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• 2017-03-07 •

International Arabian Horse Festival - Sharjah

Another show in the Middle East, this time in Sharjah, took place on the 2nd-4th of March. This international championship drew as many as 294 participants. The senior mares bronze medal went to the Michałów-bred EL SAGHIRA (Galba – Emira/Laheeb), who received five “20s” during her classs evaluation.

The class top five finalists also included the following:

1B (yearling fillies)

4th KARIMAH AL AALYA (by Ekstern, out of Michałów’s Karbala)


1C (yearling fillies)

3rd AJ TARIM (out of Michałów’s Espinilla)


2A (two year old fillies)

4th SEHER AL JAMAAL (by Psyche Keret, out of Gaja Valentina bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


5B (two year old colts)

1st SQ AL NATO (out of Parysada PS bred by Przemysław Sawicki)

2nd GHAYATH AL BIDAYER (out of Gloriana bred by Stanisław Redestowicz)


6A (three year old colts)

5th JA TOPAZ AL JAZEERA (out of Białka’s Camilia)


7B (4-6 year old mares)

2nd CLARISSIMA (Esparto – Calineczka) bred by Marek Kondrasiuk


8 (mares 7 years old and above)

1st EL SAGHIRA (Galba – Emira) bred by SK Michałów --> senior mare bronze champion

2nd PISTORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab – Palmira) bred by SK Michałów


9A (4-6 year old stallions)

3rd GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai EA – Gallia) bred by Stanisław Sławiński

4th GHAZI AL KHAZNA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Groteska) bred by Paweł Rutkowski

5th CETERUS (Salar – Cerelia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski

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