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• 2016-10-30 •

European Championships 2016 - day two

The second day of the European Championships was all about the senior classes and choosing the ultimate winners in the finals.


The jury chose ETNOLOGIA as Senior Champion Mare. Bred at Janów Podlaski and currently owned by Halsdon Arabians, the mare was purchased by Shirley Watts at the 2012 Pride of Poland Sale for 370 thousand euro. Earlier Etnologia won her class of 11 year old and above mares with the show's highest score of 93,9 pts (incl. 4x20 for type and 2x20 for movement)


The bronze in the junior mare category went to GALERIDA from Michałów, who on Saturday placed second in class behind Pustynia Kahila. However in the finals PUSTYNIA KAHILA had to surrender before her stablemate and settle for the title of Top Five.


Tytuły Top Five w swoich kategoriach zdobyły również: EL SHAAD Małgorzaty i Józefa Pietrzaków (ogiery roczne), FUERTE hodowli Jana Dobrzyńskiego i własności Samiego Ben Saada (ogiery młodsze) oraz WIRON hodowli pp. Chrapkowskich i własności Joanny Kustry-Lech (ogiery starsze).

Top Fives in their respective categories were also claimed by: EL SHAAD of Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak (yearling colts), FUERTE bred by Jan Dobrzyński and owned by Sami Ben Saad (junior stallions) and WIRON bred by Mr & Mrs Chrapkowski and owned by Joanna Kustra-Lech (senior stallions).


Presented below are the class results of Polish bred horses:


Mares 4-5 years old

5th EUZONA (Om El Bellissimo - Euzetia/Etogram), B/O: SK Janów Podlaski - 90,8 pts


Mares 6-7 years old

2nd WIEŻA MARC'A (QR Marc - Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), B: SK Michałów, O: Sinus Arabian Stud - 90,9 pts


Mares 8-10 years old

2nd LATONA (El Nabila B - Laranda/Ekstern), B: SK Michałów, O: Mohammed Jassim Al Ghemlas - 92 pts (incl. 5x20 for movement)

5th PSYCHE VICTORIA (Ekstern - Pallas-Atena/Ecaho), B/O: Chrcynno-Palace Stud - 91,4 pts

6th MANRESA (Werbum - Martynika/Monogramm), B: SK Michałów, O: Agmal Arabians - 91,3 pts

8th ALTA (Poganin - Alantina/Emigrant), B: SK Janów Podlaski, O: Pernille Hannecke - 89,6 pts


Mares 11 years old and above

1st ETNOLOGIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Etalanta/Europejczyk), B: SK Janów Podlaski, O: Halsdon Arabians - 93,9 pts (incl. 4x20 for type, 2x20 for movement)

2nd EMMONA (Monogramm - Emilda/Pamir), B/O: SK Michałów - 91,4 pts

4th EUSPIRA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Euskara/Ararat), B/O: SK Białka - 90,2 pts


Stallions 4-5 years old

1st ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc - Złota Orda/Pesal), B/O: SK Michałów - 91,4 pts

3rd WIRON (Kabsztad - Wirka/Emigrant), B: Brygida & Jerzy Chrapkowski, O: Joanna Kustra-Lech - 91,2 pts


Stallions 8-10 years old

2nd EL OMARI (Enzo - Embra/Monogramm), B/O: SK Michałów - 90,6 pts (incl. 2x20 for movement) - higher marks for movement than Albano

3rd ALBANO (Enzo - Alena/Emigrant), B/O: SK Janów Podlaski - 90,6 pts (incl. 1x20 for movement)


Stallions 11 years old and above

5th POGANIN (Laheeb - Pohulanka/Pepton), B/O: SK Janów Podlaski - 91 pts (incl. 2x20 for movement)

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