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• 2017-05-22 •

Winning double

On Sunday the Kabaret St. (cat. B) for 4 year old Arabians over 2200 m were held at the Służewiec track. Victorious was the mare SHANNON QUEEN (Ainhoa St. Faust – Sasanka Fata/Sam Tiki) bred by Magdalena Gromala. Second to cross the wire was the mare TWILIGHT (Murhib – Tamojnia/Madiar), also bred by Magdalena Gromala.

Another breeder to score a double win was Janów Podlaski in the Arabian-type race for 3 year olds over 1600 m on Saturday. Their colt PROSPERO (Kahil Al Shaqab – Perespa/Enzo) came in first, followed by their colt PAGANELL (Abyad AA – Panonia/Eukaliptus).

Full results Saturday (20.05.2017)

Full results Sunday (21.05.2017)

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• 2017-05-17 •

European Amateur Cup – Belgia

The upcoming weekend has several Arabian horse scheduled at the same time, but it’s worth looking back at the results of the European Amateur Cup, held on May 6-7th at Sint-Lenaarts in Belgium. The show was held for amateur presenters, who were divided into three groups depending on their experience. There were quite a lot of Polish horses in the classes:

Senior mares (novice amateur)

3rd ERABEA (Piber – Elandra) bred by Michałów Stud


Senior stallions (novice amateurs)

2nd WANDEROS (Shanghai E.A. – Walida/Etnodrons Psyche) bred by Stanisław Redestowicz


Senior stallions (expert amateurs)

1st EBENOS (Om El Bellissimo – Enaam/Ekstern) bred by Janów Podlaski Stud

3rd GLORIET PSYCHE (Padrons Psyche – Glorietta/Arlet) bred by Stanisław Redestowicz


Geldings (expert amateurs)

1st POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo – Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab) bred by Janów Podlaski Stud


Liberty class

1st ESFAHAN (Ekstern – El Fatha/Entyk) bred by Janów Podlaski Stud

2nd EMIRZO (Enzo – Emira/Laheeb) bred by Michałów Stud

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• 2017-05-15 •

Pamir Stakes

The past weekend at Służewiec was all about the Pamir Stakes, the Stanisław Sałagaj Memorial and the Arabian-type race.

The Stanisław Sałagaj Memorial (a handicap group I race for 4 year old stallions and mares over 2000 m) was won by ZAHAAB (FR) (Mahaab – Madone de Piboul/Dormane) of Zbigniew Górski.

Victorious in the Arabian-type race for 3 year old horses of the II group over 1400 m was PARSEK (Kahil Al Shaqab – Pętla/Visbaden) owned by Janów Podlaski Stud.

Whereas the Pamir Stakes (cat. B) for 5 year old horses and older over 2200 m were won by SHADWAN AL KHALEDIAH (FR) (Nashwan Al Khalidiah – Quesche du Paon/Akbar) owned by Polska AKF.

Saturday results (13.05.2017)

Sunday results (14.05.2017)

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• 2017-05-08 •

Pride of Poland photo sessions

The photo sessions of horses offered at the main Pride of Poland Sale are under way. Apart from horses from the State Studs there are also 5 private owned that have qualified for the main event. The photos will take place in Michałów, Białka, Janów Podlaski and Chrcynno until the 10th of May. The author of the photos is Glenn Jacobs.

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• 2017-05-06 •

ARABIA POLSKA Warsaw Championships - update

The organizers of the sixth edition of the ARABIA POLSKA Warsaw Championships, organized this year on the 23rd-24th of June at the Buksza Polo & Riding Club, have published an updated show program and conditions of participation.

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• 2017-05-04 •

Tulip Cup 2017

The Tulip Cup in the Ermelo, this year held on April 29-30th, begins the European show season in earnest. One of the judges was PAHBA member Tomasz Tarczyński.

The bronze medal of the senior stallions went to ELGAST (WH Justice - Elfera/Psytadel), bred and owned by Lech Błaszczyk. Elgast qualified for the finals from second place in class, behind the Janów-bred ETORYK (Om El Shahmaan - Etnologia/Gazal Al Shaqab), who was awarded with 3x20 for movement, but only the first of them managed to stand on the podium. Furthermore Elgast received the main cash prize (250 EUR) in this class for the best European bred and owned stallion.

The winner of the geldings championship was the Janów bred POSTAR (Om El Bellissimo - Pomerania/Gazal Al Shaqab), while victorious in the Liberty class was Michałów's gelding EMIRZO (Enzo - Emira/Laheeb) and right behind him - PERLINA (BE), daughter of Janów's Persenkówka.

Photo courtesy of Urszula Łęczycka

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• 2017-05-01 •

Comet Stakes and entries to the Derby

Sunday (30.04.2017) saw the Comet St. played out at the Służewiec Racetrack - a B category race for 4 year olds over 2000 m. The winner was the filly GUSA (Murhib - Gusmania/Status) bred by Magdalena Gromala.

Whereas last Thursday was the date of the first entries (16 horses) to the Arabian Derby (cat. A), which this year is scheduled for the 30th of July.

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• 2017-04-24 •

The 2017 racing season is under way

On Sunday the 2017 racing season commenced at the Służewiec Race Track in Warsaw. There were two races for Arabians.

The first, for 4 year olds and above (of the 3rd group) over 1800 m was won by the stallion EVERGONNATOUCHTHIS (Nivourgonnatouchthis – Elsana/Gafal) bred, owned and trained by Jan Głowacki.

The second race, Skowronek Stakes, for 5 year olds and above (of the 1st group) over 2000 m was won by the gelding BURKAN AL KHALEDIAH (SA) (Khalid El Biwaibiya – Rayyan/Bengali d’Albret) owned by Polska AKF, bringing a first time win for trainer Maciej Kacprzyk.

Full results 23.04.2017

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• 2017-04-22 •

Auction at Janów Podlaski Stud - 29.04.2017

Janów Podlaski Stud invites to participate in the auction, which will take place on Saturday, April 29th 2017.
List of horses
Conditions of the auction

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• 2017-04-19 •

Chilean Nationals - son of Dębowiec wins gold

The title of Chilean National Senior Champion Stallion went this year to JAZEER DE WIEC (BR). This stallion has previously claimed the titles of Brazilian National Reserve (2010) and Brazilian National Champion (2011 & 2012) Junior Stallion. Jazeer's sire is the Michałów-bred DĘBOWIEC (Monogramm - Dębówka/Eternit), Brazilian National Senior Champion Stallion from 2006.

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