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• 2016-05-01 •

Irina Filsinger has passed away

Irina Filsinger, a well-known Arabian horse photographer, has passed away after a long illness. Irina grew up among horses. Her father, Erwin Filsinger, was a vet and one of the first private Arabian horse breeders in Germany. Ultimately the family breeding was continued by her brother, while Irina herself decided to stand behind the camera. Her works, signed with a characteristic "Fil" logo, appeared in all leading publications. Irina was especially valued by breeders from the Middle East, where she often travelled, immortalizing the desert studs and their best specimen. For many years she was one of two official photographers of the Polish National Arabian Horse Show and the Pride of Poland Sale.

• 2016-04-19 •

2016 Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas

The Michałów-bred Equator scored a huge success during the prestigious Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas (USA). He won the 6-8 year old stallions class and claimed the gold medal in his category. As a reminder, he is currently leased to Al Jassimya Stud (Qatar). Huge congratulations to his breeders (Jerzy Białobok and Magda Helak) and the entire Michałów Stud team.

• 2016-04-18 •

A coverage of the 20th PAHBA Annual Meeting

On April 9-10th, 2016 the 20th PAHBA Annual Meeting took place in Janów Podlaski. The seminar part and Janów’s foal inspection have already been covered. Below is a coverage of the meeting together with  a summary of the official parts of the event.

Published separately is the resolution taken by the Annual Meeting:

- the coverage of the 20th PAHBA Annual Meeting

- the resolution of the PAHBA Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting expresses their deep concern regarding the changes in the State Treasury companies, supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Agricultural Property Agency, detrimental to the foundations of Polish Arabian horse breeding. We firmly object to the way these changes are made, using insinuations and false information, causing direct damage to the image and international position of Polish Arabian horse breeding.

• 2016-04-18 •

Information regarding the PAHBA website

Due to the propositions submitted by PAHBA members regarding the functioning of the website we wish to inform that:

1) All information posted on our website are accepted by the Board or the President,
2) Any information (news), that PAHBA members would like to publish must be written by the authors and will be published after approval by the President or the Board,
3) Because the website has been functioning for more than 6 months now, we would like to ask you to submit all suggestions and opinions to the Board or Office regarding the expansion of the service; we will be accepting all suggestions for a month starting from today,
4) We have already received suggestions prepared by Hanna Sztuka and Przemysław Sawicki,
5) We would like to remind that the advertising banner on our website is available to all; the price is 300 PLN (for posting the banner) + 100 PLN (for producing the banner by our graphic designer); the banner will be published upon receiving payment and approving the content,
6) Our website is also active as a Facebook profile, where posts can be commented on and forwarded onwards. The published posts are also approved by the President or the Board.
7) All suggestions regarding the functioning of our website should be sent to our President or the Office.

• 2016-04-18 •

The 2016 racing season at Służewiec has begun

We would like to inform that last weekend saw the inauguration of the racing season at the Służewiec Racetrack, with races for both Arabian and Thoroughbred horses.
As announced on the Polish Jockey Club website, the verifying committee for conformation races will be made up of our members: Irena Cieślak, Lidia Pawłowska, Adam Wyrzyk. These persons were recommended by President Anna Stojanowska, in line with the expectations of the recent PAHBA Annual Meeting.
We are also counting on our above mentioned members to contribute information and news about racing to the PAHBA website.


• 2016-04-13 •

An appeal to breeders, Arabian horse owners in Poland and abroad, WAHO and ECAHO members, officials

In the overall interest of breeders and the future of Arabian horse breeding in Poland, the Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association takes the view that despite a difficult situation shows that have been planned and affiliated for 2016, as well as the auction at Janów Podlaski should take place. That's why the PAHBA hopes that breeders, exhibitors, officials invited to judge at championships will not refuse to participate in shows, whereas potential buyers will not cross out this year's Janów Podlaski Sale from their calendars.
The PAHBA Board:
Anna Stojanowska - Prezes
Jerzy Białobok
Krzysztof Poszepczyński
Tomasz Tarczyński
Piotr Podgórny

• 2016-04-12 •

The 20th Annual PAHBA Meeting in Janów Podlaski

The 20th Annual PAHBA Meeting took place on the 9-10th of April, 2016.

Beside the formal part of the meeting there were also two interested lectures:
1) "What's new in veterinary medicine - new diagnostic and medical techniques" - presented by vet. Jan Samsel.
2) "The Polish Arabian horse breeding program and its realization" - presented by Professor Krystyna Chmiel.
On Sunday traditionally at 10:00 am Janów Podlaski Stud presented 15 selected mares with their produce. Although not all of the show's participants liked the fact that they were shown only some of the foals, the majority of those gathered were very interested and lively commented the results of the stud's breeding work from last year. We will publish information regarding the formal part of the meeting after its approval by the President and the entire Board.

• 2016-04-12 •

Final meeting of the Board before the 20th Annual Meeting

On April 8th, 2016 the last meeting of the PAHBA Board before the 20th Annual Meeting took place. The report from the Board's activities for last year was approved. A resolution was made about accepting 9 new members to the PAHBA. Propositions for the titles of breeder of the year in the racing and show category for 2015, prepared earlier by the PAHBA President, were approved. Those gathered advised the office secretary, Katarzyna Wawiórko, to again ask those members that have not paid their fees for two full years to settle their obligations. If the payments should not be made by the end of June, then those persons will be automatically excluded from the PAHBA.

• 2016-04-06 •

The 20th PAHBA Annual Meeting

Dear PAHBA Members,

Just a reminder that this weekend (April 9-10th, 2016) the 20th Annual PAHBA Meeting will take place, in accordance with the earlier invitation and the announced agenda.
The meeting will start at 10:00 am.
In accordance with the Statute the Meeting will encompass both reports and seminars (a lecture from Professor Krystyna Chmiel and vet. Jan Samsel).
                                                                           The PAHBA Board 

• 2016-04-02 •

Good news for Polish breeders from Michałów Stud

The management of Michałów Stud has informed our Office that it has decided to reduce the breeding fee of Ekstern and Equator by 50%.
Entitled to this discount will be owners of mares registered in the PASB. The discount is valid from April 1st, 2016.
There is a limit in regard to the use of Ekstern - a maximum of one mare of a given owner.
In case of Equator the available semen is frozen.

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