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PAHBA in 2015

  • participation in an educational contest organized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The aim of the contest is to promote activities which propagate knowledge on cultural heritage and increase awareness regarding the value of historic monuments. The Association, by means of member Hanna Sztuka, submitted documentation covering the Polish Historical Costume class held during the European Sport Championships for Arabian horses at Janów Podlaski Stud, itself entered into the register of historic monuments.
  • an overview of Arabian horse shows organized in Poland in 2015: the Junior Spring Show in Białka, the Polish Nationals in Janów Podlaski, the 'Polska-Arabia' Festival in Buksza and the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival in Nowe Wrońska.
  • a new PAHBA website, a project coordinated by Board member Krzysztof Poszepczyński.
  • a proposition to conduct breeding inspections at private studs, similar to those at state studs.
  • a decision to close the publication of ARABY Magazine, due to the passing away of its founder, long time PAHBA President, Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka.
  • a proposition from Tomasz Tarczyński to organize a 'C' ranked international show for horses without titles.
  • Andrzej Wójtowicz was active in maintaining conformation-type races for Arabian horses. The Minister of Agriculture showed support for this concept, therefore the PAHBA shall submit a request to the racing organizer (Totalizator Sportowy) to plan about 30% of such races in the 2016 season.

PAHBA in 2014

  • the PAHBA co-organized and assumed patronage over the Arabian horse show calendar in Poland, just like in previous years, as well as the ECAHO European Sport Championships in Janów Podlaski and funded the prize in the race for the PAHBA Trophy,
  • members of the PAHBA often travelled to foreign shows as active breeders, which had a great impact on the promotion of Polish Arabian horses and their sales, both at auctions (the Pride of Poland and Summer Sales) and directly from studs and stables,
  • the racing group was able to maintain the rules for Arabian horse races, their distances and the purity of Polish blood; it seems reasonable to maintain the priority principle for horses born in Poland and registered in the PASB; such actions reduce the participation of Russian and German horses in races and at the same time motivate breeders to breed Polish broodmares to racing sires; there was also a proposition of organizing races for show fillies and separately for horses of French blood; these are propositions for the race plan to be reviewed by Totalizator Sportowy and to be approved by the Polish Jockey Club.
During the past 4 years the PAHBA was able to work out several important issues:
  • championships, though the number of participants is still small
  • races
  • shows, their number is growing; what's important is that they are B-ranked, allowing horses to qualify for A-rank and Title shows.

PAHBA in 2013

  • funded prizes, just like in previous years and sponsored the presence of an ambulance at the Polish National Sport Championships for Arabian Horses at Janów Podlaski;
  • the racing group, led by Andrzej Wójtowicz, was very active, working towards the organization of Arabian horse races, including closed races,
  • Mr. K. Poszepczyński, as a representative of the PAHBA, took active part in the work of ECAHO,
  • Mr. J. Białobok participated in the trial of Mr. Waliszewski, who was charged with neglect in horse care,
  • Mr. Ł. Goździalski submitted to ECAHO the 'Arabian Horse Universe' program, which in the future may facilitate the registration of show horses, the counting of scores and the providing of results; the program is currently being tested;
  • the Board discussed the improvement of conditions at the Junior Spring Show in Białka.

PAHBA in 2012

  • funded prizes, just like in previous years and sponsored the presence of an ambulance at the Polish National Sport Championships for Arabian Horses at Janów Podlaski;
  • two working groups were established, both reporting to the Board: the first - a sports group, led by Alicja Poszepczyńska, who drew up the competition and endurance rules and contributed to the fact that in 2014 the European Championships for Arabian Sport Horses will be held at Janów Podlaski; and the second - a racing group, led by Andrzej Wójtowicz, which managed to close the majority of races for foreign horses (including Russian ones), contributed greatly to the increase of prizes by more than a 100% and designed 4 long distance races over 3,600 m, 4,000 m, 6,000 m and 8,200 m with a separate prize pool;
  • assumed patronage over the 3rd 'Arabia-Polska' Arabian Horse Show, organized by the Polo Buksza Club and funded the prize for Best in Show.

PAHBA in 2011

  • supported the Junior Spring Show in Białka, the 2nd Polish National Sport Championships for Arabian Horses, the Polish National Championship in Janów Podlaski, the Autumn Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski, the Croatian-Polish Friendship race meeting in Croatia, the Arabian Day at the Służewiec Race Track and the Polish National Amazon Championships in Janów Podlaski by funding PAHBA special awards and co-financed the Polish National Sport Championships and Autumn Sport Competition for Arabian Horses in Janów Podlaski.
  • took active part in determining the restrictions for 11 stake races and the increase of prize money in Arabian horse races together with the Polish Jockey Club;
  • prepared the rules for embryotransfer in the Arabian breed in Poland, which resulted in introducing annex 3 to the PASB Rules on January 1st, 2011 on the stud book's requirements for the transfer of embryos, approved by the Minister of Agriculture;
  • actively promoted the breed by: publishing a quarterly magazine dedicated to Arabian Horses (ARABY Magazine), direct contact with breeders and foreign associations at WAHO and ECAHO congresses and meetings, as well as at international shows, an active cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions; the Agricultural Property Agency with issues relating to breeding and show organization; the Ministry of Agriculture in legislation issues regarding breeding and racing; the Polish Jockey Club and PASB regarding issues in the directive on horse racing, managing stud books and representing Poland in international organizations (WAHO and ECAHO);
  • furthermore the members of the Board and PAHBA participated in the organization of shows and championships, the drawing up of conditions and show catalogues, handling of organizational and technical matters, looking after judges, conducting shows, registering of results and reporting to ECAHO.