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The Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association works to ensure the preservation and continuation of the main directions of Arabian horse breeding in Poland, in accordance with Polish tradition and the national breeding program.


The PAHBA cooperates with the Polish Arabian Stud Book. It provides breeders with the most important information, reminds them about rules and deadlines and also assists with the necessary documentation.

In 2004 Poland hosted the WAHO Congress. Members of the PAHBA participated in the organization of the conference and accompanying events. For the enthusiasts of Arabian horses in Poland the congress was a wonderful opportunity to join WAHO and establish contacts with breeders all over the world.

WAHO The PAHBA is an Associate Member of the World Arabian Horse Organization WAHO. Furthermore, from WAHO's very beginnings (1967), the association's members have held positions on the Executive Committee.
ECAHO The PAHBA is an Associate Member of ECAHO. Members of the PAHBA are part of the Executive Committee.