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• 2018-04-14 •

The 22nd General Meeting of PAHBA

The 22nd General Meeting of the PAHBA took place at the Zamek Biskupi resort in Janów Podlaski during the 7th and 8th of April, 2018. On Saturday, the most important in the reporting session was the discussion on the proposition of a new Statute. Due to several significant suggestions and propositions of changes from the members, it was decided to include new amendments which need to be consulted with an attorney. Later a resolution was adopted on voting for the statute by way of circulation.

In the seminar part Professor Krystyna Chmiel went through the main objectives of the "Polish Arabian horse breeding program", which resulted in an interesting discussion on the continuation of sire and dam lines in breeding, the consequences of their loss, but also the point of protecting them and finally - trends in breeding. Despite a cancelled panel discussion on the dilemmas of a show judge there still was a converstaion regarding judging and the situation in ECAHO.

The last part of the program was the announcing of the "2017 Breeder of the Year" in the show category. This year the award went to Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak for the achievements of the colt El Shaad.

As previously announced, on Sunday the present at the Meeting members of PAHBA were invited to Janów Podlaski Stud for the presentation of the 2018 foal crop. The weather was marvelous: it was sunny, warm and pleasant. The mares and their produce made a good impression. Several foals are very promising. We would like to thank Janów Podlaski Stud once more for the chance to see the horses.



• 2018-04-14 •

A gold medal and Best in Show for Janów's Altona

The Janów-bred 19 year old ALTONA (Eukaliptus - Albigowa/Fawor) won the senior mare gold medal and Best in Show title at the show in Palermo which was held on April 7-8th. Earlier the mare won her class, receiving a full set of top marks for movement and an additional 20 for type.

• 2018-03-30 •

• 2018-03-29 •

Radom 2018: Championship & Arabian Horse Auction

The Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association, together with our member Stanisław Redestowicz and "WINDOOR" company of Paweł Redestowicz, has the pleasure to inform that the 3rd All Polish Arabian Horse Championship, which will be held in Radom on 30.06-01.07.2018, will be accompanied by an ARABIAN HORSE AUCTION.

The conditions of the sale and entries will be announced soon.

• 2018-03-21 •

Junior Spring Show - Białka 2018

The entries for the Junior Spring Show are now open. The show will take place on June 2nd-3rd at Białka Stud. All information can be found on the stud's website.

• 2018-03-18 •

Three medals in Dubai

The Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (15-17.03.2018), one of the most significant in the Middle East, brought Polish-bred horses three medals: gold for Emandoria in the senior mares, silver for Equator in the senior stallions and bronze for Galerida in the senior mares. Furthermore the grandson of Kwestura, AJ Kafu, won the junior stallion gold medal, while the grandson of Emandoria, Admiral, won the yearling colt gold medal. Among the judges was PAHBA member, Łukasz Goździalski.

Class results:

Class 5 (4-6 year old mares):

1st GALERIDA (Shanghai EA - Galilea/Laheeb) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior mares bronze medal


Class 7 (mares 10 years old and above):

1st EMANDORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Emanda/Ecaho) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior mares gold medal

2nd NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Nina/Monogramm) bred by Michałów Stud


Class 11 (three year old colts):

3 rd SQ NATO (out of Parysada PS bred by Przemysław Sawicki)


Class 13 (7-9 year old stallions):

1st EQUATOR (QR Marc - Ekliptyka/Ekstern) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior stallion silver medal

• 2018-03-17 •

A bronze for Sefora in Qatar

During the 6th Qatar National Arabian Horse Show for Individual Owners held last weekend the Janów-bred SEFORA (Ekstern - Sawantka/Pepton) won the senior mare bronze medal, while AL JAZEERA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Alhasa/Ganges) placed 5th in class. Among the jury panel was PAHBA member, Tomasz Tarczyński.

• 2018-03-06 •

Invitation for the International Show in Wels (B)

The organizers of the International Show in Wels (B) would like to invite breeders and owners to participate in this event which this year will take place during May 12-13th. Similarly to previous years there will be an award for "Best Polish Horse". The deadline for entries is April 9th. Details and entry forms can be found on the Austrian Arab Horse Society website.

• 2018-03-03 •

Three medals in Sharjah

During the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival held on March 1st-3rd in the UAE Michałów-bred horses won three medals: senior mare gold (Emandoria), senior mare bronze (Galerida) and senior stallion gold (Equator). It must be noted that Equator represented Poland and Michałów Stud. Furthermore the daughter of Michałów's Espinilla (AJ Tarim) won the junior mare silver medal.


Class results:

2A (two year old fillies):

3rd ERALDA (Emerald J - Enezja) bred by Falborek Arabians


2B (two year old fillies):

1st AJ TARIM (od michałowskiej kl. Espinilla) ---> junior mares silver medal


7 (4-6 year old mares):

2nd GALERIDA (Shanghai EA - Galilea) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior mares bronze medal

3rd EXPRESSJA TV (El Omari - El Medina) bred by Michałów Stud


8 (7 year old and above mares):

1st EMANDORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Emanda) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior mares gold medal

2nd PISTORIA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Palmira) bred by Michałów Stud


9A (4-6 year old stallions):

1st GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai EA - Gallia) bred by S. Sławiński


9B (4-6 year old stallions):

2nd LARANDO (QR Marc - Laranda) bred by Michałów Stud


10 (7 year old and above stallions):

1st EQUATOR (QR Marc - Ekliptyka) bred by Michałów Stud --> senior stallions gold medal

4th CELSJUSZ (Ekstern - Carina) bred by Białka Stud

• 2018-02-19 •

Sport Competitions in 2018

The organizers of Arabian sport competitions have the pleasure to inform about the following planned events:

- 22-24.06.2018: International Arabian Horse Sport Competition affiliated by ECAHO at Janów Podlaski,

- in August as part of the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence Arabian Horse Sport Competitions will take place at the Służewiec Racetrack. They are to be affiliated by ECAHO,

- the Polish National Arabian Horse Sports Championships at Michałów Stud, also affiliated by ECAHO.

Similar to previous years the Cracow Arabian Horse Show and Sale (07-09.09.2018) taking place at the Szary Equestrian Club will also include performance classes for Arabian horses. Contestants from abroad have already announced their participation.

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