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• 2021-08-28 •


During the XLIII National Arabian Horse Show, the "Best in Show Pure Polish" award, funded by the Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association, was awarded for the first time.
The first laureate was the 19-year-old grey PALANGA (Ekstern - Panika by Eukaliptus) bred at the Michałów State Stud.
On his father's side, Palanga represents the lineage of Kuhailan Haifi d.b. 1923 bred by Khalef el Aouad (Bahrain) and brought to Gumniska in 1931 by Bogdan Ziętarski. The bay Kuhailan Haifi established his family with several branches through Wielki Szlem, Witraż, Witeź II. Unfortunately, he was not active in breeding for too long, he began to fall ill and, despite careful care, he died. He left 14 offspring, the best of which turned out to be OFIR (1933) and PAMIR (1934).
On her maternal side, Palanga represents the line of Gazella d.b. ~ 1840, bred by Anazeh Sebaa. In 1845 it was brought to the stud in Jarczowce by Juliusz Dzieduszycki.
The "fight" for the title of Best in Show Pure Polish lasted until the last class played, because Palanga, receiving a total score of 94.50 from the judges, including 5 "20s" for type and movement and 3 "20s" for head and neck, outclassed her rivals. The following places are occupied by: PROTEKCJA 94.40; POGANINKA 94.30; FERRUM 92.50; FORGA 92.30; ATAKAMA 92.20; PUSTYNNA LILIA 92.00.
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