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• 2016-03-22 •

International Arabian Horse Show in Dubai (UAE)

During the International Show in Dubai, which took place on the 17-19th of March, 2016, 8 horses of Polish breeding were shown. High places in their classes were secured by: Camilia (bred by Białka) - 2nd in the 7-9 year old mares class and Norma (bred by Michałów) - 1st in the 10 year old mares and above class. Furthermore in the 2 year old colts class Fuerte (bred by J. Dobrzyński) placed 4th and in the 10 year old and above stallions class Girlan-Bey (bred by M. Bogajewicz) placed 2nd.

The Dubai show's budget and prizes to be won by competing horses makes it one of the highest subsidized shows in the world, drawing horses of the highest quality.

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