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• 2018-02-11 •

Export of Arabian horses

Due to numerous reminders mainly from Middle Eastern clients that have had problems with registering horses purchased in Poland in their home stud books we want to remind all that it is mandatory to inform the Polish Arabian Stud Book about the selling of a horse abroad.

Information about selling a horse abroad should be submitted to the PASB immediately after signing the transaction together with a copy of the sale contract, payment (250 PLN) and a request to send the export documents to the Stud Book of the horse's export destination. All documents are sent only from stud book to stud book, the owner does not receive any documents except for the passport, which accompanies the horse during its travel.

The documents should be sent to:
Polish Jockey Club
ul. Puławska 266
02-684 Warszawa

Change of ownership - form

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