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• 2018-06-04 •

Białka Junior Spring Show 02-03.06.2018

Last weekend in Białka took place the XXVIII Junior Spring Show of Arabian Horses. The title of "Best in Show" was won by PARILLUS (Ascot DD-Parilla / Enzo), who also won the class of yearlin colts. Remaining gold medals were won by: yearling fillies - ECHO ASTERIA, junior colt - EM POWER, junior fillies - ATAKAMA.

The atmosphere, organization and the weather was very good. As every year, the number of horses entered in the show was a big - 109 horses. Championship in Białka is good place to check the results of  breedings work. Online relation on Arabian Essence was watched by over 10 thousand viewers. Junior Championship in Białka is still very important for arabian horse breaders in the world, more than 10 thousand viewers on life stream testifies it.  lot of shown horses came from private breeders - 78, SK Janów Podlaski showed 19 horses, SK Michałów 15 horses and SK Białka 6 horses. Two gold medals went to private breeders. Two medals and the title of "Best in Show" were won by SK Białka, one gold medal and two silver medals went to SK Janów Podlaski, horses from SK Michałów won silver and bronze medals.

Resultes of Białka Junior Championship:

Yearling Colts:
1. Parillus (Ascott DD - Parilla) - Białka Stud
2. Erantis (Ascott DD - Eugara) - Janów Podlaski Stud
3. Belmari (El Omari - Bint Ermina) - Białka Stud
Top Five:
Aplaus (Ascott DD - Alhasa) - Janów Podlaski Stud
Wie Pan (Pogrom - Witonia) - Michałów Stud

Yearling Fillies:
1. Echo Asteria (Psyche Keret - Echo Aurora) - Chrcynno Palac Stud
2. Encarina (Ascott DD - Eneria) - Janów Podlaski Stud
3. Paprotnia (Elgast - Paeksa) - Słowianin Arabians
Top Five:
Emanitia (El Omari - Ekarena) - Białka Stud
Diodora (Zeus EA - Bridesmaid) - P. Frejlich

Junior Colts:
1. Empower (WH Justice - Ekstern) - Falborek Arabians
2. Gallus (Shanghai EA - Gallia) - S. Sławiński
3. Lord Equador (Equaror - Lady Aphrodite DD) - M.J.Pietrzak
Top Five:
Ames JR - (Psytadel - Altara) - J. Ryżkowski
Warrior (El Omari - Warma) - Falborek Arabians

Junior Fillies:
1. Atakama (Empire - Atma) - Janów Podlaski Stud
2. Emdron (Medallion - Elgora) - Michałow Stud
3. Emanolla (Vitorio TO - Emandoria) - Michałow Stud
Top Five:
Parantella (Kahil Al Shaqab - Palanga) - Michałow Stud
Eduarda (Pogrom - Europia) - Janów Podlaski Stud

All resultes:

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