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• 2016-02-26 •

A letter from the ECAHO president to the Polish authorities

An official information and letter from the President of ECAHO, Jaroslav Lacina, has appeared on the ECAHO website (www.ecaho.org). It is a request for the Polish authorities to explain the dismissals of Anna Stojanowska, Jerzy Białobok and Marek Trela from their governmental functions.
The letter emphasizes the services of those people for Polish Arabian horse breeding, their work towards the development and benefit of ECAHO, as well as their influence on world breeding.
It also warns against the consequences of this decision, which can cause a destruction in both national and worldwide breeding.

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• 2016-02-25 •

An appeal from the PAHBA

The PAHBA would like to inform that we have sent an appeal letter to Prime Minister Beata Szydło. Apart from the institutions listed in the Appeal we have also sent it to the Agricultural Property Agency. Despite a very short period for collecting signatures (4 hours), the appeal was signed by 30 members and 8 followers of the PAHBA. For that reason we are still collecting signatures of support from our members, in accordance with the wording that has been emailed around. In case of any questions please write: administrator@pzhka.org.pl . Please note that the Appeal is also an attempt at solving the ensuing conflict and bridging the gap among the community of Arabian horse breeders in Poland.

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• 2016-02-24 •

PAHBA General Assembly

In relation to the numerous questions about the date of the annual General Assembly of the PAHBA we would like to remind that it has been set for April 9-10th, 2016 and published on December 21st, 2015 by the PAHBA president http://pzhka.org.pl/index2.php?option=news&lang=en&page=4 . It is also in her capacity to determine the agenda of the meeting 4 weeks prior to this date. Due to the ensuing situation (professional and personal) we would like to ask for understanding in this matter.

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• 2016-02-23 •

An appeal for the continuation of a mission

Enthusiasts and breeders of Arabian horses have been electrified with the news about the sudden and completely unexpected dismissal of Anna Stojanowska, horse breeding inspector of the Agricultural Property Agency, as well as Marek Trela, president of Janów Podlaski Stud and Jerzy Białobok, president of Michałów Stud. This information caused huge concern regarding the future of the breeding program in the state studs and maintaining their high-class level, especially at the shows, which without any doubt can be attributed to the above mentioned specialists, judges and authorities in this field. It is commonly known that Arabian horse breeding cannot be compared to other types of animal production and the breeding of show horses has an aura of artistry about it. Furthermore, it should be continued consequently along a planned out path, retaining the required craftsmanship. It does not cope well with frequent changes, be they in the breeding program or politics.

As a member of the PAHBA board and administrator of the website I wish to express deep hope that PAHBA president Anna Stojanowska, board member Jerzy Białobok and audit committee member Marek Trela will still serve their mission for the benefit of Arabian horses, as representatives of breeders associated in the PAHBA and as Polish ambassadors in ECAHO and WAHO.
                                                                            Krzysztof Poszepczyński

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• 2016-02-22 •

PAHBA Board Meeting

On February 19th, 2016 the PAHBA Board Meeting took place and included the following agenda:

1. Approval of the agenda.
2. The outcome of the statuette design contest (to be awarded as prizes at the Junior Spring Show in Białka and the Polish National Show in Janów Podlaski).
3. Discussing the proposition of A. Sobieszak and H. Sztuka regarding a publication dedicated to breeding - as a supplement to "Świat Koni" magazine.
4. An application sent by the organizer of endurance races - Dolina Gawora.
5. Discussing the subjects for this year's seminar part of the General Assembly of the PAHBA.
6. Discussing possible changes in the PAHBA statute.
7. Discussing the need for updating address details on the WAHO website.
8. Miscellaneous and other motions.
All members of the PAHBA Board were present at the meeting and all of the above matters were discussed in a professional manner. A memorandum from the meeting and the resulting decisions will shortly be prepared by President Anna Stojanowska.

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• 2016-02-17 •

Polish-bred horses at the Abu Dhabi show (UAE)

Last week the Abu Dhabi International Arabian Horse Championships were held, which included about 400 horses entered in 21 numerous classes. The Polish breeding program, as usual, strongly marked its presence, as about a dozen Polish-bred horses could be seen performing.

The greatest success was achieved by the 3 year old Lord El Shawan (bred by M. & J. Pietrzak), who placed second in class and claimed a gold medal in the championships. The same class also saw Colinero (bred by M. Kondrasiuk) take 5th place.
Next in terms of success was Camilia (bred by Białka Stud), who won her class of 5-8 year old mares and later a bronze medal in the finals. In the same class the Janów-bred Zadora placed third.
Furthermore, in the 8 year old and above stallions class Girlan-Bey (bred by M. Bogajewicz) placed second, whereas Pero (bred by Janów Podlaski) placed fifth. 

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• 2016-02-04 •

Marek Trela chosen Vice-President of WAHO

We are pleased to inform that Marek Trela, a member of the PAHBA and Chairman of Janów Podlaski State Stud, was chosen Vice-President of the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO). With this nomination Marek Trela continues the tradition of Polish Arabian horse breeders holding positions on the WAHO Executive Committee. Let's recall that one of WAHO's founders was none other than post-war director of Janów Podlaski Stud, Andrzej Krzyształowicz. Also a member of the Executive Committee was the founder and Honorary President of the PAHBA, the late Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka.

The nomination of Marek Trela indicates a special recognition of the Polish breeding program by the international community.

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• 2016-02-01 •

Polish-bred horses at the 2016 PSAHF Title Show in Saudi Arabia

Horses bred by the members of the PAHBA performed very well at the 2016 Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival in Tebrak, Saudi Arabia, which took place during the 27-29th of January, 2016.
The two year old colt Fuerte (bred by Jan Dobrzyński) won his class and claimed the bronze medal in the Championships.
Pinga (bred by Janów Podlaski Stud) competed in the 10 year old and above mares class, which she won and later went on to secure the gold medal in the Championship. The performing in the same class Norma (bred by Michałów Stud) was second and received the bronze medal in the finals. Whereas third place in this class was taken by Wkra (bred by Michałów Stud).

Another interesting Polish accent of the show was the competing in the two year olds class the filly Qamar RG, who won it for her owners (Al Rajhia Stud) and followed up by a bronze medal in the Championship. This filly was purchased in utero inside her dam Warsa (bred by Janów Podlaski Stud) during the Summer Sale at Janów Podlaski in 2013. She also adds splendour to the Polish breeding program.
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• 2016-01-26 •

Polish-bred horses at the UAE National Championships

Between the 19th and 23rd of January, 2016, the United Arab Emirates held their National Championship Show. The event was not affiliated by ECAHO.
Among the competitors were as many as 10 horses bred by the members of the PAHBA, which placed in the top five of their classes.
These included: in the 4 year old mares class: Prosnega (bred by Michałów Stud) – 2nd place, Palangija (bred by Michałów Stud) – 5th; in the 5-7 year old mares class: Camilia (bred by Białka Stud) – 2nd, Zadora (bred by Janów Podlaski Stud) – 4th, Erginia (bred by Michałów Stud) – 5th; in the A series of the 3 year old colts class: Lord El Shawan (bred by M. and J. Pietrzak) – 3rd; in the 4 year old stallions class: Zothar (bred by Paweł Rutkowski) – 3rd; in the 5-6 year old stallions class: Peron (bred by Białka Stud) – 4th; in the 7 year old stallions and above class: Pero (bred by Janów Podlaski) – 3rd and Drabant (bred by Michałów Stud) – 5th.

Furthermore Lord El Shawan (bred by M. and J. Pietrzak) won the silver medal in the Local Arabian Horse Championship (for horses of UAE ownership).

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• 2016-01-18 •

The first auction at Polska AKF Stud Farm

Last Saturday Polska AKF Stud Farm held their first auction at Nowe Wrońska. The sale offer consisted of 17 horses born at their stud: 13 stallions and 4 mares. The sale was conducted in the form of a public auction and collecting of offers, which could be raised in further rounds. Ultimately 12 horses were sold, including 3 mares, and the total outcome reached 130,100 PLN. The auction turned out to be very successful and the offered horses found lucky buyers.

We would like to congratulate the organizers.
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