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• 2016-10-02 •

European Championships - entry deadline

The European Championships will take place on the 29-30th of October at the Azelhof Equestrian Center in Lier. One of this year's judges is Łukasz Goździalski.

Entries close on October 7th.

Invitation for entry

Show conditions

Entry forms: part 1, part 2 (in hand classes), part 3 (Liberty classes)

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• 2016-09-30 •

90th anniversary of the Polish Arabian Stud Book - in Tutto Arabi

The current issue of Tutto Arabi (4/2016) includes an article by Hanna Sztuka on the 90th anniversary of the Polish Arabian Stud Book. It has previously been published in Polish by "Świat Koni" in their August issue and now English readers can also enjoy this incredible piece of history.

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• 2016-09-29 •

The 1st Cracow Show - photo gallery

A photo gallery by Lidia and Wiesław Pawłowski from the 1st Arabian Horse Show (part of the Cracow Arabian Horse Picnic) can now be found on the show's official website: www.cracow-show.arabians.pl.

We wish to once again thank all of the event's participants - the exhibitors, trainers, stable staff, spectators, sponsors and partners. We invite you back next year!

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• 2016-09-26 •

Judges' course - results

The exam consisted of two parts:

Part I (theory) - 75% passing score (53 points out of 70). This was the entrance exam. Those that passed could take the practical exam on Monday.

Part II (practical) - evaluation of the horse and talk with the candidate.


To achieve a positive result of the exam the candidate had to positively pass both parts.


A list of people that passed the judges' course with a positive result.

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• 2016-09-25 •

2016 All Nations Cup - silver El Emando

The last day of the All Nations Cup was all about the finals held in seven categories: geldings, yearling colts, junior stallions, senior stallions, yearling fillies, junior mares and senior mares.

The only Polish horse to take the podium at the year's All Nations Cup was EL EMANDO, who claimed the silver medal in the gelding category. He is a son of QR Marc and Emanda (dam of Emandoria). Bred at Michałów, El Emando is currently owned by DG Arabians from Germany.

It is also worthy to note the gold champion of the junior stallions, GALLARDO J (BE). Bred by Jadem Arabians and owned by Ajman Stud, Gallardo J is the son of Emerald J (out of Emandoria) and Gomera J (by Ekstern).

This time the All Nations Cup trophy went to the United Arab Emirates and the Breeders Cup was awarded to Belgium.

Detailed results available at arabianhorseresults.com

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• 2016-09-24 •

All Nations Cup 2016 - Poganin a class winner

Presented below are the results of Polish bred (and in one case - Polish owned) horses after two days of class competition (complete results here):

Geldings 1-6 years old

4th place EMIRZO (Enzo - Emira) B: SK Michałów, O: Flaxman Arabians (BE)

Geldings 7 years old and above

1st place EL EMANDO (QR Marc - Emanda) B: SK Michałów, O: DG Arabians (DE)

Yearling colts (series B)

3rd place EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada) B/O: Małgorzata i Józef Pietrzak

6th place GALL OF MARWTEYN (ZT Marwteyn - Gallia) B: Stanisław Sławiński, O: El Saady (EG)

Two year old fillies (series A)

5th place ADELITA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Altamira) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski

6th place FOGGITA (El Omari - Foggia) B/O: SK Michałów

7th place MADRE SIERRA (Shanghai EA - Missouri) B/O: StanRed Arabians

8th place WASALIA (EKS Alihandro - Wasa) B/O: Falborek Arabians

Two year old fillies (series B)

6th place EL LARINERA (Empire - El Emeera) B/O: SK Michałów

8th place PRUNELLA (Abyad AA - Pradera) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski

Two year old colts

6th place SOKRATES (EKS ALihandro - Sotika) B/O: Falborek Arabians

Three year old fillies

2nd place PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pustynna Malwa) B/O: SK Michałów

Three year old colts

5th place CALATEON (Vitorio TO - Calatea) B/O: Mark Arabians

8th place CETULION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Cetula) B/O: Waldemar Bąk

Yearling fillies (series A)

10th place ATAKAMA (Empire - Atma) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski

Yearling fillies (series B)

7th place PAMINA (Pogrom - Pianissima) B:O: SK Janów Podlaski

11th place NANCY ST. ROCH (Shanghai EA - Natasza) B/O: St. Roch Arabians

4-6 year old mares (series A)

4th place WERSA (Ekstern - Wasa) B/O: Falborek Arabians

5th place EMANDORISSA (Abha Qatar - Emanda) B/O: SK Michałów

4-6 year old mares (series B)

4th place ESIMA (Altis - Emanta) B/O: Falborek Arabians

5th place WIEŻA MOCY (QR Marc - Wieża Marzeń) B/O: SK Michałów

7-10 year old mares

1st place LATONA (El Nabila B - Laranda) B: SK Michałów, O: Mohammed Jassim Al Ghemlas (KW)

5th place WIEŻA MARC'A (QR Marc - Wieża Marzeń) B: SK Michałów, O: Sinus Arabian Stud (SE)

7th place PARMANA (Al Maraam - Palmira) B/O: SK Michałów

9th place PAEMA (Ekstern - Pasyma) B/O: Lech Błaszczyk

10th place ALTA (Poganin - Alantina) B: SK Janów Podlaski, O: El Jahara Arabians (DK)

Mares 11 years old and above

3rd place EMMONA (Monogramm - Emilda) B/O: SK Michałów

4th place PALANGA (Ekstern - Panika) B/O: SK Michałów

5th place MARJJANA VA (US) (Marwan Al Shaqab - Mi Khismit) B: Aderson & Beitz (US), O: Silvatica Arabians

7-10 year old stallions

5th place ALBANO (Enzo - Alena) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski

Stallions 11 years old and above

1st place POGANIN (Laheeb - Pohulanka) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski

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• 2016-09-19 •

Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships 2016 - results

On September 17-18th Michałów Stud hosted the 8th Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships. 36 pairs competed in nine categories (further divided into juniors and seniors), including dressage, show jumping and costume classes. They were evaluated by a jury panel consisting of three judges.

Complete results

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• 2016-09-19 •

Coverage of the Cracow Arabian Horse Show

We invite you to read a coverage of the 1st Cracow Arabian Horse Show, which took place during September 9-10th on the grounds of the Cracow Racecourse.

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• 2016-09-19 •

Judges' course - 11-12th of September

During September 11-12th a judges course (national level) was held at the Cracow Racecourse in Buczków. The course began with an entrance exam, encompassing such topics as the anatomy of the horse, the history of Arabian horse breeding in Poland and general knowledge of breeding issues. After the seminar portion of the course, which took place on Sunday afternoon, the practical exam was held on Monday morning. This included the evaluation of horses by means of various judging systems. 30 people declared their participation in the course, 24 took the entrance exam with 21 passing and then taking the practical exam. We will inform about the final results of the exam shortly.

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• 2016-09-18 •

Polish National Endurance Championships in Malichów

The endurance competition held on September 2nd-3rd in Malichów encompassed the Polish National Senior Championships, the Polish National Junior and Young Rider Championships, as well as international (CEI 2*), all-Polish and friendly competitions, which saw a total of 73 horses. The organizer of the event is Marek Tul, who runs the Dolina Gawora stable. Apart from Polish competitors there were also riders from the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia.


The title of Polish National Senior Endurance Champion in the CEI 2* contest over 120 km went to Agata Murawska atop MILES (Piaff - Metodyka/Wiek) from the BIK Gieniusze Riding Club. Behind her, with a result worse only by 1 second (!) was Maria Landau from Champion Ciosny Riding Club atop MU-ARDESZ (Dobryń - Mu-Ardah/Armaniak). Third came Beata Szezyngier-Jagielska from the Leśny Riding Club atop ASŁAN (Ecaho - Amina/Murat-Gazon).


The winner of the Polish National Junior and Young Rider Endurance Championships was Natalia Palczak from the Leśny Riding Club atop the mare DŻINNIS (Eton - Dominacja/Ganges). Young riders competed over 80 km.


The best Arabian horse of Polish breeding was the gelding MILES (Piaff - Metodyka/Wiek).

Final stretch of the Senior Championships

Podium of the Senior Championships (120 km)

Podium of the Junior and Young Rider Championships (80 km)

Winners - Agata Murawska and Miles


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