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• 2017-02-13 •

Tender at Białka Stud - 18.02.2017

Białka Stud has announced a tender which will take place on the 18th of February, 2017.
A list of offered horses and conditions are available on the stud's website.

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• 2017-02-06 •

Stallions 2017

We invite you to take a look at the breeding sires for the 2017 season owned by the members of the PAHBA.

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• 2017-02-05 •

Kuwait International Arabian Horse Championships 2017

On the 3rd and 4th of February Anna Stefaniuk and Jerzy Białobok judged horses at the Kuwait International Arabian Horse Championships. The gold medal in the junior stallions category was awarded to a horse of pure Polish (or even pure Michałów) origin: ZAHER AL MUAWD by Equator out of Espinilla.

Top five in their classes were also the year old: filly TREFE AL SHAQAB (3rd) out of Michałów's Padova, colt F FAISAL (5th) out of Janów's Polihymnia, colt SAHEL ALKONOOZ (2nd) out of Cicha Woda bred by Andrzej Piwowarski  and colt BUNAYEF (3rd) out of Etisa bred by Falborek Arabians.

Whereas in the senior classes Polish mares delivered stellar performances: Michałów's PRUSJA (Emigrant - Pralina) won her class, Janów's NIMBA (Ekstern - Nefer) was third and Białka's ANTAJA (Ekstern - Abba) came on fourth. In a younger category (4-6 year old mares) FERRANA (Shanghai EA - Fontella) bred by Stanisław Redestowicz placed fourth.

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• 2017-01-30 •

A farewell to Michałów

As her employment has come to an end, we hereby publish Urszula Białobok's farewell letter. The original can be found here. The translation is as follows:


               "On January 31st, 2017, after 47 years and 2 months I have reached the end of my employment at Michałów Stud at the position of Chief Horse and Cattle Breeder.

               On Friday I was bid farewell by the President and stud staff. It was a very touching and surprising ceremony for me.

               For me working at Michałów Stud was a pleasure, an honor and huge passion. It's wonderful when you can do something that you love for your entire life!

               At Michałów I met hundreds of wonderful animals, horses and cows, as well as people devoted to them: grooms, cowhands, milkers, field workers, office staff.

               The stud was visited by breeders, animal enthusiasts and friends of Michałów. I had the pleasure of getting to know them, cooperate with many and befriend them.

               Through this letter I wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and wish the Stud all the best.


Urszula Białobok"

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• 2017-01-28 •

Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival in Saudi Arabia

Al Khalediah Farm of Saudi Arabia hosted the Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival on January 25-27th, which encompassed 229 entries.

The show's highest score (94,2 pts) was received by the Michałów-bred NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Nina/Monogramm), which translated to a gold medal in the senior mares category. Another Polish bred horse on the podium was GIRLAN-BEY (bred by Michał Bogajewicz), who was awarded with teh senior stallion bronze medal.

Among the produce of Polish-bred mares medals were als earned by: EMERALD J (son of Emandoria, senior stallion gold medal) and SULTAN ALENAYA (out of Ammona, yearling colt bronze medal).

The class top fives also included:

1B (yearling fillies)

3rd JATHBAH ATHBAH (out of Bellissima bred by Stanisław Redestowicz)


3A (three year old fillies)

1st HAJER ALMUAWD (out of Janów's Primera)


4B (yearling colts)

2nd WAFEE ALRAJHIA (out of Janów's Warsa)

3rd WARD AL MUAWD (out of Michałów's Wagira)

4th SULTAN ALENAYA (out of Ammona bred by SK Sowiniec) --> yearling colts bronze medal


9 (mares 10 years old and older)

1st NORMA (by Gazal Al Shaqab out of Nina) bred by SK Michałów --> senior mare gold medal

2nd WKRA (by Gazal Al Shaqab out of Wyborna) bred by SK Michałów

4th GANGA (by Emigrant out of Ganga) bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac

5th NIMBA (by Ekstern out of Nefer) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


12 (stallions 12 years old and older)

1st GIRLAN-BEY (by Pesal out of Gracja Bis) bred by Michał Bogajewicz --> senior stallion bronze medal

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• 2017-01-25 •

Janów Podlask tender update

Janów Podlaski Stud has added two horses to the tender offer, which will take place on Saturday Janaury 28th: the Arabian gelding CELTUS and the Anglo-Arabian stallion KADRYL. Both horses are in advanced endurance training. The full sale list can be viewed here.

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• 2017-01-23 •

UAE National Championships 2017

The show marathon in the Middle East continues. It reached a peak during the 16-20th of January with the UAE Nationals, where over five days the jury panel (including Jerzy Białobok) had to assess as many as 618 entered horses. The show consisted of two finals: local and national.

The local championship awarded a gold medal in the yearling category to the filly ZARA BHM, daughter of Janów's Zadora. In the junior mares the silver went to SEHER AL JAMAL by Polish parents: Psyche Keret and Gaja Valentina bred by Chrcynno-Palace Stud. The bronze senior champion mare title was secured by the Polish-bred ELFERA (Psytadel - Eiffla) bred by Lech Błaszczyk. Among the stallions the yearling bronze medal was won by JA MOLHEB ALJAZEERA out of Emlahaba bred by Falborek Arabians.

The national championship also included Polish accents. The mare PA LIVIA, daughter of Michałów's Larissa, took home the silver senior mare medal, whereas the Białka-bred EGEMA (Esparto - EGira) won the bronze.

Ponadto w ciągu pięciu dni pokazu tylko dwa konie uzyskały maksymalne noty za ruch od całego panelu sędziowskiego: michałowska PUSTYNNA FIESTA oraz janowska EUDORA.

Furthermore only two horses during the entire shoe received a full set of top marks for movement: the Michałów-bred PUSTYNNA FIESTA and the Janów-bred EUDORA.

Other class top five finalists are listed below:

1A (yearling fillies)

2nd MARIA ALYAH (out of Entia bred by Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska)

4th ZARA BHM (out of Janów's Zadora) --> yearling fillies gold medal (local championship)


1B (yearling fillies)

4th SUMOUD ALSAAD (out of Białka's Eufenia)


1C (yearling fillies)

1st GADEER AL HABOOB (out of Janów's Cervinia)

3rd WEDYAN BABEL (out of Michałów's Wyborna)


1D (yearling fillies)

2nd SUHAILA ALYAH (out of Michałów's Ellua)


1E (yearling fillies)

2nd KARIMAH AL AAYLA (by Ekstern out of Michałów's Karbala)


2A (two year old fillies)

4th SEHER AL JAMAL (by Psyche Keret out of Gaja Valentina bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac) --> junior mares silver medal (local championship)


2B (two year old fillies)

1st JA AMIRA AL JAZEERA (out of Emlahaba bred by Falborek Arabians)

4th MANARA BHM (out of Mademoiselle bred by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak)


3D (three year old fillies)

5th AL ARYAM WAHIDA (out of Michałów's Wideta)


5 (5 year old mares)

5th CETARA (Ekstern – Cetula) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


7 (7 year old mares)

2nd EGEMA (Esparto – Egira) bred by SO Białka --> senior mares bronze medal (national championship)

4th ERGINIA (Gaspar – Ernera) bred by SK Michałów


8 (8-9 year old mares)

2nd PUSTYNNA FIESTA (Ekstern – Pustynna Róża) bred by SK Michałów


9 (10-11 year old mares)

1st PA LIVIA (out of Michałów's Larissa) --> senior mares silver medal (national championship)

3rd ELFERA (out of Eiffla) bred by Lech Błaszczyk --> senior mares bronze medal (local championship)

5th BASTIA (Ekstern – Basta) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


10 (10 years old and older mares)

3rd EUDORA (Piaff – Euzetia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


11A (yearling colts)

4th JA CARRAR AL JAZEERA (out of Białka's Camilia)

5th JA MOLHEB ALJAZEERA (out of Emlahaba bred by Falborek Arabians) --> yearling colts bronze medal (local championship)


11C (yearling colts)

3rd SAHAB MS (out of Michałów's Forminga)


12C (two year old colts)

1st SQ AL NATO (out of Parysada PS bred by Przemysław Sawicki)

5th SAFEER AL MAHRAH (out of Niebianka bred by Alicja Najmowicz)


13A (three year old colts)

3rd JA TOPAZ AL JAZEERA (out of Białka's Camilia)


14A (4 year old stallions)

1st LORD EL SHAWAN (FA El Shawan - Lady Serenada) bred by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak

2nd GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai EA – Gallia) bred by Stanisław Sławiński

4th GHAZI AL KHAZNA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Groteska) bred by Paweł Rutkowski


15 (5 year old stallions)

5th GENTELMAN (Madras Kossack – Greka) bred by Agnieszka Wójtowicz


16 (6-7 year old stallions)

1st ELIOS D’AMOUR (out of Michałów's Eballerina)

2nd PATER (Ekstern – Papusza) bred by SK Janów Podlaski

4th EL FADO (WH Justice – Enya) bred by ZPH Strusinianka

5th PERON (Esparto – Perolia) bred by SO Białka


17 (8 years old and older stallions)

5th AL ARYAM NAQEEB (out of Michałów's Wideta)

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• 2017-01-23 •

Monthly tender at Janów Podlaski Stud

Janów Podlaski Stud invites to take part in the first monthly tender of 2017, which will take place on January 28th.

The sale offer, apart from horses already offered at the Winter Sale, will include the young stallion PISTOLERO (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab).

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• 2017-01-18 •

9th Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships

Michałów State Stud and the 1st Regiment of Mounted Riflemen Riding Club in Michałów invites all Arabian horse enthusiasts for the 9th Polish National Arabian Horse Sport Championships, which will take place on September 16-17th, 2017 at the stud.

The conditions and entry form will be available soon.

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• 2017-01-14 •

Kuwait - 5th Arabian Horse Breeders Show

During the 12-14th of January Kuwait's official State Stud, Bait Al Arab, was home to the 5th edition of the Arabian Horse Breeders Show for horses bred locally. 215 horses were entered. Half of the six-person jury panel was made up of PAHBA members: Anna Stojanowska, Tomasz Tarczyński i Marek Trela.

Two gold medalists descended directly from Polish horses: JAWAHER LEMAR, Junior Champion Mare, is a daughter of Empire and the Michałów-bred Lanckorona. She received the show's highest score (92,1) and two "20s" for head and neck. The second champion, this time in the yearling colts category, was JAWAHER GHAZY out of Gizelda, bred by Stanisław Sławiński.

Others that placed in the top fives of their classes included:

Class 2A (two year old fillies)

3rd ZAINA AL WAWAN (out of Psyche Westa, bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


Class 2B (two year old fillies)

1st JAWAHER LEMAR (by Empire out of Michałów's Lanckorona) --> junior mares gold medal


Class 4A (yearling colts)

3rd BUNAYEF (by Espimar out of Etisa, bred by Falborek Arabians)

5th F FAISAL (out of Janów's Polihymnia)


Class 4B (yearling colts)

1st JAWAHER GHAZY (out of Gizelda, bred by Stanisław Sławiński) --> yearling colts gold medal

5th LAAB AL GHANIMAH (out of Michałów's Lanckorona)


Class 5B (two year old colts)

3rd EL TAYYAR AL SHAJER (out of Elkamelah (KW), daughter of Esparto and Białka's Emkira)


Class 10-11B (stallions 4 years old and above)

5th LAHMOOM (out of Estencja, bred by Agricola Farm)

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