the 10-11th of September, 2016. The event will be held on the grounds of the Cracow Horse Racetrack and will include an Arabian Horse Show (works are currently under way to obtain ECAHO affiliation) and a Race Day. More details, as well as the show's rules and conditions will be announced soon.

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• 2016-06-07 •

8th Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships - cancelled

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The organizers of the 8th Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships announce with deep regret that the event scheduled to take place on the 18-19th of June is cancelled due to an insufficient number of entries.

On behalf of the organizers,

Magdalena Helak-Kulczyńska,
President of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Riflemen Riding Club in Michałów

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• 2016-06-06 •

ARABIA Polska - Warsaw Championships, entry form

The organizer of the Arabia-Polska Warsaw Championships (24-25th of June) would like to remind that the entry deadline for the show is June 10th.

The entry form can be found here (scroll down to page 4 for the entry form in English).

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• 2016-06-05 •

26th Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show - day two

Today in Białka the two and three year old fillies classes were held, as well as the finals.

Altogether over two days a total of 119 horses were presented out of the 130 entered.

The Best in Show title went to Michałów's Pustynia Kahila.

Detailed results can be found here.

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