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• 2015-08-20 •

Pride of Poland and Summer Sale

We present the results of the past weekend’s Pride of Poland Sale and Summer Sale, which took place on Monday, courtesy of the Janów Podlaski Stud website. We would like to congratulate all sellers the prices they achieved and the buyers – their successful biddings!

• 2015-08-16 •

Polish National Arabian Horse Show

We present the results of the 2015 Polish National Arabian Horse Show, courtesy of the Janów Podlaski Stud website.

Soon we will publish a photo gallery from Janów Podlaski!

• 2015-08-15 •

A special issue of Araby Magazine

During this year’s edition of the Pride of Poland festivities the new issue of Araby Magazine will be available. This special issue is dedicated entirely to the memory of the founder and chief editor of the publication, but first and foremost the First Lady of Polish Arabian horse breeding – Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, the many year president of the PAHBA, who passed away this year. Until the very end she was an active Honorary President, a former Vice-President of WAHO, judge and authority for several generations of Arabian horse breeders, not just in Poland. This will be the first Polish National Show that she will not attend. All of us here, as well as many international guests, already miss her smile, wise advice and kind words.

• 2015-08-09 •

AHO Breeders' Championship Europe

During the AHO Breeders’ Championship Europe, held this weekend in Chantilly, three bronze medals were claimed by stallions from Poland: the year old Fuerte, bred by Jan Dobrzyński, as well as the three year old Psyche Ull and the year older Psyche Keret from Chrcynno-Palace Stud of the Poszepczyński family. Chrcynno-Palace was also the recipient of the special award for Best Breeder, just like two years ago.

It is worth noting that both stallions from Chrcynno are the sons of Psyche Victoria and that both won their classes. Apart from the championship medalists, almost all the horses that travelled from Poland were shown: Wersa from Falborek Arabians (2nd in the three year old fillies class, selected as fourth in the finals), the year old Marvel Psyche from Silvatica Black Arabians (3rd), the year old Estama from Falborek Arabians (4th), the year old Wieża Radości of Mr. & Mrs. Pietrzak (5th) and from Chrcynno-Palace – Chaos Persefona (4th), Gaja Iris (5th) and Echo Mars (4th place).

Furthermore medals were claimed by the produce of Polish mares. The Junior Champion Mare title was awarded to Paris J out of Janów’s Palabra. The bronze medal of the junior mares went to Elan De Marc K.A. out of Michałów’s Espadrilla. Both fillies won their classes.

There were more pleasant accents for Polish fans. The gold medal in the senior mare category was awarded to Mississippi J – daughter of Magnificent Lady J, bearing a Polish pedigree. Other horses with Polish ancestors included: Dalia J – third in the 2 year old fillies class and fifth in the championship; the year old Melody J – fifth in class and fifth in the championships; as well as the granddaughter of Emandoria – third in class and fourth in the championships – Marrakech J.

There were 86 horses shows out of the 103 entered.

• 2015-08-07 •

AHO World Cup

On Thursday and Friday in Chantilly (France) the AHO World Cup was held, a show affiliated by AHO. Shown on the arena were 60 out of the 91 entered horses. The title of Senior Champion Mare went to the daughter of Michałów’s Esklawa – Salwa Al Zobair. The bronze medal of the junior mares was awarded to Penelope K.A. – daughter of Michałów’s Polonia.

The class of mares aged 7 years old and above, won by Salwa Al Zobair, saw the representative of Chrcynno-Palace Stud, Chaos Persefona secure fourth place. Also fourth, this time in the 4-6 year old stallions class, placed another produce of a Michałów mare – Profender K.A. (out of Palanga). In another stallion class the third spot was taken by Sharahm out of Sorella, bearing a Polish pedigree. Also competing in the show was the Polish-bred Eternis.

Another AHO show in Chantilly will take place this weekend– the AHO Breeder’s European Championships.

• 2015-08-04 •

Kauber Platte

A large group of horses from Poland competed in the international Kauber Platte (B) show. El-Schanel of Wojciech Parczewski was honored as Junior Champion Mare, as well as the Highest Scored Horse of the show.

Second in the 4-6 year old stallions class was Gotico, owned by Piotr Podgórny, who went on to claim the silver medal in the senior stallion championships. Third place in class was taken by Eszmana, bred by Lech Błaszczyk and owned by Grzegorz Paw and fourth by Etiffani of Wojciech Parczewski. In turn Gatito - bred at Sowiniec and owned by Bogdan Maślanka – placed third in the stallions class. The year old Gimarco, bred by Piotr Podgórny and owned by Bogdan Maślanka, placed fourth in class. Another representative of this stud, the two year old Extenia, finished at seventh spot. Congratulations to breeders and exhibitors!

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