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• 2017-06-21 •

Nordic Open 2017 - Denmark

The 2017 Nordic Open show in Denmark (17-18.06) belonged to Polish-bred stallions, because they took up all three spots on the championship podium in the senior stallions category. The gold medal went to ELGAST (WH Justice - Elfera/Psytadel) bred and owned by Lech Błaszczyk, the silver was claimed by EBENOS (Om El Bellissimo - Enaam/Ekstern) bred by Janów Podlaski, and the bronze was won by LISSAR (Gazal Al Shaqab - Larissa/Eukaliptus) bred by Michałów. Earlier the entire threesome won their classes.

Senior Gold Champion Stallion, ELGAST (WH Justice - Elfera/Psytadel) bred and owned by Lech Błaszczyk, shown by Tomasz Kotyński

The Michałów-bred ELIKSJA (Esparto - Ekspulsja/Gazal Al Shaqab) was awarded with the silver medal on the senior mares category. The gold was snatched from her the by Belgian SUZANNA (BE), a mare with a very strong Polish pedigree and a daughter of Ekstern.


The silver in the junior mares championship was won by GALLILEAH (NO) (Espekt - Grace Bint Pacha/AS Sinans Pacha) for her Polish owners, Polia Arabians.


Whereas the geldings category was ruled by the Michałów-bred EMIRZO (Enzo - Emira/Laheeb). He not only won the championship in this category, but also received the award for Best Movement.

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• 2017-06-20 •

2nd All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships – Radom 2017

A quick reminder, than there are just six days left (June 26th) to enter your horse to the All Polish Arabian Horse Championships in Radom, which will take place on July 15-16th. The organizer of the show is PAHBA member Stanisław Redestowicz. More information: www.czempionatradom.pl

Show conditions

Entry form

List of entered horses

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• 2017-06-19 •

Pride of Poland Sale catalogue - available online

The 2017 Pride of Poland Sale catalogue is now available online:

"We encourage you to get acquainted with the auction catalogue. The publication contains detailed descriptions of the horses participating in the Pride of Poland auction and the Summer Sale. 25 horses have been selected to take part in this year’s Pride of Poland auction, and 29 horses in the Summer Sale. The horses that will participate in the auction originate from the state studs in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka, as well as from private studs. The authors of the catalogue photographs are Gleen Jacobs, Sylwia Iłenda and Ewa Imielska-Hebda. As in the previous years, on August 13 the Pride of Poland auction in Janów Podlaski will bring together the traders from all over the world. The event will be the highlight of the Arabian Horse Show."
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• 2017-06-15 •

Arab Horse Festival 2017

During June 9-11th the Equestrian Center Hörste in Germany hosted the Arabian Horse Festival consisting of two events: the C-international show and the Amateur Challenge.


In the international edition PIKADOR NA (Ascot DD - Pantera/Ekstern) bred by Alicja Najmowicz placed second in the yearling colts class and became a Top Four in the finals. The filly EOS LEILANEE (Shanghai EA - Lenka/Piaff) bred by Andrzej Majchrzak placed fourth in the 2 year old fillies class. The winner of the 4-6 year old mares class was PARIS J (BE) (daughter of Janów's Palabra), who in the finals won a silver medal. Whereas traditionally among the geldings victorious the Janów-bred POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo - Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab), who won the gold in this category. POSTAR also reigned supreme at the amateur event, where he took the Best in Show experienced title.

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• 2017-06-14 •

Warsaw Championship 2017 - cancelled

The organizer of the Warsaw Championships 2017 has informed about the cancellation of the show. Below is a letter from the organizer regarding this matter:


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• 2017-06-13 •

International Open ECAHO Polish Championships for Sports Arabians

Janów Podlaski Stud has forwarded propositions for the International Open ECAHO Polish Championships for Sports Arabians, which are planned for July 1st-2nd.


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• 2017-06-12 •

Weekend at the Służewiec Racetrack

Victorious in Sunday's Ofir Stakes for 4 year olds and above over 2400 m was Burkan Al Khalediah (SA) (Khalid El Biwaibiya - Rayyan/Bengali D'Albret) owned by Polska AKF before the Polish-bred Mogadiusz (Echo Ofira - Mukata Fata/KA Czubuthan) and Alladyn (Von - Alba Longa/Ostragon).

The Errlis Stakes for 3 year olds over 1600 m gave victory to Monmurhib Kossack (NL) (Murhib - Maringa/Niumarket), second was the half-brother to Pogrom, Parsek (Kahil AL Shaqab - Pętla/Visbaden) and third - Nesma Al Mels (FR) (Akbar - Jelifa Al Mels/Regal de Khan).


Whereas triumphant in the El Paso Stakes for 4 year olds and above over 1800 m was Sarin Hel (Marvin El Samawi - Setna Heli/Pepe le Mocco) owned by Nessa Arabians before Minastirit (Nougatin - Modessa II/Mohafez) and Chill Force (NL) (Murhib - Geuldal-Djeeli/Djelforce).

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• 2017-06-07 •

Białka 2017 - Best in Show funded by PAHBA

The Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association, the co-organizer of the Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show in Białka, funded the prize for the Best in Show horse. The cheque for 2,000 PLN went to the filly POGANINKA (El Omari – Pentra/Poganin), bred by Michałów Stud. We would like to thank Barbara Zalewska for the photographs from Poganinka’s decoration ceremony.

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• 2017-06-06 •

2nd All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships – Radom 2017

On behalf of the organizers of the 2nd All-Polish Arabian Horse Championships, which will take place on June 15-16th in Radom, we hereby provide the updated links to the forms for show entries and the conditions of the show. The deadline for entries is June 26th. More information on the show’s website: www.czempionatradom.pl

Show conditions

Entry form

List of entered horses

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• 2017-06-04 •

Junior Spring Show - Białka 2017

Today was the final day of the Junior Spring Show held in Białka. Gold medals went to: EMANDENOR (yearling colts), PERSIA TOUCH SW (yearling fillies), EL SHAAD (junior colts) and POGANINKA (junior fillies). POGANINKA also received the title of Best in Show.


More than half of the available medals were won by Michałów Stud (7). Two went to Janów Podlaski Stud, two to private breeders and one stayed in Białka. It's worth noting that both of the "private" medals were of the golden color and their winners were trained and shown by Paweł Kozikowski.


The results of the Białka show will definitely please the organizers of the summer sales. Each one of them offers a dam of today's gold medalist. The Pride of Poland Sale (13.08.2017) offers the mare PENTRA (dam of POGANINKA) and the Cracow Arabian Horse Sale (10.09.2017) offers the mare EL ESTRADA - dam of EL SHAAD.


Yearling colts championship

Gold - EMANDENOR (Emerald J - Emandilla/Om El Shahmaan) Michałów Stud

Silver - EDMUND (Ekstern - Editha/Eden C) Michałów Stud

Bronze - PIĘKNY PAN (Glorius Apal - Parilla/Enzo) Białka Stud

Top Five - WORONIN (Vitorio TO - Wilda/Gazal Al Shaqab) Michałów Stud


Yearling fillies championship

Gold - PERSIA TOUCH SW (EKS Alihandro - Princess Touch W/Yllan El Jamaal) Nina Suskevicova

Silver - EMDRONA (Medalion - Elgora/Poganin) Michałów Stud

Bronze - EBIRA (Empire - Ebra/Alert) Michałów Stud

Top Five - ESPAJA (Aja Justified - Espanera/Kabsztad) Piotr Podgórny

Top Five - MARKIZA OF JUSTICE (WH Justice - Markiza of Marwan/Marwan Al Shaqab) Małgorzata & Józef Pietrzak


Junior colts championship

Gold - EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify) Józef Pietrzak

Silver - PARIS (Kahil Al Shaqab - Palmeta/Ecaho ) Janów Podlaski Stud

Bronze - DASTAN (Equator - Dama Pik/Enzo) Michałów Stud

Top Five - EQUALION (Equator - Evolett/Ajman Moniscione) Zalia Arabians

Top Five - CALATORIO (Vitorio TO - Calatea/Ekstern) Marek Kondrasiuk


Junior fillies championship

Gold - POGANINKA (El Omari - Pentra/Poganin) Michałów Stud

Silver - EMANOLLA (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab) Michałów Stud

Bronze - PAMINA (Pogrom - Pianissima/Gazal Al Shaqab) Janów Podlaski Stud

Top Five - CELITA (Lawrence El Gazal - Cella/Ekstern) Białka Stud

Top Five - BAMBINA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Bellisa/Poganin) Janów Podlaski Stud



Full show results

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