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• 2015-12-14 •

The 2015 World Championships for Arabian Horses in Paris

Below please find the coverage from the 2015 World Championships in Paris.

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• 2015-12-03 •

The 2016 Show Calendar in Poland

A meeting of the ECAHO Board and Show Committee took place on November 28th in Paris. One of the most important issues of the agenda was the approval of the Show Calendar for 2016. Poland will organize three shows:

1. The Junior Spring Show in Białka – B-national – 4-5th of June, 2016,
2. The Polish National Show in Janów Podlaski – national championship – 12-14th of August, 2016,
3. Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival – B-international -19-20th of August, 2016.

Unfortunately the Buksza show will not take place this year, because the organizer, Buksza Polo & Riding Club, resigned from continuing the championships.

A full calendar of shows affiliated by ECAHO in 2016 will soon be available on the ECAHO website.

Soon we will also give the dates of the Polish Sport Championships for Arabian Horses, which similarly to last year will be organized at Michałów Stud and the European Sport Championships, which this time will take place in Holland.
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• 2015-11-16 •

The 2015 European Championships in Verona

Published below is the coverage from the 2015 European Championships in Verona:

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• 2015-11-05 •

PAHBA in 2015

Under the "Accomplishments" tab you can find the information from the PAHBA Board meeting, which took place on September 12th 2015.
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• 2015-10-28 •

Autumn Arabian Horse Sale

Last weekend, on the 24th and 25th of October, 2015 the Autumn Arabian Horse Sale was held in Janów Podlaski.

The exhibitors offered 51 horses, including 17 mares. Other horses offered in the sale where breeding sires, saddle horses, as well as racing prospects and geldings. Additionally Michałów and Białka studs offered their two year old colts for sale, available for viewing at home.

In total 21 horses were sold. The highest price, 16,200 Euro, was paid by a buyer of the mare El Medisa from Michałów. The lowest prices (1,000 Euro) were paid by buyers of geldings.

Breeders are definitely happy to be able to sell their breeding material and the buyers pleased with being able to inspect and compare the presented offer.

The auction was definitely a success.
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• 2015-10-19 •


Yesterday Janów Podlaski Stud informed about the passing away of Pianissima (b. 2003, Gazal Al Shaqab - Pianosa/Eukaliptus), the highest decorated mare of Polish breeding and ownership, a double Polish National Champion and double European Triple Crown winner, US National Champion, Platinum World Champion and a champion from several Middle Eastern shows. History knows few equines that won every show they competed in. But Pianissima was that kind of horse. For breeders all over the world she will remain a legend and unsurpassed ideal. Her line will be continued at the home stud by her daughters.
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• 2015-10-12 •

Conformation-type races for Arabian horses in the 2016 season

As racing training of Arabian horses is due to start soon, the PAHBA Board would like to inform that President Anna Stojanowska has received a letter from Totalizator Sportowy (the racing organzier), confirming the presence of conformation-type races in the 2016 racing plan.
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• 2015-10-12 •

PAHBA Board meeting

On September 12th, 2015, during the European Arabian Horse Sports Championships in Janów Podlaski a meeting of the PAHBA board was held in the stud’s office at 9:00 PM. The participants included:

- Anna Stojanowska – President,
- Andrzej Wójtowicz – Vice-President,
- Jerzy Białobok – Member of the Board,
- Krzysztof Poszepczyński – Member of the Board,
- Katarzyna Wawiórko – Manager of the PAHBA office,
- Marek Trela – invited member of the PAHBA,
- Hanna Sztuka – invited member of the PAHBA.

The following agenda of the meeting was approved:

1. Approval of the agenda of the meeting.
2. A speech by Mrs. H. Sztuka on the participation in an educational contest.
3. Discussing the financial situation of the PAHBA.
4. The evaluation of the organization and carrying out of championships in Poland. Potential conclusions for organizers.
5. The stance of certain representatives of the PAHBA in the Polish Jockey Club in regard to the Board's resolutions and objectives of the breeding program.
6. A summary of launching the internet service (website).
7. Discussing matters regarding the PAHBA website and its further maintaining (history and achievements, translations, publishing current news). Cooperating with photographers for the publication of images.
8. An change of rules in the "Breeder of the Year" classification due to the cooperation agreement between ECAHO and AHO.
9. The organizing of a C-international show by PAHBA in 2016 for horses without titles.
10. Discussing the proposition of visiting studs in a given area, for example the Mazovia region, this autumn.
11. ARABY Magazine - the publication's current status.
12. Membership declaration - the applications of Mrs. Agnieszka Łępicka.
13. Other matters and motions.
The summary of the minutes from the Board meeting will be presented at a later date.
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• 2015-10-02 •

All Nations Cup

Last weekend was very successful for Polish breeders at the 33rd All Nations Cup in Aachen. Polish-bred and Polish-owned horses strongly marked their presence in the majority of the classes and as many as 14 horses qualified for the Sunday championships in the ECAHO affiliated categories and Futurity. This time all the medals went to Michałów Stud. The Polish National Anthem was heard thanks to Morion, who claimed the gold among the junior stallions, besting a strong favorite, Gallardo J. The silver in the senior stallions category went to his stablemate, Equator, whereas the bronze colored medal was awarded to Pustynia Kahila in the junior mare category. Horses bred and owned by private breeders also proudly represented the white and red colors – two of them were present in the championships: the year old Fuerte of Jan Dobrzyński and in the senior category – Psyche Keret from Chrcynno-Palace Stud. The crowning of the successful performances of Polish horses was Poland’s victory in both Trophies – the Nations Cup (for the 9th time) and Breeders Cup (for the 6th time). These victories gave our country a decisive leading position in the winners’ history of these two prestigious distinctions! Full show results can be found on the organizer’s website.

The film archive from the championships, classes and special award ceremonies.

Photo by Krzysztof Dużyński / polskiearaby.com
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• 2015-09-24 •

All Nations Cup

Tomorrow in Aachen the first European Title show of the season will take place – the 33rd All Nations Cup. The catalogue lists 35 horses from Poland – 12 from private studs and 23 from the state studs. There is a large group of breeders and enthusiasts of the Polish horse heading to Germany, so we are counting on a huge applause for our competitors.

The event will begin tomorrow with the German National Show (September 25-26th, with Marek Trela, Poland in the jury panel) and the international competitions will begin in the afternoon with the classes of the 2 and 3 year olds. Concurrent to the classes on the weekend there will also be an All Nations Cup in dressage and show jumping. Sunday will end with the championships and the awarding of two prestigious challenge trophies – the Nations Cup and the Breeders Cup, in which our country and our horses are favorites each year. For the first time also the best geldings will be awarded and – similarly to previous years – foals from last year’s breedings (Futurity, not affiliated with ECAHO).

An interesting new feature initiated by the owners of Albaydaa Stud from Egypt will be the Jackpot, with a purse of 14,000 Euro. Registered users (both those at the show and online, registered by their passport number) will be able to vote in two competitions: to select this year’s medalists of the seven consecutive All Nations Cup championships and their favorite judges. Those that correctly select the champions will divide among themselves 2,000 Euro per championship. The results of the public’s voting will not have an influence on the judges’ decision and will be published after the end of judging. Also right after the end of the show a list of 9 favorite judges will be announced, selected through the votes of registered users. This will be treated as a suggestion for organizers when putting together a jury panel in the future. This way the Organizing Committee wants to make the Aachen show even more attractive for the public, allowing them to take active part in planning the show in the upcoming years.

The registration of users and more information about the show, as well as the live broadcast available from Friday can be found on the organizer’s website: http://www.all-nations-cup.org/
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