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• 2018-10-11 •

FAZZA AL KHALEDIAH takes the World Cup

In the history of Polish Arabian Horse Racing October the 7th 2018 will forever be one of the most memorable dates. That day, during the famous L’Arc meeting at the Longchamps, FAZZA AL KHALEDIAH (Jalnar Al Khalidiah – Assma Al Khalediah/Amer) delivered an unexpected G1 triumph for his Polish trainer and owners, winning easily in Qatar Arabian World Cup  (G1, 2000 m, 1 000 000).

Last season in Poland belonged to Fazza. After losing his maiden tag in the first entry, he continued his winning streak, claiming Białka, Sambor and Porównawcza Stakes (A-cat.) as well as Europejczyk Stakes (B-cat.). His 3-year-old record turned to be a perfect 6:6-0-0.

He opened the next season with easy wins in Comet and Ofir Stakes (A-cat.). After that, Michał Borkowski made his first international try in Milan President of the UAE (Listed, 2000 m, 50 600 €). Fazza won the race, (9th time in a row), but it wasn’t the easy journey – Pierantonio Covertino used the whip 22 times. Soon after that, Fazza was entered to the Qatar Arabian World Cup.

A month and a half ater that came the first failure. In Europa Prize (G3 PA, 2600 m, 148 750 PLN) Fazza had to step out the winners’ circle for French-bred IJRAM (Amer – Massamarie/Tidjani), losing by a whole 2 ½ lengths. After the race the decision of running in the world’s toughest race was questioned by many. None the less Polska AKF team and Michał Borkowski boldly took the risk and went to Paris.

Fazza’s odds before the race oscilated around whopping 1:69, second highest (after the leader). Compare it to QAWC 2017 winner GAZWAN, with odds no more than 1:4,7!

He broke from the gate quite unwell and for a majority of time kept his position behind. The first kilometer was ran in dazzling 1:06’61. Polish commentator at Służewiec Racetrack began to doubt any chances of Fazza’s abilities to take this pace. He couldn’t be more wrong. In the final stretch Pierantonio Covertino found the perfect gap between horses and Fazza just jumped out of the stake, winning clearly by 2 ½ lengths.

Time of the race, 2:13’33, despite being quite slow for the QAWC, still beats Służewiec record by 2,67 seconds!

No Polish horse in a century can compete with this achievement. Modest colt from relatively unknown Poland beating 15 world’s greatest Arabian racehorses astonished everyone and thriller his homeland. Hearing Polish National Anthem at Longchamp was one of a kind moment.

Congratulations to Polska AKF Sp. z o.o., trainer Michał Borkowski, regular rider Natalia Hendzel and jockey Pierantionio Covertino. We truly hope that this is just a beginning of Fazza’s international career. 
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• 2018-10-01 •

Polish achievements in Aachen

 In Title show All Nations Cup, ran between 27th and 30th of September in Aachen, Polish horses, as usual, didn't disappoint their audience. In spite of finishing with just three medals (2 silver and 1 bronze), their showings can be described as success. Especially the absolute predominance of Polish senior mares is worth emphasizing. Below you can find the results of Polish representatives.


We had three representatives in section B: Janów’s ENCARINA (Ascot DD – Eneria) 3rd place), as well as Michałów’s EL BELISSIMA (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka) (4th) and EL GOTTA  (Ascot DD – El Mediara) (7th). In the championship EL BELISSIMA performed better than ENCARINA, taking the 4th place.

Janów's ATAKAMA (Empire - Atma) took 5th place in 3 years old with the total score of 91,31.


In mares 4-6 years old class A WILDONA (Shanghai EA – Wilda) bred and owned by Michałów State Stud, took 1st place, beating fellow GALERIDA (Shanghai EA – Galilea) (2nd). Janów’s BAMBINA  (Kahil Al Shaqab – Bellisa) took 4th place, while Agmal Jahiddah, daughter of Polish ERABEA, took 5th. In section B Janów’s ALSA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Alameda) performed astonishingly, and with three “20” for movement beat Michałów’s PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Pustynna Malwa) (2nd) and EL OMARISSA (El Omari -  Emissa) (3rd).

In mares 7-10 years old PSYCHE KREUZA (Ekstern – Pallas-Atena) , bred and owned by Chrcynno-Pałac Stud completed 5 „20” for movement and won the class over Janów’s PRIMERA (Eden C – Preria) (2nd), and bred by Krzysztof Goździalski and owned by Washam Arabians ESIMA (Altis – Emanta) (4th).

Among mares 11 years and older there was no competition for ETNOLOGIA bred by Janow Podlaski State Stud and owned by Halsdon Arabians – Mrs Shirley Watts, who won the class with huge odds of 0,81 points. Michałów's PALANGA (Ekstern – Panika) took 3rd place.

Polish mares stunned Aachen with exemplary movement and showing behavior. In top threes of 4 adult mares classes even 9 horses were born in Poland. Therefore, 8 out 10 championship contenders were Polish-bred. Champions weren’t voted unanimously. Audience’s favorite ETNOLOGIA was unfortunately eliminated by sudden lameness. WILDONA, ALSA and PSYCHE KREUZA, all in top form, scored some points. Ultimately Michałów State Stud took two medals for their widely known representatives – silver for PUSTYNIA KAHILA and BRONZE for GALERIDA.


Both of Polish contenders – Janów’s ERANTIS (Ascot DD – Eugara) and EMAR AVI (Empire – El Medissa), bred and owned by Krzysztof Gołaszewski  – after finishing 4th in their classes were qualified for the championship.


In the 4-6 years old class top 5 ATIUS O (Shahim Al Nakeeb – Atia Oone) bred by Oone LLC and owned by Czesław Gołaszewski – Regina Arabians (3) and WIRON (Kabsztad  - Wirka) (5) bred by Brygida & Jerzy Chrapkowski and owned by BLack Lady Arabians were placed. Michałów’s EQUATOR (QR Marc – Ekliptyka) finished 2nd in stallions 7+ class. All three showed in the championship, and ultimately EQUATOR was voted reserve champion.


ANC Highest Points Winner Females:  ETNOLOGIA (Gazal Al Shaqab – Etalanta) (93,19)

All Nations Cup Future Award: WILDONA (Shanghai EA – Wilda).

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• 2018-09-17 •

Polish Young Horses Endurance Championships

Polish Young Horses Endurance Championships took place on 14-15 September at Dąbrówka Racetrack near Cracow. The best purebred arabian of the competition - 6 years old HASTY (photo) was honoured with special prize founded by our Association. 



1. BELDON (Donner - Belleza/Piaf)/Katarzyna Cichoń, bred and owned by R. Szpar

1. EMPRESSO (Ontario HF - Eumura/Murat-Nur)/Zuzanna Kądziołka, bred and owned by R. Szpar
2. CERCETA (El Omari - Cetra/Eldon)/Magdalena Koza, bred and owned by Kurozwęki Stud
3. BACHUS (Good Boy - Branka/Plagiat)/Laila Hamdan, bred by A. Wójtowicz, owned by M. Malinowski
FULL RESULTS: bit.ly/2NZujc1

1. HASTY (Adwokat - Harbina/Santhos)/Wojciech Halisz, bred by B. Tomaszewski, owned by R. Sumiła
2. VENA (Admin - Vahta/Aspecth)/Maria Landau, bred and owned by K. Czarnota
3. EURES (Ekstern - Eudora/Piaff)/M. Pluciński, bred by Janów Podlaski State Stud, owned by D.P.S Nad Strumykiem
FULL RESULTS: bit.ly/2QqyI4i 
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• 2018-09-17 •

Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka & Patricia Lindsay Memorial Race

This year, thanks to Mrs. Sonia Lindsay (sister of Patricia) and our Association, Oaks was also the memorial of two great personalities of Arabian horse world, who sadly passed three years ago.

IZABELLA PAWELEC ZAWADZKA, First Lady of Polish Breeding, was a co-funder and first president of our association. There is nothing wrong in saying that without Mrs. Iza Polish Arabian Horse wouldn’t become our national pride. She was the one who organized the first Janów Podlaski auction, Polish Nationals or Polish Junior Show. She was also an international judge and active WAHO and ECAHO member. Every breeder perceived her as a genuine authority, and everyone who had the luck to meet her – as a warm exceptional woman.

PATRCIA LINDSAY of Great Britain made Polish arabians recognisable internationally, importing mares from Polish state studs since 1958 and assisting in negotiations with American breeders. Thanks to her, USA got, among others, the true legend NABOR (Negatiw – Lagodna/Posejdon). Her stud, Holmes Farm in Northamptonshire, has been home for the finest Polish lines for 60 years. She learned Polish language out of love for Polish horses and never abandoned the idea of „Pure Polish”.

We are glad to inform you that we will be hosting Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka and Patricia Lindsay memorial on Służewiec Racetrack again next year. We truly hope that this event will become permanent position in the racing calendar.

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• 2018-09-16 •

Gazella, Mlecha and Sahara Prize - Oaks

In Sunday’s Gazella, Mlecha and Sahara Prize – Oaks (A-cat., 38 500 PLN, 2400) there was no one to compete with market’s favourite SWEET DREAM (Murhib – Soleil Kossack/Marwan I) with Szczepan Mazur in the saddle. Led in the distance by stablemate SUPER STAR (Marwan I – Soadassin Kossack/Nougatin), she came down the home stretch in hand, experiencing no pressure from rivals and winning ultimately by 12 lenghts.

SEKRETARKA (Marwan I – Sasanka Fata/Sam Tiki) with Alexander Reznikov finished second, BRASILIA (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik) with Sergey Vasyutov was third, and ALMIZA (Munjiz – Almina/Furiat) with Anton Turgayev came home fourth.

SWEET DREAM is owned by Tomasz Ruciński and trained by Małgorzata Łojek. She, as well as SEKRETARKA and SUPER STAR who has been placed sixth, was bred by Magdalena and Daniel Gromala from Czorty Stud – huge congratulations.

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• 2018-09-12 •

Amurath & Wielki Szlem Prizes

In the second weekend of September two prize races for purebreds took place on Służewiec Racetrack.

French-bred SAHM AL KHALEDIAH (Nayef Al Khalidiah – Sabbat Al Khalidiah/Tiwaiq) surprisingly delivered Saturday’s Amurath Prize (B-cat., 2000 m, 3 y.o.) for breeder Al Khalediah Stables and owner Polska AKF Sp. z o.o. Just a month ago, Wroclaw-based colt was closing the field in Białka Prize (A-cat.).

Wielki Szlem Prize (B-cat. 3000 m) for 4 years and older went to Janów’s 5-year-old BANDOLERO (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik), who impressively beat a strong field of 10. This way the colt repeated his last year's success.



watch: bit.ly/2xlDmc5

1. SAHM AL KHALEDIAH (Nayef Al Khalidiah – Sabbat Al Khalidiah/Tiwaiq) bred by Al Khalediah Stables, owned by Polska AKF Sp. z o.o.

2.  HAN BERSAEL (Jalnar Al Khalediah – HN Rana/Bengali d’Albret) bred and owned by Nessa Arabians Sp. z o.o.

3. FAYSALANNE DE BOZOULS (FR) (Muguet de Pascade – Guardia de Bozouls/Aid des Agachiols) bred and owned by S.A.R.I. Mezagri

4.  VICTORY KOSSACK (NL) (Marwan I – Vydumka/Madiar) bred by The Kossack Stud, owned by P. Wasilewski

5.   AKWANTARIO (Ontario HF – Akwaforta/Ganges) bred and owned by R. Sumiła

6.   HOCKEY TIERSK (Dubai Heros – Pospa/Prikaz) bred and owned by Tersk Stud

7.   SORGLOS VON SÜDBADEN (Ainhoa St Faust – Shanailaah/Santhos)



watch: bit.ly/2Db1aps

1. BANDOLERO (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik) bred and owned by SK Janów Podlaski

2. NESMA AL MELS (Akbar – Jelifa Al Mels/Regal de Khan) bred by M. Viguir, owned by C. J. Gołaszewski

3.  SHAHAD ATHBAH (Amer – Kolver/Vert Olive) bred by Athbah Stud, owned by SK Janów Podlaski

4. SHANNON QUEEN (Ainhoa St Faust – Sasanka Fata/Sam Tiki) bred by M. Gromala, owned by M. Gromala i K. Kozłowska

5. SEVERUS (Portmer – Sabatina/Ganges) bred and owned by SK Janów Podlaski

6. RAMMAS AL KHALEDIAH (FR) (Jalnar Al Khalediah – Spleen/Njewman) bred by Al Khalediah Stables, owned by Polska AKF Sp. z o.o.

7. SAUDI AL KHALEDIAH (FR) (Jalnar Al Khalediah – Quesche du Paon/Akbar) bred by Khalid B.S.B. Abdul Aziz Al Saud, owned by Polska AKF Sp. z o.o.

8. TOP MEDINA (SE) (Murhib – Topspeed Kossack/Marwan I) bred by K. & R. Ask, owned by R. Ask

9.  JAFEEL ATHBAH (GB) (Amer – Bent Bu Dhabi/El Mansour de Brou) bred by Athbah Stud, owned by A. Trela

10.  AJIBA AL MELS (Munjiz – Lhora Al Mels/Way To Go) bred by M. Viguir, owned by C. J. Gołaszewski

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• 2018-09-10 •

Cracow Arabian Horse Show

On 7-9 th of September, the 3rd Cracow Arabian Horse Show took place in Michałowice near Cracow. This year, for the first time, the show has been granted ECAHO affiliation (C-International).

Owners from Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Israel, Great Britain and Austria have brought more than 80 horses to compete in halter and saddle classes.

Prizes for the highest score of the show as well as for the best movement have been won by 4 years old WIEŻA NIMF (Kahil Al Shaqab – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), bred by Michałów State Stud and owned by Marek Rzepka (Klikowa Stud).


Yearling Female Championship:
1. KADIRA OF SINUS (Fadi Al Shaqab – Kraśnica/QR Marc), bred and owned by Sinus Arabstuteri
2. WAN DIAMENA (Ascot DD – Warejka/Piaff), bred and owned by Brygida i Jerzy Chrapkowscy
3. DIODORA (Zeus E.A. – Druhna/Ensenator), bred and owned by Petroniusz Frejlich

Junior Female Championship:
1. EXCALIBRIA (Excalibur E.A. – Etnida/FS Bengali), bred and owned by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska
2. WIEŻA CZARÓW (Vitorio TO – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), bred by Michałów State Stud, owned by Marek Rzepka
3. EREBORA (Empire – Ereira/Piruet), bred by Michałów State Stud, owned by Alicja Najmowicz

Senior Female Championship:
1. BERENIKA (Eden C – Belgica/Gazal Al Shaqab), bred by Janów Podlaski State Stud, owned by Suweco Stud
2. WIEŻA NIMF (Kahil Al Shaqab – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), bred by Michałów State Stud, owned by Marek Rzepka
3. KALAHARI (Ajman Moniscione – Kashira/Magnum Psyche), bred by Andrzej Wójtowicz, owned by PPH Parys Ltd

Yearling Male Championship:
1. EMAR AVI (Empire – El Medisa/Shanghai E.A.), bred and owned by Czesław Józef Gołaszewski
2. PRINCE PA (Eden C – Palatina/QR Marc), bred and owned PPH Parys Sp. z o. o.
3. EL SANTIAGO (Emerald J – Etiffani/Justify), bred and owned by Wojciech Parczewski

Junior Male Championship:
1. PHAROUK AL AMAR (Muranas Jassehr – Panamerah Al Amar/WH Justice), bred and owned by Claudia Schulze-Rödiger & Andreas Rödiger
2. GALLIUS (Shanghai E.A. – Gallia/Galba), bred and owned by Czeple Arabians
3. CALATORIO (Vitorio TO – Calatea/Ekstern), bred and owned by Marek Kondrasiuk

Senior Male Championship:
1. ATIUS O (Shahim Al Nakeeb – Atia oOne/Johann El Jamaal), bred by oOne LLC, owned by Czesław Gołaszewski
2. KAVALIER MAF (Elart – Katun/Crusader), bred and owned by Martensson’s Arabian Farm
3. GATITO (Ekstern – Galaktyka/Grafik), bred by Sowiniec Stud, owned by Bogdan Maślanka

Full classes results here: 

>>> link

• 2018-08-21 •

Europe Prize

On Sunday at TWK Służewiec in Warsaw there was also another very important race for pure-bred Arabian horses - the Europe Prize, played since 1985. This is an international race, cat. A, open to 4-year-olds and older, not entered into the PASB on a distance of 2600m. The race won the French breeding Ijram.

Results of the Europe Prize:

1.Iram (FR) Jr C.Cadel
2.Fazza Al Khalediah (FR) j. N.Hendzel
3. Bandolero (PL breed Janów Podlaski Stud) j. S.Vasyutov
4. Nesma Al Mels (FR) j. M.Abík
5. Saudi Al Khalediah (FR) J. W.Szymczuk
6. Dhafar Al Khalediah (FR) j. S.Mazur
7. Celebryta (PL breed P Talarek), j. A.Reznikov

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• 2018-08-21 •

Al Khalediah Poland Cup

On Sunday, on the occasion of Al Khalediah European Arabians Horse Festival was played in TWK Służewiec in Warsaw race for Arabian horses cat. A 1600m. Al Khalediah Poland Cup. The race was held for the fifth time. The race was won by French bread mare General Lady trained by M. Borkowski, ridden by S. Mazur, owned by R. Płatek.

1. General Lady
(FR) j. S.Mazur
2. Shahad Athbah (GB) j. S.Vasyutov
3. Ouzbeks du Panjshir (FR) J. C.Fraisl
4. Zahaab (FR) J. W.Szymczuk
5. Esid In Zamour (PL) j. A.Reznikov
6. Ajiba Al Mels (FR) k.dj. J.Wyrzyk
7. Sunny Amber KRF (FR) Dż. M.Abík

>>> link

• 2018-08-21 •

Al Khalediah European Arabians Horse Festiva

Last weekend in Nowe Wrońskach near Warsaw, the fifth edition of Al Khalediah European Arabians Horse Festival took place. The show was the first in Poland show with ECAHO A affiliation. 123 horses were declared. In the show we seen 103 in 15 classes. Horses came from state and private breeding, 38 horses were reported by foreign owners. Weather and organisation was perfect. The best horse of the show was bred in Janów Podlaski ETNOLOGIA (Etalna - Gazal Al Shaqab) owned by Shirley Whatts.


Yearling fillies:
- Jadem Arabians
2. SHANSON - K. Goździalski
3. ALYSSA OS - Gestut Osterhof
4. ENCARINA - Janów Podlaski Stud
5. JULIET ENB - Al Hamad Stud

Yearling colts:
- Murana Stud
3. ERANTIS - Janów Podlaski Stud
4. ALMAA ATHBAH - Athbah Stud
5. LANCASTER OS - Gestut Osterhof

Mares younger:
- Al Muawd Stud
3. EMANOLLA - Michałów Stud
4. EXCALIBRIA - K. Dolińska- Witkowska
5. RESEARCH AL MUAWD - Sahara Scottsdale

Younger stallions:
1. CYCLONE OS - Gestut Osterhod
3. SAWFAN NAYYAR - Nayaar Stud
4. MADAGASKA J - Al Osool Stud
5. AL PICASSO - Al Hambra Arabians

Mares older:

1. ETNOLOGIA - Halsdon Arabians
2. EL OMARISSA - A. Wojtowicz
3. AL INAYA - Al Hambra Stud
4. WILDONA - Michałów Stud
5. EREIRA - Halsdon Arabians

Stallions older:
- Jadem Arabians
2. SHADI AL KHALEDIAH - Reza Allahdadi
3. LAWRENCE EL GAZAL - La Movida Arabians
4. ATIUS O - Cz. Gołaszewski
5. MOHARIB AL KHAZNA - Bin Hamila Stud

results of individual classes:

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