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• 2021-11-28 •

WERONA - 10 medals for Polish horses.

This year's edition of the European Championships was held on October 13-14, on the occasion of the international B show - the Verona International Cup.
During the show on Friday (B), the 4th place in the 3-year-old mares class was won by PERSIFADA (Empire - Panna Cotta) bred by Tomasz Kowalik, the first place in the 7-year-old and older class was won by the Gestut Osterhof bred and owned by the Lubochnia Arabians, JUWANDA OS (WH Justice - Shak Lavanda), who on Sunday also won the title of Senior Champion Mare.
A strong Polish representation took part in the European Championships, winning laurels both in the classes and later in the Sunday finals:
- the yearling fillies class (3A) won the bay PSYCHE APSAR (Ghaith Al Zobair - Psyche Victoria) bred and owned by Chrcynno-Palac Stud of Poszepczyński Family, fifth place was won by ARETE RA (Morion - Alina PS) bred at Regina Arabians owned by Mr. Gołaszewski;
- yearling fillies class (3B) also won the Polish filly - BOGINI RÓŻ PA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Black Rose) bred by PPH Parys Sp. z o.o., the two representatives of the Michałów breeding ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator - Złota Bulla) and EL MARIELLA (Morion - El Marina) took the fifth and sixth place;
- the two-year-old fillies class, with a score of 92.80, won EL MEDIDA (Morion - El Medara) before MELAROSA GA (AV Cloud Dancer - Marwtyna) bred by GA Rancho Artur Gibała, fourth place in the class was taken by LAURA KL (Wadee Al Shaqab - Lili PS) bred by Klikowa Arabians;
- the victory in the 3-year-old mares class was also won by the representative of Michałów Stud, grey EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab - Esmeraldia) with a score of 92.10, the third place was taken by ELMONA (Medalion - El Medisa), another pupil of Regina Arabians;
- the 4-6 year old mares class was dominated by bay PROTEKCJA (Ekstern - Pentra), who won with a score of 92.80, the third was Michałów's EL BELLISSIMA (Ascot DD - Ekliptyka) and the fourth was PAPRTONIA (Elgast - Paeksa) bred and owned by Mr Lech Błaszczyk;
- the 7-9-year-old mares class is another triumph of Polish breeding, the first place, in the hands of the new owner, was Janów's ALSA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Alameda), Janów's ALARA (Eden C - Alabama) representing the Regina Arabians stud was second, and on the third PETULA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pinga) bred and owned by Janów Podlaski Stud;
- the victory of Janów's PRIMERA (Eden C - Preria), representing the colors of Hanaya Stud, was the class of 10-year-old and older mares, which defeated the second Janów beauty, EUZONA (Om El Bellissimo - Euzetia);
- in the yearling colts class (10A) the winner was EL DRACO RA (Morion - El Medisa) bred and owned by Mr. Czesław Gołaszewski
- the second place in the yearling colts class (10B) had to be satisfied with the bred in Michałów EL MAESTRO (Morion - El Medonia);
- the yearling colts class was won by the titled Michałów-bred FERRUM (Morion - Ferrmaria) ahead of VINCI (Wadee Al Shaqab - Valencia Al Shaqab) by Mr. Waldemar Bąk;
- only the fifth place in the 4-6 year old stallions class went to chestnut ERANTIS (Ascot DD - Eugara) bred at Janów Podlaski Stud;
- in the 7-9 year old stallions class the second was Janów's PARIS (Kahil Al Shaqab - Palmeta) and the third PITAWAL (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pepita) bred in Janów Podlaski but already representing the colors of the new owner.
Sunday's finals brought as many as 10 medals to Polish breeders and owners, in all colors:
GOLD: VINCI in the junior colts championship and EL ESMERA in the junior fillies championship, as well as PRIMERA in the senior mares championship (for Hanaya Stud, Swiss);
SILVER: PSYCHE APSARA in the yearling fillies championship, MELAROSA GA in the junior fillies championship, EL DRACO RA in the yearling colts championship, FERRUM in the junior colts championship;
BRONZE: BOGINI RÓŻ PA in the yearling fillies championship, EL MEDIDA in the junior fillies championship, ALSA in the  senior mares championship (experienced for Hanaya Stud).
The European Championships were judged by: Sylvie Eberhardt, Łukasz Goździalski, Fausto Scanzi, Sufian Taha AlHusseini, Chen Kedar and Marek Trela.
detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/european-championship-2021-verona/375/
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