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• 2017-12-20 •

Unanimous gold for Pero in UAE

The third edition of the Arabian Horse Show in Fujairah took place during the 14-18th of December with 466 horses entered. In the finals Janów's PERO (Poganin - Perora/Eldon) was unanimously chosen as Senior Gold Champion Stallion. Earlier in class he received 93 pts, incl. 2x20 for type and a full set of 20s for movement. First places in class were won by GAJA VALENTINA (Emiliusz - Ganga/Emigrant) bred by Chrcynno-Palace Stud and Michałów's EMELINA (Gaspar - Escuela/Pesal), second place in class went to Michałów's FERMATA (Poganin - Felicjana/Ekstern) and third: to Janów's CERVINIA (Enzo - Cerelia/Emigrant) and Białka's HARFIA (Piaff - Halima/Ekstern).
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• 2017-12-18 •

Middle Eastern shows

After the end of the European show season we are turning our attention to the Middle East.

During December 8-9th ZOTHAR (Ekstern – Zingara/Psytadel) bred by Paweł Rutkowski won the senior stallion bronze medal at the Bahrain National Arabian Horse Festival.

Also during December 8-9th the Qatar National Championships were held. AL JAZEERA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Alhasa/Ganges) placed second in the 4-6 year old mares class, while SEFORA (Ekstern – Sawantka/Pepton) won her class of mares aged 11 years old and above. Both mares are bred by Janów Podlaski Stud.

Whereas the 13-15th of December was all about the A-ranked KAAHC International Championships in Riyadh. The Michałów-bred NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab – Nina/Monogramm) won the senior mare silver medal, while ESHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Estaka/Gazal Al Shaqab) bred by Krzysztof Goździalski placed second among the 4-6 year old mares class. Among the produce of Polish-bred mares worth mentioning are the first places in class of the filly MIDDLE EAST (od Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqaband the colt ZAHER AL MUAWD (Equator – Espinilla/Al Maraam), who in the finals won the junior stallion bronze medal, as well as second spot in class of the filly MAYAR ALMUAWD (od Piera/Eden C).

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• 2017-12-11 •

Winter Sale at Michałów Stud

The 2nd Winter Sale took place at Michałów Stud on December 9th. It was held in a great atmosphere, which contributed to the selling of almost all offered horses for more than half a million euro. Clients from Israel, Italy, UK, UAE, Romania, Germany and Poland participated in the biddiny. The highest price was achieved by LARANDA (80 thousand euro), while EMMONA will joing the herd of Halsdon Arabians in Great Britain.
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• 2017-12-06 •

The ECAHO website has published the show calendar for 2018. Five of them will be held in Poland:
- 02-03.06.2018 - Junior Spring Show - Białka
- 30.06-01.07.2018 - All-Polish Arabian Horse Show - Radom
- 10-12.08.2018 - Polish National Arabian Horse Show - Janów Podlaski
- 17-19.08.2018 - Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival - Nowe Wrońska (A rank show)
- 07-09.09.2018 - Cracow Arabian Horse Show - Cracow

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• 2017-11-30 •

Winter sales at the State Studs

The State Studs are organizing two winter sales in December: Michałó Stud on the 9th of December and Janów Podlaski Stud on the 10th of December. Details and the sale offer can be found on the stud's websites:

Winter Sale at Michałów Stud - 09.12.2017

Winter Sale at Janów Podlaski Stud - 10.12.2017

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• 2017-11-26 •

2017 World Championships - Paris

Today the World Championships in Paris came to an end. Polish-bred horses won two silver medals (Equator - senior stallions, Fuerte - junior stallions) and five Top Ten titles (Galerida, Potentilla, Emandilla - senior mares, Morion, Kabsztad - senior stallions).

The award for Best Movement among males went to EQUATOR. Chosen as best sire of the show was WH JUSTICE. While the Platinum Championship this year was awarded to GAZAL AL SHAQAB.

Results of Polish horses in classes:


Senior mares (3A):

3rd Galerida (Shanghai EA - Galilea) B: Michałów/O: Al Baydaa Stud

5th Potentilla (Ekstern - Panonia) B/O: Janów Podlaski


Senior mares (3B):

5th Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan - Espadrilla) B/O: Michałów


Junior stallions (5B):

2nd Fuerte (Ekstern - Frymuszka) B: J. Dobrzyński/O: Abhaa Arabians


Senior stallions (6A):

2nd Equator (QR Marc - Ekliptyka) B/O: Michałów

5th Morion (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina) B: Michałów/O: Al Thumama Stud


Senior stallions (6B):

3rd Kabsztad (Poganin - Kwestura) B/O: Michałów

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• 2017-11-09 •

Arabian horses from Poland to race in China in 2018

At a press conference held in the UAE capital on the 8th of November 2017, Ms. Lara Sawaya, Executive Director of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival, announced that the race in China will be one of the highlights of 2018.

“The calendar year of 2018 is significant as it marks the 10th year of the Festival and 100th anniversary of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan,” she said. “Several Purebred Arabian horses have already been acquired by the Chinese and are currently being trained in Poland. They will move to China for the first-ever Arabian horse race. This is a huge success for the Festival as we want to take Purebred Arabian racing to countries that do not have them.”

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• 2017-10-30 •

Criterium St. - Polska AKF wins double

On Sunday the Criterium St. (cat. A) for 3 year old and older Arabian horses over 2400 m was held at the Służewiec track in Warsaw. Victorious was the only 3 year old in this group, FAZZA AL KHALEDIAH (FR), owned by Polska AKF, with Natalia Hendzel in the irons, trained by Michał Borkowski, who outdid the rest of the competition by 17 lengths. The second horse to cross the wire, BURKAN AL KHALEDIAH (SA), is also owned by Polska AKF.

Criterium St. (cat. A) for 3 year old and older Arabian horses, 2400 m

1. Fazza Al Khalediah(FR) 3 yo (Jalnar Al Khalediah – Assma Al Khalediah/Amer or.ar.)
2. Burkan Al Khalediah (SA) 8yo (Khalid El Biwaibiya – Rayyan/Bengali d’Albret)
3. Bandolero 4 yo (Portmer – Botura/Samsheik)
4. Shahad Athbah (GB) 5yo (Amer or.ar. – Kolver/Vert Olive)
4. Shannon Queen 4yo (Ainhoa St. Faust – Sasanka Fata/Sam Tiki)

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• 2017-10-29 •

European Championships - Verona 2017

During the European Championships taking place in Verona this weekend Polish-bred horses were awarded with three medals: FUERTE - silver junior stallion, PUSTYNIA KAHILA - silver senior mare, EKSPULSJA - bronze senior mare, and the highest scored mares of the show were PUSTYNIA KAHILA and EKSPULSJA (467 pts, ex aequo). Furthermore Polish strongly marked their presence during the finals: PSYCHE OFELIA - 6th (yearling mare championship), BAMBINA - 4th, EMANOLLA - 5th (junior mare championship), PEPITA - 4th (senior mare championship), KABSZTAD - 5th, PSYCHE KERET - 6th (senior stallion championship).


The class top fives included:

Yearling fillies A:

2nd WADELIA (FR) (Pogrom - Wróżka/Ganges) B/O: Lutetia Arabians

5th FRAZZA (Vitorio TO - Foggia/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Michałów


Yearling fillies B:

3rd PSYCHE OFELIA (Echo Adonis - Psyche Kreuza/Ekstern) B/O: SK Chrcynno-Pałac

4th EMDRONA (Medalion - Elgora/Poganin) B/O: SK Michałów


Two year old fillies:

2nd EMANOLLA (Vitorio TO - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Michałów

5th PAMINA (Pogrom - Pianissima/Gazal Al Shaqab) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Two year old colts:

4th EL SHAAD (FA El Shawan - El Estrada/Justify) B/O: J. Pietrzak


Three year old fillies:

2nd BAMBINA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Bellisa/Poganin) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Three year old colts:

2nd FUERTE (Shanghai EA - Frymuszka/Ekstern) B: J.Dobrzyński/O: Sami Ben Saad


4-6 year old mares:

1st PUSTYNIA KAHILA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Pustynna Malwa/Ekstern) B/O: SK Michałów

3rd EMANDORISSA (Abha Qatar - Emanda/Ecaho) B/O: SK Michałów


7-9 year old mares:

1st PILAROSA (Al Adeed Al Shaqab - Pilar/Fawor) B/O: SK Janów Podlaski


Mares 10 years old and above:

1st EKSPULSJA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Elandra/Monogramm) B: SK Michałów/O: Halsdon Stud

2nd PEPITA (Ekstern - Pepesza/Eukaliptus) B: SK Janów Podlaski/O: Ali Fali Stud

3rd ALTAMIRA (Ekstern - Altona/Eukaliptus) B: SK Janów Podlaski/O: Halsdon Stud


4-6 year old stallions:

3rd PSYCHE KERET (Khidar - Psyche Victoria/Ekstern) B/O: SK Chrcynno Pałac

5th MORION (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina/Ekstern) B/O: SK Michałów


Stallions 10 years old and above::

1st KABSZTAD (Poganin - Kwestura/Monogramm) B/O: SK Michałów

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• 2017-10-23 •

Autumn Sale Janów Podlaski - 04.11.2017

Janów Podlaski Stud invites all for the Autumn Sale scheduled for teh 4th of November, 2017. The list of sale horses can be viewed here.

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