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• 2016-01-15 •

Polish-bred horses also at a show in Egypt

The 7-9th of January, 2016 was also the date of the Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Championship at Rabab Stud in Egypt, another non-affiliated ECAHO event.

Gajman PS, bred by Przemysław Sawicki (PS Arabians) won first place in class and later claimed the Senior Champion Stallion title. Congratulations.

• 2016-01-13 •

A request to PAHBA members

The Board would like to ask PAHBA members to submit their sires to be placed on the 2016 breeding sire list. Please make your submissions either through the PAHBA office: office.pzhka@gmail.com or directly to the website's administrator: administrator@pzhka.org.pl

• 2016-01-13 •

Discounts for sires from the Studs of the Agricultural Property Agency

We would like to inform that the conditions regarding the discounts for breeding to sires from Studs supervised by the Agricultural Property Agency in the 2016 season remain unchanged, which means that Owners of mares registered in the PASB are entitled to a 50% discount on the 2016 breeding fee. Due to formal and legal reasons the Agricultural Property Agency studs will not restrict the discount solely to PAHBA members. In case of sires owned by private studs the decision regarding any kind of discount belongs to the owner of that sire.

• 2016-01-13 •

Polish-bred horses at the Emirates show

Between the 7th and 9th of January, 2016 the Ajman Arabian Horse Show took place in the United Arab Emirates. The show was not affiliated by ECAHO.

Also here Polish horses bred by the members of PAHBA marked their presence. In class 10 (4 year old stallions) Gentlemen, bred by Andrzej Wójtowicz, placed fourth, while Fair, bred by PPHU Parys, took fifth place.

• 2016-01-04 •

Polish-bred horses at the A-rank show in Saudi Arabia

During the 16-18th of December, 2015 the King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre Championship Show was held at Dirab in Saudi Arabia. Among the competitors were horses bred by members of our Association.

The year old colt Fuerte, bred by Jan Dobrzyński and owned by Sami Bin Saeed, placed second in class and won the bronze medal in the finals.

The two year old filly Eshila, bred by Krzysztof Goździalski and owned by Hamad Bin Mohammed, won her class and claimed the silver medal in the finals.

Whereas the Michałów-bred Wkra (owned by Al Muawd Stud) won the class of 10 year old mares and above and was honored with the gold medal in the finals.

• 2015-12-28 •

Pleasure Class judge

The ECAHO website has published an information that PAHBA member Alicja Poszepczyńska has completed and passed her course, test and traineeship and has been approved as: Pleasure Class judge


• 2015-12-22 •

• 2015-12-21 •

Polish National Sport Championships – date set

The Polish National Sports Championship will be held on June 18-19th, 2016 at Michałów Stud.

• 2015-12-21 •

Statuette design contest

The PAHBA announces a collecting of offers for creating a design of statuettes/prizes which will in the future become the prevailing trophy at shows in Białka and Janów Podlaski. Please submit your offers by January 31st, 2016 in any written form, to the address of the PAHBA, preferably by email.

• 2015-12-21 •

PAHBA Board meeting highlights

Attached please find the highlights from the PAHBA Board meeting:

PAHBA Board meeting highlights

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