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• 2016-09-05 •

Belgian National Championships 3-4.09.2016

The Belgian Nationals took place during the 3rd-4th of September. Among the jury panel was PAHBA member, Tomasz Tarczyński.

The podium included horses with Polish origins: the junior mares gold medal went to the yearling TARFA ATHBAH (BE) out of the Polish Ermina (bred by SAMKO PUH) and the silver - to MARRAKECH J (BE) by Emerald J, a son of Michałów's Emandoria.

In the junior stallion finals the gold was awarded to the three year old MANSOUR AL JALAWIYAH (BE) by Emerald J and the silver to the year old GAUDI J (BE), also by Emerald J (and out of an Ekstern dam, Gomera J).

Furthermore top fives in their classes were secured by: DUJA ATHBAH (BE) out of Janów's Andaluzja (5th place, yearling fillies), WILLIAN (BE) out of Michałów's Wilga (5th, yearling colts), AGMAL JAHIDDAH (SA) out of Michałów's Erabea (3rd, two year old fillies), DALIA J (BE) by Emerald J out of Danuta by Ekstern (winner of the 3 year old fillies class), SHAKARA (BE) (2nd in the 3 year old fillies class) and the Michałów-bred MANRESA (Werbum - Martynika/Monogramm), who placed second in Classic Pleasure

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• 2016-08-30 •

UKIAHS - Silver for Manresa

The (already!) 27th edition of the UK International Arabian Horse Show took place in Addington during the 26-28th of August, 2016. It is the only British A-ranked show and just one of three in Europe. Among the judges of this year's event was Jerzy Białobok.

The silver medal of the senior mares was awarded to the Michałów-bred MANRESA (Werbum - Martynika/Monogramm), whereas the bronze medal of the junior mares went to BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH by El Palacio VO, son of Michałów's El Dorada. In turn the top medals in the youngest category were claimed by yet unnname foals by Emerald J (son of Emandoria, gold) and out of Moja Miła (Złocień - Malowana Lala/Empres, bred by Agricola Farm), who took the silver.

The class top fives also included:

FROZTI (GB) - 5th place in the 4 year old and older gelding class, out of Michałów's Ferri

AJA CENTURION (GB) - 2nd place in the yearling colts class (A series), by Emerald J

VIGGO (GB) - 3rd place in the yearling colts class (A series), by Emerald J

SAN HASSA (PL) (Hassan Ashiraf - Sosenka/Ekstern), bred by A. Piwowarski - 3rd place in the 4-6 year old mares class

ZIZI (PL) (Enzo - Zorza Polarna/Wojsław), bred by S. Sławiński - 4th place in the 7-10 year old mares class

ESMERA (PL) (Tallin - Esmeralda/Bandos), bred by Michałów Stud - 2nd place in the 17 years old and above mares class

FARADIS (PL) (BS Black Fable - Forsycja/Fawor) bred by Silvatica Black Arabians - 5th place in the 7-10 year old stallions class

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• 2016-08-28 •

Egyptian Event Europe (27-28.08)

For the first time Poland was present at the prestigious Egyptian Event Europe, held this weekend at Castle Dyck near Düsseldorf. Competing in the 3 year old colts class was Mahran Halim (CM Murayh El Era - Mahala Halima/Saif), owned by Polia Arabians (Poland) and bred by Ponnath Straight Egyptian Arabians (Germany). The colt, trained and shown by Tomasz Kotyński, placed third in class and qualified for the junior stallion championships.

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• 2016-08-24 •

1st Cracow Arabian Horse Show - deadline for entries tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter horses for the 1st Cracow Arabian Horse Show to be held on September 9-11th, 2016. More information and entry forms can be found on the show's official website:


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• 2016-08-20 •

Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival - Nowe Wrońska

During the 19-20th of August the premises of AKF Stud (Poland) hosted an international B-show as part of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival.

There were 119 horse entries in the catalog, with 106 of them presented in the arena. The show was international not only in name, but literally as well, with 24 of the presented horses owned by foreign exhibitors. Out of the remaining number (82) 55 horses were shown by Polish private breeders, whereas state breeding was represented by 15 horses from Michałów, 6 from Janów Podlaski and 6 from Białka.

Detailed results can be found under the following links:

class results

championship results

In the finals foreign-owned horses claimed 11 medals, including all golds (though it must be said that one of the gold medalists was the Polis-bred Fuerte). Michałów Stud won a silver (Poganinka) and bronze (Wieża Mocy), Białka a bronze (Elidus) and the private breeders secured a silver (El Shaad) and three bronze medals (Wasalia, Calateon, Psyche Keret).

Tomorrow the Al Khalediah Poland Cup St. (cat. A) will take place at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw.

View a gallery of photos from the show on our Facebook page.

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• 2016-08-15 •

Pride of Poland and Summer Sale - results

We present the results of the Pride of Poland and Summer Sales.
On Sunday at the Pride of Poland Sale (14.08.2016) 16 horses out of the 31 offered found buyers for a total amount of 1.271 million euro. The highest sold horse was Sefora from Janów Podlaski.
During the Monday Summer Sale (15.08.2016) 18 horses changed owners out of the 25 listed in the catalogue. They sold for 409 thousand euro. The highest price was given for Ersa from Michałów.
Both sales brought in a total of 1.68 million euro.

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• 2016-08-14 •

38th Polish National Show - results

Championship results: pdf
Detailed class results: link

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• 2016-08-10 •

90 years of the Polish Arabian Stud Book 1926-2016

The August issue of "Świat Koni" includes an interesting article by Hanna Sztuka on history, breeding and more. The English version will be printed in Tutto Arabi next month:

"(...) Numerous historic sources attest to the presence of Arabian horses in Poland. Oriental horses had a large impact on horse breeding in our country, contributing to the most famous victories of Polish armies. Despite unfavourable political conditions from the end of the 18th century, several of the largest and oldest borderland studs survived and maintained a high quality of breeding. Studs of the Sanguszko family in Chrestówka with its seat in Sławuta in the Volhynia region, the Branicki counts from Biała Cerkiew in Szamrajówka, Uzin and Janiszówka in the Ukraine and the Dzieduszycki counts in Jarczowce and Jezupol in the Małopolska region gave the foundation for pedigree breeding of Arabian horses in Poland. All the later known Polish Arabian horse breedings drew their founding material directly or indirectly from these studs."

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• 2016-08-08 •

Golden AHO Breeders Championship Europe (August 6-7th, 2016)

This year's AHO Breeders Championship Europe show, which took place in Chantilly (France) during the 6-7th of August, 2016 was marked with a huge success for Chrcynno-Pałac Stud of the Poszepczyński Family. Their mare PSYCHE VICTORIA (Ekstern - Pallas-Atena/Ecaho) first won her class of mare aged 7 and above and later in the finals grabbed the gold medal of the senior mares. Psyche Victoria's result (91,85 pts) was the second highest score of the show.

Second in the same class was AURA E.A. (ES) (out of Janów's Arabeska), bred by Equus Arabians. Whereas the senior stallion category was ruled by EQUIBORN KA (BE) bred by Knocke Arabians, out of Michałów's Espadrilla. The stallion not only won his class (with a score of 91,65) but was unanimously chosen senior gold champion stallion.

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• 2016-07-25 •

Mogadiusz wins the Derby

On Sunday the Służewiec Racetrack saw three stake races for Arabian horses: the Derby, Koheilan I St. and Figaro St.

The Derby was won by MOGADIUSZ (Echo Ofira - Mukata Fata/KA Czubuthan), bred by Janusz Ryżkowski and owned by him and trainer Kamila Urbańczyk. Mogadiusz's dam, Mukata Fata, won 3 of her 11 starts, including the Oaks and Koheilan I St., while his grandam, Minerva (DE), is a winner of 7 of her 14 starts, including the Koheilan I St., Figaro St., Michałów St. and Comet St. Second to cross the wire was PORYW (Nougatin - Pasima/Ecaho), then ELBAHIR (Marwan I - Elba/Gabaryt), MUHFUZA FATA (Chndaka - Minerva/Santhos) and OFIRKA FATA (Da Adios - Orgia Fata/Chndaka).

In the Koheilan I St. the entire "podium" was taken by the French charges of Michał Romanowski. The first was JASER (FR) (Akim De Ducor - Membola/Barkas), second came MUZAHIM (FR) (Akim De Ducor - Djami/Gepard) - both bred and owned by Abbas Akbar Al Mulla and third - WAZIR DU PANJSHIR (FR) (Akim De Ducor - Elona du Panjshir/Amperor des Cedres).

Whereas the Figaro St. brought a new track record over 2400 m (2'43,5") courtesy of ALLADYN (Von - Alba Longa/Ostragon), last year's Derby winner. He improved the results of Dostatok from 2011 by an entire second. Alladyn was bred by Bogdan Tomaszewski and is currently owned by Małgorzata and Paweł Włostowski, Małgorzata Ejneberg-Illis, Piotr lllis and A. Jakob. Third to cross the wire was TEFKIR (FR) (Njewman - Djourella/Kerbella) and third - MUFID (Akbars - Mukata Fata/KA Czubuthan).

Detailed results on torsluzewiec.pl

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