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• 2021-06-07 •


            The XXXI Junior Arabian Horse Show in Białka, which took place on June 5-6, brought a historic victory to Michałów Stud, which, thanks to the offspring of the stallion MORION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina / Ekstern), won all four championships unanimously.
            106 horses were entered for the show, out of which 99 competed. The audience, which, thanks to the limitation of pandemic restrictions, could participate in the show, supported their favorites with enthusiasm and commitment.
Yearling Colts Championship
The gold medal was won by the bay colt EL MAESTRO (Morion - El Medonia / Shanghai EA), bred and owned by the Michałów Stud. The silver medal, thanks to PORTO RICO (Złoty Medal - Parmania / Kahil Al Shaqab), also went to Michałów Stud. Bred by Piotr Podgórny, the grey GLORIUS M (RFI Farid - Ginga / Galba) won a bronze medal, and the TOP FIVE titles went to the grey colt AGADEZ (Magic Magnifique - Adelita / Kahil Al Shaqab) bred and owned by the Janów Podlaski Stud and the ZŁOTY OWOC (Forman - Złota Olza / Kahil Al Shaqab) bred in Michałów.
Yearling fillies championship
The champion among the yearling fillies was bay EL MARIELLA (Morion - El Marina / Ganges) bred and owned by Michałów Stud. The silver medal went to BOGINI RÓŻ PA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Black Rose / Abyad AA) bred by PPH Parys Sp. z o.o. - Dąbrówka Stud. The bronze medal was won by Michałów's EMIREMIA (Morion - Emblema / Chimeryk), and the TOP FIVE titles went to the grey filly EXFARIA ZALIA (RFI Farid - Excalibria / Excalibur EA) bred and owned by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska and bay ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator - Złota Bulla / Kahil Al Shaqab) from Michałów.
Junior Colts Championship
Last year's winner, FERRUM (Morion - Ferrmaria / El Omari) did not disappoint his fans, easily winning the championship this year as well. The second place went to another pupil of Michałów, the three-year-old grey POINTER (Sahm El Arab - Palanga / Ekstern), and the bronze went to the chestnut CHICAGO (Wortex Kalliste - Calatea / Ekstern) bred and owned by Marek Kondrasiuk. The Janów Podlaski Stud won two TOP FIVE titles thanks to the colts PINITO (EKS Alihandro - Piniata / Eden C) and CZARO (Poganin - Cedora / Kahil Al Shaqab).
Junior fillies championship
Michałów's pupils dominated the podium in the junior fillies championship. EL MEDIDA (Morion - El Medara / Shanghai EA) proved her class by beating rivals and winning gold. The debuting, three-year-old EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab - Esmeraldia / QR Marc) won a silver medal, and FORGA (Morion - Forgissima / Vitorio TO) won a bronze medal. The TOP FIVE titles had to be satisfied with Michałów's PUSTYNNA LILIA (Złoty medal - Pustynna Kalia / Esparto) and PUSTYNNA KALAHARI (Wadee Al Shaqab - Paradna / Equator) bred and owned by Leszek Jarmuż.
BEST IN SHOW was unanimously and deservedly won by Michałów's EL MEDIDA.
Prizes in the amount of PLN 500 for members of PZHKA - horse breeders who obtained the highest points in their age categories, won:
- yearling colts - GLORIUS M (RFI Farid - Ginga / Galba) - Piotr Podgórny - 90.83 points
- two-year-old colts - CHICAGO (Wortex Kalliste - Calatea / Ekstern) - Marek Kondrasiuk - 90.83 points
- three-year-old colts - ERASHEEM (FA EL Rasheem - Europesa / Psytadel) - Wojciech Parczewski - 90.33 points
- yearling fillies - BOGINI RÓŻ PA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Black Rose / Abyad AA) - PPH Parys Sp. z o.o. - 91.83 points
- two-year-old fillies - AJ AREEJ (AJ Kafu - Ania Moniscione / WH Justice) - Ajman Stud / Tomasz Tarczyński - 92.33 points
- three-year-old fillies - EL FARIDA (RFI Farid - Esmeta / Ekstern) - Alicja Najmowicz - 91.33 points
The award for the best breeder of 2020 was presented to Tomasz Tarczyński for the successes of the filly MAMMA MIA (E.S. Harir - VA Magnifica / Magic Magnifique).
Congratulations to all exhibitors on their successes and thank you for their presence at the show.
See you in a year!
Judging panel: Claudia Darius, Koenraad Detailleur, Cedes Bekker, Gianmarco Aragno.
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/bialka-2021-junior-spring-show/333/
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