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• 2016-10-29 •

European Championships 2016 - day one

The first day of this year's European Championships included foal, junior and gelding classes. Presented below are the class results of Polish bred horses:


Yearling fillies (series A)

6th ATAKAMA (Empire - Atma/Ekstern), B/O: SK Janów Podlaski, 89,4 pts

7th PRAGA (Vitorio TO - Perla/Ganges), B/O: SK Janów Podlaski, 88,8 pts


Yearling fillies (series B)

2nd EMANOLLA (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab), B/O: SK Michałów, 91,3 pts (higher marks for type than Poganinka)

3rd POGANINKA (El Omari - Pentra/Poganin), B/O: SK Michałów, 91,3 pts (incl. 4x20 for movement)

9th GAJA EUROPA (Kanz Al Bidayer - Gaja Selene/Emigrant), B/O: Chrcynno-Palace Stud, 89,2 pts


Yearling colts (series B)

3rd EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify), B/O: Małgorzata & Józef Pietrzak, 90,8 pts

4th GALL OF MARWTEYN (ZT Marwteyn - Gallia/Galba) B: Stanisław Sławiński, O: Omar Elsaady, 90,6 pts

6th DASTAN (Equator - Dama Pik/Enzo), B/O: SK Michałów, 90 pts


Two year old fillies

3rd EL LARINERA (Empire - El Emeera/Ekstern), B/O: SK Michałów, 91,1 pts

5th ADELITA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Altamira/Ekstern), B: SK Janów Podlaski, 90,6 pts

7th FOGGITA (El Omari - Foggia/Gazal Al Shaqab), B: SK Michałów, 90,3 pts


Two year old colts

2nd FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka/Ekstern), B: Jan Dobrzyński, O: Sami Ben Saad, 91,4 pts


Three year old fillies

1st PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pustynna Malwa/Ekstern) B/O: SK Michałów, 91,6 pts (incl. 1x20 for movement)

2nd GALERIDA (Shanghai EA - Galilea/Laheeb), B/O: SK Michałów, 91,2 pts


Three year old colts

5th CALATEON (Vitorio TO - Calatea/Ekstern) B/O: Marek Kondrasiuk, 89,80 pts



4th EMIRZO (Enzo - Emira/Laheeb), B: SK Michałów, O: Flaxman Arabians, 89,80 pts (incl. 1x20 for movement)

5th POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo - Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab) B: SK Janów Podlaski, O: Flaxman Arabians 89,7 pts


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• 2016-10-29 •

2016 US Nationals

This year's US Nationals, taking place in Tulsa, OK, gave plenty of joy to Polish breeding.


The Białka-bred PERFIRKA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Perforacja/Ernal) won the title of Senior Champion Mare in the AAOTH category. The mare was presented by Lara Ames of Cedar Ridge Farm, who purchased Perfirka at the 2014 Pride of Poland Sale for 220 thousand euro. Perfirka won with a large advantage over her rivals, receiving 387 pts (second place had 380, third - 379, fourth - 377,5 and fifth - 376).


Whereas in the most important breeding category EQUATOR (QR Marc - Ekliptyka/Ekstern) claimed the Senior Stallion Breeding Reserve Championship. This Michałów-bred stallion is currently leased by Aljassimya Farms from Qatar. A day earlier Equator won his class (6-8 year old stallions) with 401,5 pts, including 3x20 for type and 4x20 for movement. He left his rivals far behind, as the second place holder received just 388 pts, the third and fourth - 387 and the fifth - 378. In the finals Equator had to yield to MARAJJ (Marwan Al Shaqab - RGA Kouress/Kouvay Bey), who won his class of 9 year old and above stallions with a score lower than Equator's - 395 pts.

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• 2016-10-28 •

Auction at Michałów Stud (05.11) - list of horses

Michałów Stud has presented a list of horses offered at their sale on November 5th, 2016.

The conditions of the sale in English will be available shortly.

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• 2016-10-24 •

Auctions at Michałów Stud

Michałów Stud has announced the dates of their forthcoming auctions: November 5th, November 26th and December 10th.

The list of horses offered for sale and the conditions will soon be made available on the websites of Michałów and  PAHBA.

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• 2016-10-21 •

Autumn Horse Sale - deadline for entries extended

ATTENTION! The deadline for entries has been extended until the 28th of October, 2016

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• 2016-10-17 •

Autumn Horse Sale at Janów Podlaski

Janów Podlaski Stud invites to take part in the Autumn Horse Sale (Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses), scheduled for November 11th, 2016 at 1:00 pm.


Preliminary horse sale list. The list is subject to change.

The terms and conditions of the Sale will be published tomorrow.


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• 2016-10-16 •

Horse inspections at the State Studs

During the 12-14th of October the studs at Michałów, Białka and Janów Podlaski held their autumn inspections. The events were attended by a numerous group of breeders, the majority of them being PAHBA members.

We would also like to remind about submitting this year's foals to the PASB. Details can be found in the PASB Rules on the website of the Polish Jockey Club.

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• 2016-10-14 •

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the China Horse Fair

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the China Horse Fair will take place on the 19th-21st of October in Beijing. This year the Polish Jockey Club will be one of the exhibitors and will use its booth to promote horses of Polish breeding. Other exhibitors well-known in the Arabian community also present at the fair include: Hennessey Arabian (USA), Ismer Stud (Germany), Jadem Arabians (Belgium), Mulawa Arabian Stud (Australia) and Valley Oak Arabians (USA).

It is also worth noting that Poland has entered into an agreement with the People's Republic of China regarding quarantine and equine health conditions for the export of horses from Poland to China. The key information is that quarantine will now be able to be carried out in Poland, in facilities designated by the Polish Veterinary Inspection. Specific addresses of these facilities will be given at a later time.

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• 2016-10-07 •

New president of Michałów Stud

On October 6th, 2016 Maciej Grzechnik, PhD became appointed as the President of Michałów Stud. At the same time Anna Durmała, the up to now acting president, was dismissed.

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• 2016-10-07 •

World Championships – entries open

The entries are now open for the World Championships for Arabian horses, which this year will take place during the 25-27th of November, 2016 as part of the Salon du Cheval.

Official Salon du Cheval website

Separate World Championships website

On-line entry

The deadline for entries is the 21st of October, 2016.

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